Various Pet-Friendly Activities To Be Done In North Myrtle Beach

Beach holidays are one of the best holidays that can be enjoyed with friends and family. However, when you plan to have vacationed with your pets, it is hard to find a place for that will give equal respect to pet as well as family.

Grand strand beach is one of the luxurious pet friendly Oceanfront rentals in Myrtle Beach that aims to provide best class accommodations to your family and pet. Several games and activities are available from them to enjoy and feel their importance.


There are several parks available on the North Myrtle Beach. The Park and sports complex is the safest park equipped with fence for the safety for your pet. They have portioned space for small pets and large pets. They are opened at 6 AM every day.

Mclean is one of the cleanest parks available in Myrtle Beach. Regular events for pets are organized on a daily basis. Many community events are held for the public. Dogs are brought here on-leash by the owners.

Grand strand dog park is a unique park established for pets. Its best thing is that a dog can play here without any restriction of a leash. Drinking fountains are set up at various places for the pets, and shades are also available for pets who want some rest.


Pets are fond of roaming along the large lakes filled with fish. The most important thing to take insight is that the pet should be leashed. These can make the vacations of pets more memorable as they will get fantastic experience over there.


The most of beaches in Myrtle Beach are pet friendly. Pets are permitted on the beaches in the early morning and late evenings. They are strictly banned in tourist hours as some people are not comfortable with pets.

The pets can also enjoy to their fullest at these beaches by getting involved with their owners and playing with other pets over there.