All You Need to Know About Home Recording!

Home recording is sound recording practice in private home than in professional recording studio. Home recording studio set up is called project studio/home studio. In recent years cost of professional audio equipment has been steadily dropping.

Home recording studio essentials for beginners

It is preferred to start off with a simple studio. Listed items are required for beginners. More info and the recommended products for each can be found on Recording Expert.

  • Computer: Try to get the fastest one which can be afforded
  • Studio monitor: These are for mixing. To objectively judge the mix, it provides neutral, uncoloured sound.
  • Headphones: These are of 2 specific designs. One is closed back for tracking & the other one is open back for mixing.


  • Microphone: Shure SM57 can be preferred as it is cheap, versatile & is recognized worldwide as industry standard
  • Audio interface combo: Used to record, edit & mix music on computer. Avid Pro Tools or Presonus Studio One can be used.
  • Few cables: Only 3 cables are needed. For mic one XLR cable & for monitor two cables. For example for mic (Mogami silver XLR 25 ft) & for monitor (Mogami silver XLR 6 ft)
  • Mic stand: All mic stands are not same. For beginner, a cheap & reliable is adequate.

Room acoustic & design

Acoustic treatment is an important aspect when building home studio. Untreated rooms have uneven frequency response. As sound mixers cannot hear accurately what’s being played, the missing decisions made are based on sound that is colored. Sound in the room can be improved by Acoustic panels & bass traps.

Portable recording rooms

Controlling the noise pollution & room reverb at microphone is one of the major drawbacks in producing quality recording. In that way, from the walls the reflection can be reduced. A DIY solution for home studio can be cheaper & more suitable. To make voice overs they are often used. To record guitar, bass vocal booths can be used.

Tips to improve home recording

  • Get a preamp: To get a better source sound, plugging guitar or microphone into preamp is an easy & inexpensive way. It adds volume & warmth to everything that is recorded.
  • Constantly use web as resource: Software programs such as Garage Band are user friendly to learn at basic level. Experiment & develop own base knowledge. After that start experimenting & develop own base and learn specific tasks using the web. Youtube & GearSlutz are best source of information. With respect to recording they provide tutorials & advice on every topic.


  • Invest in condenser microphone: By this, acoustic instruments & light percussion can also be recorded in addition to recording vocals. For example Rode NT1A is a large diaphragm microphone.
  • Invest in mastering software: It is user friendly, effective & inexpensive. Ozone by Izotope can be used as mastering software. Using this may avoid expensive professional engineers.
  • Get decent monitors: Knowing the characteristics of monitor compared to other speakers is the only important thing. Listen to tracks on headphones, stereos & cheap speakers & compare to sound profile of monitor.

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