The video games of your youth are now available across modern platforms

Video games are something that attracts not only kids but also people of all ages. But somehow people love the games they played at their teenage or during their youth. They often wish to revive those gaming experiences and the gaming companies soon realized that. Since those games are not available nowadays on modern platforms like Android and iOS people cannot access those games.

Software companies relaunched old games in a new platform

The software companies soon realized the demand for these games in the market and they redesigned the games for modern platforms keeping the original code of the game intact. This was then launched in the market and become quite popular. So, the next thing the software companies did was to launch these games as paid versions instead of free versions. The people attracted to these age-old games were ready to pay the 20 or 30 dollars the company demanded. But the young age people were not ready to pay the extra amount which led to the hacking of the game.

Even games like fortnite were hack within weeks of its release

 The hacked versions of age-old games were released by several agencies and you can download it for free from the web. So, you can search the web for fortnite hack download free to download the free version. The free versions are not available on the official app store of several platforms.

Thus, this effort from the gaming companies was quite a success. They did not have to design codes for a new game and they could just revive an old concept for a new platform which was sold as a paid app. So now you can enjoy your age-old favourites in your smartphones as well.