A Guide to Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance is a type of auto insurance that covers drivers who do not need a long term regular policy. The term of coverage may be for one day up to as much as six months. Most short term car insurance policies only provide coverage for up to twenty-eight days. Since driving without insurance is illegal in any of the fifty United States, even temporary drivers must get insurance coverage.

Just like a regular auto policy, short term car insurance is paid via a monthly premium. Or, the total cost can be paid in advance. How much a person pays for the policy depends on coverage purchased; when that person pays it, whether it is monthly or all upfront usually depends on the person’s credit. To cancel the policy, simply submit a written request to the company from whom the policy was purchased. Check with the auto insurance company you select to find out what that company’s specific cancellation policy is before you purchase. A short guide should be provided to the person about comprehensive insurance policies. An insurance quote will deliver effective results and purchase should be made according to specifications. The obtaining of insurance policy should be under the terms of the insurance companies. No cancellation of the car policy should be there for the benefits. 

To get short term auto insurance, contact any insurance company that offers auto policies. Visit a local insurance office, call the office, or even better, apply online for coverage. Since most insurance companies are on the internet, it is a time efficient way to get the most quotes and obtain the cheapest prices. However, make sure the company is reputable and is not new to these types of policies. The saying “you get what you pay for” is always true.

The type of coverage the policy covers will be about the same as the coverage of a long term car policy. The policy should include liability insurance for bodily damage and property damage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and physical damage. It may also include roadside assistance and medical coverage for passengers. The basics purchased will meet the laws of the state you live in, but many extras can always be added.

So who needs short term car insurance? If an out-of-town guest comes to visit and wants to use the car, it would be great for the guest to be covered under this type of insurance. Although one’s long term car insurance policy usually covers rental cars as well, it never hurts to have a short term auto policy through the rental car company to make sure all bases are covered. Extra insurance never hurt anyone. If a person borrows a car for less than six months, short term car insurance would also be appropriate. This type of coverage also protects a stored car in the even that it sustains any type of seasonal damage, such as from a flood or hurricane.