Understanding The Side Effects Of Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are easily fit into the eye and enable you to perform any task that might be difficult or uncomfortable compared to eyeglasses. And especially during exercise, travel, playing sport, and many more. Nowadays, there are different types of quality made contact lenses. And many kinds of colors are available in the market just like purple contacts cosmetic. Those upgrades make you more comfortable, safe for the eyes, and beautiful eyes. Although it is a big help for a person’s daily lifestyle, it has risks and side effects of using the contact lenses. Also, it is a significant factor in having infections to the user. If the contact lenses are not stored, used, clean properly, however, before you buy contact lenses, see first a doctor. To know what kind of contact lens is suitable for you. Through that, Here are the risk and side effects on using contact lenses.

Dry Eyes

The contact lens reduces the number of tears on the cornea since our tears keeping them soft and healthy. The absence of tears in the cornea can cause. A dry eye syndrome that leads to eye redness, itchiness, and burning feeling. However, if you are experiencing severe eye dryness. You can use medication, just like an eye drops to give your eyes some relief.

Reduced Reflex Of The Cornea

The use of a contact lens can cause a decreased reflection on the corneal in the eye. The corneal reflex is the eye defense mechanism. Which the brain gives a signal through the eyelids to protect our eyes. Also, corneal reflex ensures that if there’s something that can hurt or give pain. We close our eyes.

Furthermore using a contact lens will teach the body to ignore the natural way of corneal reflex. It could cause damage to the eye if you are unable to close your eyes quickly enough in case of risk.

Abrasion Of The Cornea

Contact Lenses can make a scratch on your cornea. That will may cause a corneal abrasion if they are not equipped correctly or you have too dry eyes. Or when you carelessly insert or remove contact lenses, you can even scratch your cornea. I also never used contact lens when you go sleep. Or before you sleep to remove the lens. Because it may increase the risk of having an infection or eye and health problem. Furthermore, those abrasions will make an opportunity for viruses and bacteria. To infect and lead to eye disease. Which can lead to the total blindness

Having A Ptosis

Ptosis is a disease in which the eyelids begin. To drool and the people affected are unable to open their eyes fully. In proper use and removal of the contact lens can cause the eyelids Ptosis. Which the eyelid tissues will get damage and contractions.