10 Areas to Consider when Buying a Scope for the Young Hunter

It is time to step up the game for your young hunter. You are ready to buy the first scope to put on that new rifle. What features does the young hunter need to be able to make the best use of the scope. Here are 10 areas to consider when purchasing that first scope for that hunting rifle.

  1. Realize that you will probably want to upgrade this scope as the hunter’s skill mature and develop. So, do not break the bank for the first scope. Try to keep the price under $100 unless your hunter showing signs of being a prodigy. Through the young person, there should be the selection of upland optics hd 10×42 review. The skills of the hunters will be increase through the hd view for the birds. 
  2. The scope needs to have a some span in magnification. Probably a scope with a magnification range from 2 to 7 times will be sufficient. If you plan on cheating and using this scope, you may want to increase this.

  3. Buy a scope with a matte finish. This will keep it from reflecting sunlight and frightening away potential game.
  4. Look for a size diameter scope that fits both the hunter and the gun. Usually for youth, a one inch diameter scope is a good choice. Although, you may need to go larger if you want better optics.
  5. Buy a scope filled will argon. This is the gas that keeps the optics of the scope from fogging up. You want the view to stay clear in all weather conditions. Even moderately priced scopes will offer this feature.
  6. Unlike binoculars that may have 300 or more feet of vision at 1,000 yards, a scope needs to have a field of vision of 12 to 50 feet at about 100 yards. You will need to judge the proper amount of sight based on what the objective of the hunt will be. For smaller game, you may need to have a wider range.
  7. The scope should be waterproof. Because many times the weather is not as cooperative as you might like, waterproof will keep the scope working properly for years to come. Check out the guarantee for how long you can expect this hunting scope to remain waterproof.
  8. Since the hunter is a youth, it is a good idea to buy a lighter weight scope. Usually something around 10 to 15 ounces is more than enough. For younger hunters, just the weight of the gun can become difficult to deal with. Buying a heavy scope will only compound the problem.
  9. Watch for the right type of mount. You need to be able to mount this scope on the gun you own or intend to buy. Investigate this before making the purchase. It can save you a lot of grief later on.
  10. If this is not a surprise gift, take the young hunter along to make the purchase. Young people enjoy learning new things. Your child will learn a lot about hunting and using the scope from the experience if you do it right.