5 Reasons There’s Absolutely No Excuse for the Xbox 360 Not Having a Web Browser

5 Reasons There’s Absolutely No Excuse for the Xbox 360 Not Having a Web Browser

The Xbox 360 was launched in November 2005, was the first current gen console, and is the only current gen system that doesn’t have a web browser. This is completely unacceptable and following are 5 reasons why.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft, the creators of the Xbox 360, is also the brand behind the most popular internet browser, Internet Explorer, so how is that the Xbox 360 is the only the only current gen system without an internet browser? If only one of the top three gaming systems had internet browsing capabilities, it should be the Xbox 360 and it’s beyond reason that it’s the complete opposite.

We Pay for Internet (Xbox Live)

The Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 both feature free online gaming services and Microsoft charges its Xbox 360 community $60 a year to enjoy the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live online gaming service. It stands to reason that if Xbox 360 gamers are forced to pay to play online, they should get more bang for their bucks – and they definitely shouldn’t be the ones left out from having a gaming web browser.

Everyone Else Can Do It

If you haven’t noticed by now, both the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii give gamers the ability to browse the web on their respective consoles and if the Wii and PS3 are able to connect to the web, why should we cut the Xbox 360 any slack? Heck, the Nintendo DS even has an inbuilt browser – so what’s Microsoft’s excuse?

The Dashboard Is Filled With Ads

We know that the Xbox 360 is more than capable of incorporating a web browser in it’s Dashboard because the Xbox 360 Dashboard is cluttered with internet based advertisements at any given time throughout the day. The Xbox 360 also has inbuilt apps like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm so we know that the Xbox 360 is more than able to support an inbuilt web browser – it just doesn ‘ t.

Microsoft Has Had More Than Enough Time

One of the things that tick me off the most about the Xbox 360’s lack of internet browser capabilities is the fact that Microsoft has had more than enough time to incorporate a web browser within its Xbox 360 console. The Xbox 360 was the first current gen console on the market and has been in the homes of gamers for over 5 years. In addition to being one of the more senior gaming consoles of the current gaming generation, an internet browser has been one of the most sought after features of the Xbox 360 for years – and yet, Microsoft refuses to add one to the Xbox 360.

For more, read Why the Xbox 360 is Now the Most Expensive Gaming System, 5 Xbox 360 Slim Features that Make the 360S a Total Win Over the Original Xbox 360, and Why 2010 was the Best Year Ever to Be an Xbox Fan you can try out agen judi online.

Online Networking Dos and Don’ts

Online Networking Dos and Don’ts

When joining any social networking sites, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do. These range from online safety tips, to general social networking etiquette.

First and foremost is online safety. There are a lot of crazy people out there and those people are looking at your Myspace page. You should never put personal information like your address, or even your phone number. It only takes one incident of your phone being inundated with text messages from a Myspace user for you to learn that lesson.

That should be a good indication that talking to strangers online might not be such a good ideas. Some of these sites are worse than others but there are plenty of fake profiles and spammers who send messages and friend requests to any profile they stumble upon. These are people that shouldn’t even be humored. They might range from harmless compulsive friend requesters to actual predators.

It should go without saying that you should never arrange a meeting with a person you met online. You never know who is actually behind that computer screen or what their intentions are. You should never add people you don’t know. There are people spreading viruses or promoting things from fake profiles all over social networking sites. The best way to see Instagram stories anonymously will over the dos and don’ts at the account. The spread of the virus will be less at the account on the availability of the private option. The intentions of the person should be good for the creation of the account. The meeting of the people with new person will be possible. 

Additionally, if you want to prevent these people from contacting you in the first place, you should make your profile private. Strangers are less likely to contact you if your profile is private and that way only your friends see your information.

But if you don’t want it private, you should be conscious of the things you are posting on there. Pictures or comments can give off the wrong impression about you. Sometimes employers look at profiles when making hiring decisions.

But of course, there are guidelines you should follow when using these sites. It’s good to leave friends comments and keep in touch with coworkers and old school friends but when you are constantly interacting with people you’re friends with but haven’t really spoken to in years, it gets annoying for everyone else. This applies to Myspace bulletins, which sometimes people use to talk to people or might post too frequently.

If you want to communicate with your friends but not your entire network, then you should write blogs, which you can also do. Another annoying habit that you should avoid is more Facebook-specific. With the new applications, a lot of people think that they should share it with all their friends. It’s no fun to get requests about something you aren’t interested in from someone you haven’t spoken to since 11th grade math.

Instead use your time on social networking sites more constructively by sending birthday greetings to your friends or making event invitations for your next pool party to send out. Often these sites have other useful features like Marketplace where you can buy and sell books, DVDs and even furniture.

There are many pros and cons to these types of sites and following these simple guidelines to avoid the creeps and so you don’t annoy your acquaintances.

Are vehicle tracking and telematics the same thing?

Are vehicle tracking and telematics the same thing?

Vehicle tracking and telematics are often used interchangeably yet they aren’t essentially one and the same. Put simply, telematics is a broad umbrella while vehicle tracking is part of it. 

Understanding telematics

The term “telematics” is a combination of 2 major words- “tele” (remote communications) and “informatics” (the discipline that deals with information processing). In simple words, telematics refers to the procedure of transmitting data over remote or lengthy distances. The system of telematics brings in a wide range of fields into one, including telecommunications, road safety, road transportation, vehicular technologies, wireless communication as well as computer science. 

Interestingly, vehicle tracking or monitoring is not the only place where telematics is used. Rather the technology is used in many different non-commercial and commercial purposes, including site excavation, construction etc. In regards to vehicle tracking, telematics systems work to gather different kinds of data – vehicle location, engine diagnostics, driver behaviour etc.- and then display the information on software portals for easy management of vehicles.

Understanding vehicle tracking

As the name says, vehicle tracking refers to the technology that helps to keep tab on the location of a vehicle. The vehicle tracking technology is mostly used by fleet management companies; however, it’s also used during vehicle towing. If your vehicle, say a Chevy, is on tow by a towing service, you will certainly wish to keep track of the location of the car at regular intervals till it reaches your garage. It’s as important as finding the right shock for your steam. You can check out https://mygaragetool.com/best-shocks-for-towing-a-chevy-1500-reviews/ for the topmost shocks for your Chevy.

Telematics devices perform vehicle tracking through the following components-

  • GPS Receiver- it sources location details of the vehicle from GPS satellite
  • SIM card- it broadcasts the GPS information to main server through mobile network
  • Engine interface- it works to transform as well as route messages right from GPS
  • Accelerometer- it sense as well as records data on driving style as well as crash impact
  • Sensor for battery voltage- it detects signs of unit tampering.

Four Ways To Make Money Online Without Trying

Four Ways To Make Money Online Without Trying

If you were still looking for a get-rich-quick article or make hundreds of dollars per day, then think again as this article is not for you. But, if you currently go to a school or have a full-time job, you can dedicate a few hours per day to make $10-20 as a side income. Maybe, this does not seem a lot for you, but if you make $15/day, this amount translates into about $450/month, which in a given year equals to $5,400. That’s more than $5,000 that you would not have if you used those times to waste time on social media.

The following four tips from Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 require no capital – that is, no investment, no experience, and no persistent dedications such as maintaining websites or blogs. They can begin and stop at any time you desire.

  1. Use Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-known website that received numerous media coverage, including from the Wall Street Journal (see the coverage here). As the name suggests, you list your “gig” for five bucks – and if someone decides that it is worth five bucks, they pay Fiverr, and you will receive four bucks (one buck taken by Fiverr) through PayPal from Fiverr. Granted, the actual amount you earn is less than four bucks since PayPal takes its fee as well, but it’s still a fairly good deal. The types of gigs that people provide are enormous, so it’s worthwhile to check this out.

  1. Write for Textbroker

There are a lot of great websites that you can earn money writing, but the reason I list Textbroker in this article is that its short assignments that usually cost about two to four dollars make it very reasonable to build $10-20 every day. This is especially a great job if you have a passion for writing but often stumble on writer’s blocks. Clients who use Textbroker have very specific requirements, such as keyword density, style of writing, and point of view (first-person, third-person, etc..), so if you can follow the guidelines, writing for Textbroker is not bad at all.

  1. Sell Photos

Do you travel frequently? Or, do you currently have large photos on your computer? Selling photos, as discussed in this coverage by ABC, is not an as easy way to make money online through the first two methods, but still a great way to turn your passive hobby to an additional source of income. Websites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock allow you to sell your photography to people on the internet, and while selling photos to make money seems far-fetched idea, a lot of website owners do need photos to make their websites stand out and do use these websites. Many websites want photos of people to give a “personal” feel to their customers, so if you can do that, you will certainly generate small profits.

  1. Utilize Apps

This last option is really for people in metropolitan areas, but if you own a smartphone, you can download apps like EasyShift and Gigwalk to make around $10 per day doing easy yet random assignments. As described in the Wall Street Journal’s article, a lot of tasks through these apps are simple, such as going to the grocery store to take photos of energy drinks. These tasks allow large companies like Monster and Red Bull to ensure that their products are delivered and listed as they hoped. Of four ways, this is probably the hardest way to make money due to the location limitations, but it’s also fun and easy to do if you were out driving in the first place.

Gardening Tips: How to Extend the Life of Your Garden

Gardening Tips: How to Extend the Life of Your Garden

To get the most out of your garden you can start early in the spring, and harvest late into the fall. There are many methods to help your plants produce more fruits and vegetables, as well as gardening tips that will allow you to plant before summer. Simple structures can be built, or you can make a life long investment in a greenhouse to be more successful in your gardening!

To get a jump start on your garden, you can plant as soon as the days are long, the snow has melted and the freezes are diminishing. Typically you need to wait to plant many vegetable until the chance of frost has passed. You can easily protect your early plantings from frost by setting up row covers. These structures range greatly in size and durability. You can purchase extravagant structures that will last for many years, or you can build your own covers each year with simple materials. You will need some supportive material and simple plastic to cover your rows. These structures work as mini greenhouses to heat the air inside and warm the soil temperature and keep the frost out. If you choose to build high tunnels, the air will need to be ventilated, and this can be easily done by leaving the sides open during the day. At night you will want to cover the ends to optimize the protection from frost. You can also place the plastic over the rows without supporting them. This is usually referred to as floating row covers. The plastic floats over the plants and works in the same way, heats the soil and keeps the frost out. If you go with this method you will need to open the rows during the day to allow air ventilation. If there is a cold spurt in the forecast you can leave your plants covered for a few days without ventilation, but when the sun is shining and the air is warm, you need to be extra careful to provide ventilation to protect the plants from overheating and become dried and burned out.

You can also make simple cold frames for your garden. A cold frame is a box that is heated by the sun with a section of glass or clear plastic that is placed over a growing area. Some cold frames can be stationary and some are able to be moved. If you build a stationary cold frame you will need to move your seedlings into the garden after the chance of frost has passed and the seedlings are strong enough to be transplanted. If you have a mobile cold frame, you can plant directly into your garden and remove the cold frame during warm spells and not have to transplant your seedlings into the garden. Both way cold frames must be well ventilated and ideally you will need to be able to open the frame on a warm sunny day. You can recycle many household materials to construct your cold frame. Old windows, shower doors, painters plastic, bubble wrap, or any clear material may can be used to trap the warmth from the sunlight. You can make single cold frames out of cardboard boxes, or wrapping tomato cages with plastic. These are all excellent ways to protect your new seedlings from the frost and help them to flourish in your garden. Cold frames and plastic row tunnels / covers can both be used again in the fall to extend your growing season then. The same methods need to be followed to prevent over heating and to protect the plants from frost. By using these simple methods you may successfully extend your gardening season by 6 weeks or more! If you desire, you can purchase a greenhouse that you can construct in your own backyard. These greenhouses vary greatly in price from a few hundred dollars, well into the thousands of dollars. Greenhouses may be considered for you personal garden and will help your production greatly!

Now there are also simple garden tricks and tips that will help your plants produce more and live longer, healthier lives. These methods won’t help you garden past the normal planting season, but will help you achieve more vegetables throughout the warm months. For the extend life of the garden, go check out https://horticulturalnut.wordpress.com/ if you are new to this whole gardening thing. The achievement of the gardening of the flowers and vegetables will be beneficial. The planting will be done in the planting season through the person. 

Your plants need water, sun and air to live healthy lives. By monitoring these factors you can achieve healthy plants that will bear much fruit for you. You will need to prevent your plants from drying out by watering regularly and being sure that the soil is holding the water. The best time for watering is early in the morning to prevent the soil from becoming dry and cracked during the heat of the day. If the roots on your plants become hot and dry the plant becomes stressed and will need to recover, which will effect the vegetable production. You will want to periodically check for high and low areas in your garden to prevent puddles and dry spots. All plants need sun to properly grow and produce vegetables. When planning your garden spot, make sure your plants will have sun access at least 8 hours a day. There are some vegetables that will still produce with less, but the production will never be the as great as when you have plentiful sun. Plants will be smaller and produce fewer amounts of vegetables. Air flow is also very important to your plants. Be sure to provide adequate spacing between plants and thin out your rows when they become over crowded. Inadequate air flow will cause disease and mold to grow in your garden. While your plants need moisture, if the plants are not able to dry out their leaves, you will see them deteriorate quickly. Fungus and some insects love moisture so they will attack your garden if there is not enough air flow. Keeping weeds away will help decrease the crowding among your vegetables. If you do see plants that are being covered with mold and fungus, remove them from your garden. Pull the plants and toss them far away.

Another way to help your plants continue to produce vegetables is to pick the produce daily. When a plant is weighed down with its own produce it stops production and may go into a dormant state. If you keep your plants well picked, they will continue to send out new blooms which will produce new vegetables. Vegetables left on the plants will continue to grow past a state in which they are usable, so you want to be sure to pick them in their prime before they get old. Large, over grown vegetables often crack and become dry and bitter.

To harvest well into the fall, you can practice succession planting. To do this you will need to continue planting all season long. This will cause the plants to mature at different times and the last rows planted will still be bearing fruit when the first plants have finished for the year. There are many plants that can be planted in early spring and again in late summer. These are referred to as cool weather plants and include spinach, lettuce, sweet peas, and many more.

By following these simple practices your garden will be overflowing with produce. With your abundance you can sell at a local farmer’s market, donate to food banks and local food shelters, and even have enough to share with family and friends! Fresh vegetables are a luxury, so enjoy them while you can. Now that you have learned about these methods, why don’t you give them a try in your own garden and see how you can extend your growing season and reap a bountiful harvest in your own backyard!

5 Features of the Best Online Games

5 Features of the Best Online Games

As the world is today, it can’t be denied that online games are one of the greatest and biggest industries that hold the top of the market today. Because of the feedback and great response of the gamers and programmers, they achieved great feats and made online games as it is today.

Online games, by definition, are games that are a series of images produced by a computer program to create moving pictures (videos) and are connected in the internet to allow connectivity from people to other people.

One of the rising games in the industry are games that allow you to earn money by just playing. These are called pkv games. Pkv games is a gambling game server that lets you invest money for you to be able to play on their different gambling games. They work like a casino, however, intangible and online.  Do not fret as they are legit and don’t rip your money off.

  • Role Playing Opportunities

Usually, people who want to play are people who want to take in a role that differs from their own real life. Games that are flexible and allow adjusting and developing a character are the ones who are mostly getting the attention. Research states that these types of games can help someone work better and perform in real life. 

  • A wide variety to choose from

When you try to google “best sites with online games”, you will be bombarded with a lot of websites that claim that they are the best. Well, you can’t blame them as this is a part of their marketing strategy. However, when you know the basics in what features to look at on what sites are great, then it would be easy to differentiate them from others 

Great sites are the ones that offer a huge variety of games to play with. You should choose a site where it offers games that follow specific themes, games that are mind wrecking, games that lets you connect with other people, competitive games, and many, many more.  

  • Cognitive Response

Choose those games that trigger cognitive development. Games that are challenging and let you think, are games that are superb. These kinds of games tweak your brain that would help you to get your creativity and strategic mentality in solving problems up and running.

  • Positive Emotional Reactions

People usually play online games in order for them to have fun. There are games that are really easy and would brighten your confidence in you. Try to choose games that are challenging enough to finish, and games that would help you boost your overall emotional health.

  • Accessibility 

Due to innovation, everything becomes really fast, portable, easy, and can be done in one click. Just like online games, one of the features that you should look into online games are the ones that are easy to access. Games that don’t need a lot of requirements in order for them to be played.

My Journey to a Lower Cholesterol Level

My Journey to a Lower Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol is a killer, we all know this. Lowering cholesterol can be accomplished through medication and the Wellbutrin weight loss diet. If your lucky, like I was you may have the option of lowering yours through diet rather than medication.

The first thing you will discover is there are two types of cholesterol. The bad one is LDL or Low-density lipoprotein. This increases your risk of stroke and heart disease. High-density lipoprotein or HDL cholesterol is beneficial since it helps remove LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. It seems simple enough, at least at first glance. The problems for me started when I tried to figure out how to tell the difference, and where some of the LDL was hidden.

As always, the first thing you should do is consult with your doctor. I let mine know that I preferred to change my diet then be put on yet another medication. Your doctor can tell you all types of things to help you on your way, ask them for a dietitian referral. The dietitian was a huge help to me in figuring out what food was good, and what was bad.

It’s now time to go shopping for new foods. Surprisingly enough the foods you should be eating are very similar to the ones you shouldn’t have been. It’s not all that bad when it comes time to feed yourself. Low-fat and fat-free foods are not always what you need, but it is a good place to start looking from. Anything with saturated fats is bad stay away from it. Hydrogenated oils and Trans fats are also horrible for your LDL levels. Just so you know trans fats are chemical, they are used to preserve food so shopping fresh is your best bet. For the snacking we all have to do I stick with fruits, vegetables, and nuts, watch the nuts though read the ingredient labels. One last thing to remember when shopping for food, fiber is your friend.

Exercise is your friend. I know I don’t like it either but the fact is you need to do it. Exercise will lower the LDL cholesterol even in small amounts like walking. More active exercise like jogging or weight lifting can actually raise the levels of HDL cholesterol, so you get more for the effort. Thirty minutes a day is enough to get you on track. Pick something fun to do so it doesn’t seem hard, especially if you normally don’t exercise. I joined a Martial arts class three times a week it’s fun and stress-reducing so I get my exercise, and I get to hit things. A win-win.

Read nutrition labels if you are eating out. Fast food places have nutritional information available to you. Focus on Trans fat, saturated fats, and hydrogenated oils. If the food has them in it don’t eat it. Don’t just assume salads are safe, many times they are not especially fast-food salads. Ham, bacon, cheese all have saturated fat and could have trans fat. The salad won’t help you with those items on it. IN restaurants there is usually a section set aside for heart-healthy foods choose from there. If all else fails go with a nice wrap or a sandwich, or just splurge. Once in a while won’t ruin all your hard work but don’t make it a habit.

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are your friends. These wonderful things actually lower LDL and raise HDL. That’s why nuts and seeds are good snacks. Cooking oil is also excellent for these. I use olive oil exclusively in my home now. Keep in mind these are still fats so if you are on a weight loss diet these won’t help with that. Don’t be fooled by the word “light,” they are referring to the color, not the ingredients.

Results will vary and for me, it was a difficult road to pass up on the loaded waffle fries when I would go out to dinner. On the plus side, by paying attention to what I buy from the supermarket, exercising, and following my doctor’s recommendations, I managed to get my cholesterol down from 223 to 181. As an added bonus I went down two pants sizes. It’s worth it in the end. You will feel better, look better, and live longer!

Information You Should Never Put on Your Social Networking Site

Information You Should Never Put on Your Social Networking Site

There are many people of all ages that have one or more social networking pages. More and more employers use these pages to see what type of person is applying for a position with their company or already works there. As much as you think your page won’t be found, it very well might be. With all of the information and pictures that can be included in your page, there are certain things best left off of it.

Nude pictures of yourself should never be on your page. The only exception is if it is a tasteful shot where you are nude but you still cannot see any part of your body that should not be exposed to the public. These pictures are sometimes done as part of a modeling portfolio.

Pictures where you are doing anything illegal should definitely never be on your page. This includes pictures of you smoking or drinking when you are underage. People have been fired before because their bosses saw them doing things in pictures that compromised the integrity of their jobs.

Most adults will have alcoholic drinks, however there is a difference between leaving comments on someone’s page about getting a couple of drinks and leaving comments about how you got so drunk you passed out on the sidewalk and had to be carried in the house. If you wouldn’t want an employer to imagine you being in a compromising position, talking about it for the world to see probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

If you’re going to do something illegal that’s your problem and something you’re going to have to deal with, but if you’re going to post pictures or talk about it via your profile or through comments on a friends page you have more to worry about than an employer finding out. Police are using social networking sites as a crime fighting tool. They will have no problem coming to find you and having you tell them in person about the illegal things that you’ve done. While selecting the site, the person should ensure that there is availability of Real Instagram Likes. With the fake like and comment, the position of the business in internet marketing will remain stagnant. Proper emphasis should be provided through the person on the concept. 

Having sexual relations is normal, however, employers don’t want to read all about it on a public page, nor do they want to see pictures of it. Its one thing to talk about your sex life in private, but discussing your newest conquest for everyone to read won’t get you brownie points with your employer.

Graphics, pictures or phrases that are degrading to a race, gender or any other type of person isn’t something that an employer wants to see. They want their employees to be team players and be tolerant of other people. If you have phrases about hating a certain race or graphics referring women to something degrading, chances are you just lost your chances at getting the job you wanted if your page was spotted by a potential employer.

Surprisingly enough, cursing is also something potential employers look at. They don’t want to hire someone who they are going to have to worry about cursing all over the place at work. They want someone who will be able to speak in an eloquent manner both in and out of the office and represent their employer in a positive way.

If the information isn’t something that you would discuss in an interview or isn’t something you could imagine discussing with your boss, then it is best to not take the chance of losing your job or not getting it in the first place by putting up certain information where it can be viewed publicly. You never know who will be looking.

The Best Straight Talk Phones In 2020

The Best Straight Talk Phones In 2020

Straight Talk is the typical prepaid and no contract service that most of us use in 2020. In case you are looking for the Top-Rated Straight Talk Phones 2020 then we have got you covered. In today’s blog we will show you  amazing straight talk phones you can buy.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series –

the S20 series by Samsung consists some of the best straight talk phones of the year – Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. All of them come with 4000+ mAh battery backup, excellent triple camera setup and easy to navigate Samsung One UI 2.0. Moreover, they are powered by Android 10.

Apple iPhone 11 –

few other premium phones can offer the kind of quality that iPhone 11 offers to its customers. The Apple A13 Bionic and a large 6.1 inches display makes it a great addition to your everyday usage. The 12 MP camera is one of the best sensors out there.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus –

another Samsung product on the list, the Note 10+ is one of the best launches of 2020 undoubtedly. The phenomenal glass back finish with stylus pen, makes it a complete package. Powered by Snapdragon 855 and 12 gigs of RAM, the phone can manage any task without worries. The phone also has a triple camera setup.

Google Pixel 4 XL –

still one of the best stock Android phones out there, the Pixel 4 XL is a premium device for everyone. The fantastic 6.3 inches 90Hz AMOLED display is a try delight. It runs on the Snapdragon 855 chipset and the 3700 mAH battery lasts almost a day of use.

These are the best straight talk phones of 2020 you can consider to buy for the best performance and efficiency everyday.

Olivia Miller’s The Yoga Deck Reviewed

Olivia Miller’s The Yoga Deck Reviewed

Let’s face it, one of the most difficult things about yoga, for both beginners and experts alike, is finding time for meaningful daily practice that is where Yoga Burn comes to the rescue. Yoga Burn is a yoga-based system that spans 12-weeks that you can follow easily. Besides that, Olivia Miller’s, “The Yoga Deck”, is one of my favorite tools for accomplishing this. It’s small, and portable, and sits variously, at my work desk, in my bag, or next to the bed. Like many things, it’s outside is smaller than its insides, 4 inches by just shy of 6 inches, it’s contents can pack a serious punch into the concept of, “not having time”, for yoga.

The Cards

The deck includes several types of cards, an eight-page guide on how to use them, and manages to include a variety of practices. Nicole Kaufman has beautifully, and simply, illustrated the front of each card. The back of each card includes instructions, an affirmation, and a list of benefits.


There is one, “Om ” card in the deck to start and end your practice with. Chanting instructions and several meanings are found on the back. For the different postures, benefits will be derived from jewels healing garden store. The information available at the store will be advantageous for the person to get the effective results. The practicing of the person will be great from the stores.


There are six breath or prana cards in the deck. Including “Anulom viloma”, or “Alternate Nostril Breathing”. I found them to be an excellent assortment. For the techniques having Sanskrit names, the Sanskrit names were provided under the English names. Unfortunately, while the explanations are easy to follow and the benefits listed, I saw no warnings about the side or negative effects.


There are six of these cards, to help bring the benefits of meditation into your practice. Each card focuses on a different spiritual idea. The affirmations are, for the most part, easy to memorize and follow.

Warm-ups –

The five warm-up cards seem well thought out, and should warm you up well before beginning your asana’s or postures. They seem well rounded, easy to follow, and complete.

Posture cards –

The cards for 50 postures make up most of the deck. They are easy to read and follow and the simple, elegant pictures make them a joy to work with. While many of the cards are easy beginner’s poses, the inclusion of postures such as the “Full Shoulder Stand”, make it a good idea to go through the deck with an instructor. The hare and the half and full shoulder stand cards are the only cards I noticed warnings or contra-indications on. While I was glad to see those warnings, I do wish they were included on other cards as well.


There are a lot of good things about this deck. It’s portable, it’s fun, it’s easy to use, and carrying it back and forth from my bedside to my office desk, reminds me to use it. My own copy is well-loved and well used.


As with life, nothing is perfect. The yoga deck will not replace a good teacher. The cards fail to give many of the necessary pre-cautions or contra-indications for those with any medical or physical issues.


At 14.95, “The Yoga Deck,” is an excellent value for anyone who is or has, taken yoga with a teacher. The deck should not be used alone by those completely new to yoga in an attempt to learn it.

How To Choose The Best Website Builder For Your Business

How To Choose The Best Website Builder For Your Business

Choosing a website builder is an essential step in starting an online business. Your website builder is the CMS platform that you will be using all throughout your online career. In that case, it is important that you do not go wrong with this. So, we are here to help you choose the right website builder for you. Read this if you are interested.

Look At Your Needs And Priorities

list down the things that you need your CMS platform to perform. In order for you to find the right platform, determining what functionalities you need is essential. To help you determine what you need, you can start by answering the following questions:

  • What level of expertise do you have with web design and management?
  • Do you need an online store?
  • How particular are you with the features you want to add to your site?
  • What kind of media forms do you want to add to your site?

Determine Your Budget

As soon as you have got the specifics with what you need in a website builder you can work towards a budget. If this is your first business, it would be a good idea to only to work with an amount that you can afford. As far as online businesses are concerned, your website is only the first asset that you need to invest on. More objects of investment will soon come as you move forward with your venture.

Look Through Various Website Builder Candidates

Now that you have a budget and a list of features and capabilities that you want in your platform, you can sort through different website builders. Each platform has its own services page where you can see the different plans that they have for you. Look for the plan that can cater what you need. Compare your notes with various platforms. Choose the one that works best with your priorities and current budget.