5 Tips to Remember while Choosing Right Tent for Family Camping

Are you in quest of a family tent for your upcoming family holidays? Well, if your folks have a thing for camping, then it’s always better to buy your own tent rather than renting a one. Now, there is no dearth of family tents around. But the catch is not all would be suitable for you. Buying a tent is always a huge investment. So, you should be really mindful about finding the right tent for your trips. But nothing to worry- the post below offers a brief on finding the ideal tent for family camping.

Calculate the heads

The first thing to consider before buying a family camping tent is the number of people you want it accommodate. But, always make sure to buy a larger structure compared to number of people to get inside the tent. So, for example, if there are 6 people, you must look for a tent for 8 people. Don’t forget you will need moving space and sufficient floor space to store your belongings.

Look for screen porch

When you are staying outdoors, there is always the risk of unwanted entry of insects and bugs inside your tent. So, find a tent with screen porch that would keep those bugs out off the tent.

Don’t forget waterproof features

What if you encounter a heavy shower while camping outdoors? Well, you certainly don’t want to get drenched in the cold of night. So, make sure your tent is protected by a fabric that promises a solid waterproof rating at least 1500-2000mm. It should have adequate rainfly to keep your family protected under heavy downpour. The tent must also feature a solid tub floor made from waterproof material.

Integrated lights

Some of the best modern tents in the market today come with integrated lights. If you can afford a one, don’t think twice.

Sufficient storage space

Find a reliable tent that also offers you sufficient storage space to help keep the floor space free.