Treasure At Tampines Condo: Is It The One?


A recent development is undergoing at Tampines Street 11, District 18, Singapore. Last August 2017, the Sin Liam Group Limited has acquired the estate which is the Tampines Court for the amount of $970 million. They change the estate’s name into Treasure at Tampines. Many analysts expect that these condo units will be a bit pricey; however, it would be the money’s worth.

So is the Treasure at Tampines condo, the one for you.

The answer will be a big YES!


The total area of the project site is 702,164 square feet. The original plan is to make more than 2000 condominium units upon its completion. With this number, it will surely be a large community in the making.

One of the reasons why Treasure at Tampines condo will be a big hit is because of its distance to many establishments. Primary, secondary and tertiary schools are within the vicinity; hence it will not be difficult for students to commute on a daily basis. Also near the condominium complex are hospitals, so when an emergency arises, health care needs would be readily answered. There are shopping malls, grocery stores, coffee shops and wet markets that are also accessible to the condo for your everyday needs and leisure time. And to top of it all, job opportunities are high to the future homeowners of the condo units because of the many top facilities and multinational companies in the neighborhood. you can check this site for more information about Treasure at Tampines.

Another reason you might want to consider is its accessibility.  Treasure at Tampines condo is so accessible that you don’t have to worry about the time of your travel because of its link to main highways. And more so, transportations will never be an issue here. The MRT stations are so nearby that you can reach them easily by foot.

The Treasure at Tampines condo will have a lot to offer to potential buyers and without a doubt, this condominium complex will be the next big thing.