Mistakes That Beginners Make On Amazon FBA Private Level

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is the platform that provides sellers with the place to store their products. It also carries the responsibility of picking up the products, packing them and shipping them. FBA makes the seller’s work easy and also results in boosting up the business. Amazon FBA private label refers to the products where the seller acquires a product that is already manufactured and then sell it under its name and logo. Most of the Amazon FBA sellers are private label sellers.

Mistakes beginners do on Amazon FBA private label:

  • Amazon allows for only one seller account. It is important for sellers to avoid making this mistake as it may lead to the removal of your selling privileges.
  • Not reading all the terms and conditions before starting the online selling.
  • To make your product attractive do not use common images and specific text which may count for violation of Amazon’s rules.
  • Not giving due importance to customer’s feedback.
  • When the seller is slow in analyzing consumer’s demands and is not aware of trending products.
  • When the seller tries to sell what is not much preferred in the market.
  • When the seller fails to advertise the private label product in a way that attracts consumers.
  • When the product listing is not interesting or attracting.
  • All these can result in fewer reviews of your product. This, in turn, might affect your sales.
  • Selling private label products of low-quality.
  • Not paying due attention to the cost chart before jumping in FBA.
  • Ignoring the patent issue. In private labels, it is more important to see if the product you are using is patented or not.
  • Violating the terms of Amazon FBA.
  • Not being careful while putting the product into categories.
  • To ignore the sales tax payment way which is collected by Amazon.


These are the most common mistakes that sellers make. It is important for you (seller) to be well informed to avoid any removal of your selling privileges.