5 Ways To Use Old Perfume

Do you have bottles of old perfume just sitting around your house, waiting to be used? Sure, you could sell them on eBay, but then you would have to go through the trouble of listing and shipping. Even worse, you would likely earn nothing for the product (or your time) once you pay the final value fees, so why not use the product yourself? Here are some ways you can use old perfume:

Spray in your car. Your car gets dusty and eventually begins to smell generic, so the next time you clean your car, spray in some of your better-smelling old perfume. The best place to spray the perfume is on the car’s carpeting, especially the car mats if these are made of material, rather than rubber. This way, if the perfume lingers too long, then you can take the mats to the car wash and spray off the fragrance and start over with another perfume.

Feminize your office. Every woman likes a feminine-smelling office, so make sure that you can smell perfume over the heavy-smelling cologne that traffics through your office. Just spray (once or twice daily) some old perfume in the air. For a longer-lasting scent, spray the carpets, too. It might smell heavy at first, but the fragrance will dissipate quickly. When the company shampoos the carpet, you can change fragrances. This way, you don’t mix the perfumes.

Make drawer sachets. It is always nice to get a whiff of a nostalgic perfume, even if you have stopped wearing that particular fragrance. Let’s face it, perfume smells trigger memories, so choose an old perfume that carries some good memories and spray a pair of doubled-up socks to serve as a sachet. Be sure to spray the doubled-up bundle well and then store it in the corner of your drawer. When the smell begins to fade, just re-spray. When you want to change fragrances, throw your sock bundle into your washing machine, and spray a new bundle of socks.

Freshen up your closets. You can spray the carpet and old boxes in your closet to freshen them up. If you have an old pair of sweats (or some other old garment) hanging in your closet, then spray some of the old perfume onto this garment. Lack of air circulation in the closet will not help the smell to move throughout the house. Even so, the smell does sink into the boxes, making the act of cleaning out your closet more pleasant.

Personalize correspondence. It is always nice to open up a card or a letter and be able to get a personalized smell from the sender, so spray some of your old perfume onto a card or letter. This will be better than any scratch-and whiff card you can buy. Just make sure that you spray the perfume on the inside of the envelope or on the crease of the card. Too, you want to make sure that you hold the perfume bottle a bit back from the card because you don’t want to stain the card. You just want to lightly mist the card and/or envelope to achieve a pleasant smell.