Yellow Gold Engagement Rings With A Twist

Exchanging engagement rings is a tradition followed by millions. This custom first began in Africa and today people of all cast and creed believe in the Engagement Ring.

While traditional engagement rings were simple rings made of metals like gold or silver, new age couples swear to differ. Most couples today opt for stylish, customized rings which come in multi-metal pairs for the bride and groom and are made of platinum or white gold. Many people also prefer yellow gold engagement rings; however, that trend is soon fading.


Engagement Ring metals symbolically correspond to length of marriage. For metals such as:

  • Yellow Gold Engagement Ring equals 50 years of marriage
  • Silver Engagement Ring equals 25 years of marriage
  • Platinum Engagement Ring equals 75 years of marriage
  • White Gold Engagement Ring equals 10 years of marriage

Modern Engagement Rings can also be combined with diamonds or precious stones to enhance its look and feel.

A Promise For A Lifetime

An engagement ceremony is a promise to love your partner and entrust love in each other. The Engagementring symbolizes eternal love for each other and keeps the promise until marriage vows are taken. This is a ring you’ll wear everyday for the rest of your life. Both men and women enjoy style and keep up with the latest trends. Buying an engagement ring that’s matches your style and enhances your overall confidence is something that everyone loves doing.

Getting The Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring isn’t always easy. Couples often spend days hunting for the perfect engagement ring. This is of course a prequel to all the hustle for wedding preparations. Couples give a lot of importance to engagement ceremonies these days and hence the engagement ring is of prime importance. Online shopping is a great way to find engagement rings at better prices and faster. The best part about buying rings online is that you don’t really need to travel from one place to another looking for the best ring. You can just browse pages and select the rings you like. You can also place your order online and get the rings delivered to your doorstep.

Modern Engagement Rings

Getting custom designed engagement rings has become a trend. A number of couples are designing and selecting rings based on the theme of the wedding. This sets the perfect mood towards preparation for the wedding. While most couples prefer yellow gold engagement rings, there are couples that opt for modern designs and metals such as platinum or white gold engagement rings. Gemstones are a common occurrence on modern engagement rings with diamonds being commonly used for brides. Other gemstones include:

  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies
  • Colored Diamonds

YAn engagement is incomplete without a ring, so no matter how lavish or simple your engagement plans might be, always remember to get the right ring. Engagement ceremonies get you on your toes and prepare you for the wedding celebrations coming up. Buying your engagement ring online can help you save on time, money and get you the perfect yellow gold engagement ring you’ve always wanted.

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