Video Games – Top 3 Must-Have Christmas Gifts of 2008

Some of the best gifts you can get for your kids on Christmas are video games. In fact, there are more adults playing video games in the industry than kids. Video games are the perfect presents for mom and dad, as well. You can look at judi online for a list of different online multi-player games. You can play with your friend and family and even chat with them while playing online.

MMORPGs and the online scene has become the new era of the gaming world. The problem is the money involved with buying these games and having a console to support them. But that’s where you come in.

Make this year’s holiday season that much better with my Video Gamer’s Ultimate Christmas Wish list. They are three of the best-selling, most praised, and fun console titles and computer games. Get them for your kids or your parents – everyone loves them. These are the best Christmas gift ideas.

Fallout 3 – PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Few single player RPG games feature such depth in how much you can customize your character. For the hardcore role-playing fan, this is a great Christmas gift. It’s been hyped for over a year and came through with considerable success. It has been rated “Incredible” by and is topping the sales in the PC charts.

It has been released on October, 28th, 2008, which means there may be many holiday offers in retail stores. I’ve been a gamer since I was a small child and played some of the best. Fallout 3’s story is about you searching for your father in a post-apocalyptic nuclear aftermath world. There is intense action, detail, and enough challenge to go with the gore for people of all ages. I really want this game to add to my RPG collection.

If the person you want to give the gift to doesn’t own an expensive PS3, don’t worry. Fallout 3 is sold for the Xbox 360 and on PC. If you own a computer, you’re good to go. It costs $59.99 and can be bought in online stores like GameStop and others. I’m too big of a fan to wait this long to buy the game myself. This makes for a fine Christmas gift idea.

World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King – PC Game

It’s beating a dead horse to mention Wrath of the Lich King as a Christmas gift. It’s undeniably the game to get for every online gamer. It is the latest expansion to the best-selling MMORPG in the market, World of Warcraft. I have played WoW since 2005 and I still love the polished gameplay and quality of content. Now the level cap has been raised to 80 and even a new class called the Death Knight.

Now look at my situation. I’ve played this franchise to the max for nearly four years – but unable to buy the expansion. It’s not a coincidence that this game has been released in this holiday winter season and the story setting of the game is all about the deep freeze climate. A lot of other unfortunate kids are in the same situation as me. Christmas is the time to make us smile.

My friends and guildmates are already getting to level 80; some already reached the cap. They’re waiting for me to play but all I can do is wait for Christmas.Without the expansion, I can’t travel to the new continent of Northrend and go questing for old times sake.

There are 11 million people playing this – don’t leave me out.

Prince of Persia – PC, Xbox 360, PS3

This game is to be released on December, 2nd, 2008. It is the next-generation continuation of the action packed Prince of Persia series. When I played the first Prince of Persia on PS2 years ago, I was hooked for life.

I’m not the only one who appreciates the melee combat, cinematic acrobatic visuals, and good storyline. This game is one of the most anticipated games of the year and has received a lot of coverage from IGN.

It’s been a long time since I played a good old fashioned action title on a console. RPG games always appealed to me now, because the magic that used to be in melee action games during the Nintendo 64 days hasn’t been as strong this century.

This game looks like it can bring back the magic. Don’t keep me waiting.

And remember, these are Christmas gifts not only I want, but practically every true video gamer in existence. If you know what your kids like to play then there are many other great games to choose from. Don’t worry about running out of Christmas gift ideas – just look at what games your kids played in the past and buy something in the same genre.