Work from Home Ideas: Run an In-home Childcare Business

One way to make extra money from home is to run an in-home childcare center. This is a great business to start for stay at home moms who like small children and do not want to part from their own children. If done correctly, it can grow into a lucrative business. Here are the steps to getting started.

First, you need to check with your local small business-licensing agency. You need to find out what the rules and regulations that governs in home childcare centers. Most states allow you to have one or two children that are not yours in your home without special licensing; others are more strict and require inspections and certain equipment in the home.

The childcare centre Holland landing is a fine example in this regard where business is mostly working from home and only occasional visits to the centre for routine purposes.

Purchase and collect equipment for your in-home childcare. You will need playpens, highchairs, safety gates, eating utensils, a changing station, and a safe and clean play area.

Research prices in your area. Find out what large daycare centers offer and then charge about 15% less. This is typically a fair price for an in-home childcare.

Create a childcare contract. Your contract should spell out hours of operations, late fees for parents who go over time, cancellation notice, fees, and late payment penalties. It should also detail what kind of care you are providing for the children and what is expected of parents. If you expect parents to provide food and diapers, you must put it in the contract.

Promote your business. Start promoting your business by talking to friends of yours who are pregnant and have small children. Even if they cannot use your services, they will certainly know people who can. When you first begin, it will help if you can be more flexible with hours and perhaps do emergency drop in services and early morning drop offs to gain the business of customers who the 8-5:30 daycare centers cannot accommodate. It also helps to let teachers know about your service so you can pick up extra money on days when teachers work and kids are out of school. If you do a good job, you will get more business by word of mouth.

The final stage in running an in-home child care is to hire helpers. As your in-home daycare grows, the state will mandate that you have another adult on hand. In addition, there will be days when you have emergencies or you may be ill. Parents can’t afford for you to have sick days so you need to have a helper who can run the center when you cannot. In addition, there will be days when you are required to do state mandated training, or just run errands, you will need at least one trusty employee you can all on. When hiring a helper, screen them thoroughly according to state standards, and also observe them with the children to make sure they are a good fit for your center.