Videora iPod Converter: Convert Your DVD Videos to iPod

iPods are widely used media players by Apple Inc. and they are very useful because of their portability and features. One thing that many people don’t like about iPods is the fact that they can run only a specific video format.

Another widely used media player is a DVD player. Unfortunately, these are not portable. A lot of content is available on DVDs for a comparatively lesser price. So, if you put the two media players together, what happens?

You get an amazing combination! But how to do this? The solution is as simple as it gets. Just convert the DVD video iPod video, with the right tool, you can do this as simply as you convert mkv to mp4 mac or in Windows! The right tool, as per our recommendation, is Videora iPod Converter.

Here is a little more about this tool.

  1. It is free iPod converter. You don’t have to pay for anything and you can use this software without spending a single penny. You can donate some money to the developer to support the software but obviously it is totally optional.
  2. The software works with YouTube videos, Movies and DVDs so you can just use it to convert these videos to iPod and play them around.
  3. It works with a lot of formats like avi, xvid, x264, vob, mpeg, divx, flv, DVD’s, YouTube, etc. and it converts to the format that iPod supports i.e. MPEG-4, H.264.
  4. The converted videos will work on all types of iPods not just the latest ones.
  5. You can also use these videos on iPhones.
  6. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac devices.

This software is clearly the best man for the job and it takes almost no space on your device!