5 Fortnite Tips For Newbies

Since Fortnite is a really popular game and as you start your Fortnite account you might find it a little difficult to compete with other players that are already familiar with the game. This is where you need to learn these 5 tips quickly and implement them effectively in your game as well.

  1. Since there are various options you get within the game, which is why it is really important that you find squad members as you play the game. Depending on your preference you might need 1 or 3 squad members as you play duo or squad matches. Either way, you should try to avoid playing with random players in your learning phase.
  2. In order to move forward in the game effectively, you should customize the control in the game accordingly. Since you get the basic control at the beginning of the game it is really important that you do experimentation with different control setups before you choose one. This customization is going to help you improve your game more effectively as you will be able to move more swiftly in the game with personalized controls.
  3. As the game is not all about attacking other players, you have to strategize to save yourself from their attacks as well. In order to do so, you need to increase the speed at which you create buildings in the game. These buildings are an excellent way to improve your defense while attacking and defending. As you get to the end of the game you might find other players creating buildings in order to get an upper hand in the battle.
  4. There are different weapons in this game, represented with different colors indicating their power and rarity. There are green, grey, blue, purple, and orange with different power levels. It is recommended that you switch weapons as soon as you find a better one.
  5. Lastly, it is really important that you play the game patiently. As you start the game there is no need to rush and attack other players. You can focus on loot and gathering materials in the beginning and as soon as you are done with that you can start that battle.