Uniting With The Phenomenon Of Buddhism- Mandai Columbarium!!

According to Buddhism, the mind is indeed everything, what you actually think is what you become out of it!! And indeed it is important to understand the meaningful concept behind the same and practice the religion in such a way that each particular element is focused upon with greater emphasis.

Understanding of life in the religion of Buddhism is synonymous to samsara which basically brings about a meaning that says perpetual wandering. The transition of the same is described as such which is identical to a billiard ball that hits another positioned billiard ball. No such physical element is passed or transferred but what needs to noticed is that the components of speed and direction of the placed second ball are related or associated directly to the specific first ball. Therefore, in Buddhism, the term that is used a number of times is none other than rebirth rather than the usage of the term reincarnation. This term basically refers to the transmission of a soul or an essence while on the contrary the concept of rebirth refers to the specific law of causality, or the facet of dependent origination and the same comes into the picture due to the occurrence of circumstances which already had happened on an earlier note.

Primary goal of Buddhism

The primary and most imperative aim of Buddhism is to let the individual break free from the strings of sansara and progressively reach to a particular new level that has been given the name of Nirvana. The Buddha put into words Nirvana as the final and ultimate goal and once an individual starts the journey of the same then it is said the process of enlightenment of the same has begun. He began to give the teachings of the same to others and ultimately it was referred to as the aspect of extinguishing or liberating. Freedom from the elements that bind you in life such the burning of wishes, the feeling of jealousy and the prominent one that is high on the noticeable factor is the factor of ignorance. Once there comes a state, where all of these overcome, then what is achieved is simply known as the state of bliss and finally there is no requirement to start up with the procedural cycle of birth and death. Eventually all the elements of the karmic debts are on the settled road after the attainment of bliss.


An insight of the Mandai Columbarium

  • As an i ndepth and beautiful religion, Buddhism is practised by many individuals spread all over the vicinity of the entire world. With a relatively peculiar and different concept, it may become difficult to understand the concept behind the same but if studied in an organised and prominent way then undoubtedly a comprehensive study of the same can be established.
  • But for the same to happen, it had become imperative to set up Buddhist centres so as to bring about the preaching of the worth of Buddhism among the individuals who are willing to understand the same gradually but effectively. Bringing into reality the same idea are many centres all across the entire globe but the one that that is high on populace is none than the Mandai Columbarium which is an epitome of divinity and tranquillity.
  • It is situated in the well-established Mandai area amidst the busy and indeed exotic wonder city of Singapore. If a holiday or even a business tour to the beautiful city of Singapore is in your thought process, then do not miss the opportunity to make a visit to this enormous and phenomenal centre as the unique and tranquilizing air of the same will bring in calmness and serenity in your hectic lives.
  • It has been designed by none other than the renowned and reputed CPG studio and the spatial setting of the same has its primary focus on the particular elements of spirituality, dignity and divinity for the performance of somber death organized rituals of the deceased and remembering them on an appreciable note.


  • Constructed and brought into the picture in the year 2008, it would not be wrong to say that it still maintains the top most level of serenity as the atmosphere around is really very pleasant with the elements of greenery, reflecting turquoise pools, lighted and adorable interior and indeed the prominence of warm textures.
  • The exquisite architecture of the building is indeed great and worthy of not just one but numerous visits. An overwhelming experience awaits the Buddhist followers as the specific design of the building depicts the exploration of the phenomenon of Buddhism and also the unambiguous illustration of the concept of Nirvana.

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