5 Video Game Blogs You Should Know About

Every gamer has heard of Kotaku, Destructoid, 1Up and Joystiq. I frequent those sites nearly every day myself, but there are tons of quality blogs out there that some people haven’t heard of. If you have ever happened to play a game of situs roulette online terpercaya, you would also know how it is raved about in most famous blogs! I have been writing about video games for over 6 years and get my information from a wide range of sources. Over the years, I have discovered numerous video game blogs that offer something different from the mainstream sites. If you want to get your gaming information from a site that isn’t “the same old stuff”, check out these five sites:

The Wonderland Blog

Wonderlandblog.com is ranked #317,163 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. The Wonderland Blog looks very average at first glance, but it’s a wonderful gaming blog. You don’t have to be the most visually appealing blog to be a good one though. You’ll find things on The Wonderland Blog that you’ll rarely see on the mainstream gaming blogs. This blogs tends to show amusing items from the internet that are gaming related.

VG 24/7

Vg247.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 9,898. VG 24/7 is a blog that many gamers have heard of, but it has the potential to become a site that every gamer visits. The bog has a wonderful layout that loads fast and has plenty of articles on the main page for your viewing pleasure. In my opinion, VG 24/7 has some of the most talented writers in the business. If you aren’t visiting the site regularly, you seriously need to check it out.


Gamesradar.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 4,620. If you are looking for original editorials, this is one of the best blogs for that. GamesRadar primarily covers news from the major consoles, but does so with original writing. The site has a nice layout and is extremely easy to navigate. If you are looking for free swag, GamesRadar is the place to go. They do interesting giveaways on the site every week. I actually won a Boba Fett Star Wars backpack from them a few weeks back. GamesRadar is quickly becoming one of my favorite all-time blogs.


FiringSquad.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 84,912. If you are a true hardcore PC gamer, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be checking out FiringSquad every day. The site covers interesting updates on mods and computer setups, as well as reviews on games. There’s nothing there for console gamers, but they are a perfect blog for the PC gaming niche. PC gaming doesn’t get the attention console gaming does these days and that’s a real shame.

Pixelated Geek

Pixelatedgeek.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 125,166. The site is perhaps one of the most under-rated video game blogs on the planet. It’s updated regularly, contains useful information that you often don’t find on the major blogs and Pixelated Geek has a superb layout that’s easy on the eyes. Pixelated Geek is independently owned, but puts out content at the rate of a corporate blog. In addition to video game news, you will also find articles of entertainment, humor and things that are considered “geek” in nature.