5 Killer Instagram Strategies You Must Know

Instagram is a must have social platform for any company or business that is looking for success. You cannot afford to ignore a platform that has 300 million active users on a monthly basis. The platform became popular with its acquisition by Facebook in 2012 and has continued to generate engagement with users from all around the world. For a platform that specialized in generating visual content, Instagram delivers a 58 times more engagement rate per follower than even Facebook which is the most popular social platform.

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As a business looking to build an Instagram presence, you can start with these effective strategies:

  1. Hashtags are important

According to Thomas Lashier (owner of Freaky Fresh Marketing), he reckons that hashtags are an important requirement if you are looking to reach your customers and other prospects on Instagram. Hashtags have the effect of driving traffic to your Instagram profile hence allowing you to make use of their profile link to provide an introductory offer. for example one of the most popular hashtag which is being used is who unfollowed me on instagram 

  1. Only go where you can find engagement

As mentioned above, Instagram remains as the reigning champ when it comes to creating engagement. With the help of hashtags and influencers, it is indeed possible to turn your Instagram page into a powerful funnel that can be very effective at providing you with customer engagement and offering you useful leads. And the best part about all these is that all you’ll need is just your phone and awesome pictures.

  1. Identify your influencers

If you are looking to grow your Instagram followers, it is important that you consider influencer marketing. A perfect example is SHREDZ a company which in 2012 made just $90,000 in profits but after partnering with Paige Hathaway, the brand skyrocketed to the $5 million mark in terms of gross revenue at the end of 2013. The main reason for their boom is because SHREDZ engaged a small team and capitalized on digital promotion.

  1. Integrate content on Instagram with Email

Without a doubt this is a powerful combination that can help increase engagement. Try to embed live Instagram content around a brand hashtag to help you streamline the process. The engagement process can be made swifter simply by offering photos generated by customers to individuals who are considering a product or service. The advantage of using this is that it will help to make the emails more engaging and your products will look more appealing.

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  1. Always make a point of integrating your contacts from other channels

You can build your following on Instagram for maximum engagement simply by identifying customers who are already on Instagram. What you need to do is to export a list of all customer phone numbers and their contact info from you database and import them to your Gmail account. Get the info to your smartphone and log in to your Instagram account. This will help you identify customers on Instagram.

If these strategies do not work, there is always the option where you can buy instagram followers and use them to your advantage.

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