Types Of Hcg Complex Diet Drops Programs And Hcg Complex Drops Reviews By Costumers In Online

HCG complex is the weight reduce product produced by the United States based nutraceutical. HCG complex is the top based weight loss product based on the customer reviews online. Many customers who use the product have experienced the good results in their weight loss quest.

Diet plans of HCG complex drops:

The diet are of two types. There are 3 weeks program and 6 weeks program and each program consists of 4 phases.


6 weeks diet plan program: It consists of 4 phases. The first phase involves the taking of the complex drops on day 1 and day 2. The second phase involves beginning of the low calorie diet for day 3 to day 42 and the third phase involves in stabilization in between the days 43 and 64. And the fourth phase involves maintaining the acquired new weight on day 65.

3 weeks diet plan program: This program also consists of 4 phases. The first phase involves in taking the complex drops for day 1 and day 2. The second phase involves the beginning of the low calorie diet between the day 3 and day 21. The third phase involves stabilization of the diet between the 22 and 43 and fourth state involves in maintaining the new weight from day 43.


One of the customer named Priscilla in this HCG complex drops reviews said that he started working on the product and she noticed that she lost the weight quickly on the day she started the diet. She also stated that she has no side effects on using this product.

Another costumer named Steve stated that he lost 27 pounds in this complex diet. He said he almost lost 3{c88b1e51d2ffa0c72101b1758a2af08ca7a67d5ca9d783cad00ed0f96ed536e1} of his body weight. His friends were so nervous with his result and they have also started using this product.

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