American Girl Doll Themed Birthday Party

Have you always wanted to throw a beautiful, elaborate birthday party for your daughter or a special little girl on your life, but have never attempted it due to the possible cost? Rest easy, and get ready to plan and throw a successful party the kids and their moms will adore! You may also see more ideas about Fundraising, Casino party and the likes so you’ll have an idea on how to throw a creative themed birthday party.

American Girl dolls are all the rage among little girls ranging from four to ten. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could celebrate your child and the love she holds for her favorite doll? Throw an American Girl doll themed party! It’s simple, inexpensive, and something that little girls and their moms can enjoy together.

Select an invitation of your choice. Try to keep it ‘girly!’ Write down all of the essential information on the invitation, and ask each girl to come dressed up for tea! Invite them to bring their favorite doll (in case they don’t own an American Girl doll- they’re rather expensive!) to show off at the party. Invite the moms to dress up, too! Chances are they don’t get to do that very often!


Choose an elegant, yet child friendly menu. Let the birthday girl help decide what to serve at her tea party. Finger foods always go over well with young children, so stick with things like mini peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, and chicken salad sandwiches. Ask your little one what her favorite fruits are and make a simple fruit platter. Children tend to like fruits such as grapes, apple slices, oranges and bananas. Instead of a big, fancy cake, do as is traditional at tea time and offer a variety of cute cookies or little cakes or truffles. This will cut back on the sugar, and encourage them to snack on the sweet fruits if they’re really hungry!

Let each girl choose their own tea bag. Make sure the hot water has cooled down (so not to burn little tongues) before serving! Show the girls how to be ladies and add their sugar cube or their honey. Since there will be moms on hand, it’s probably safe to use real tea cups and saucers. Have ice cubes handy in case the cooled water is still too hot for the little girls.

Table decorations:

Get fancy! Bring out the nice tablecloths and napkin rings! Use real plates instead of paper. Make the table look as beautiful as possible using things you have or things you can borrow from someone else. Remember- the key is not to spend a lot of money, here. If the other mothers offer to bring something, let them help you out! You can add flair to any table by adding some fresh flowers. You can pick up a bunch or two at a local grocery store for under five dollars a bundle. Let each party guest take home a flower of their choice!

Party decor:

Decorate the rest of the house with your daughter’s favorite dolls or stuffed animals. Let her set them out around the house to make her feel like she’s helping you get ready for the party. Her friends will love playing with her dolls, and your daughter will love telling her friends all about them! You can also add tiny displays of faux jewelry like pearl strands and high heels from your own collection. Don’t decorate with anything valuable!

Fun and games:

For Older Girls-

Purchase an American Girl skit ahead of the party. Let the girls take turns acting out their favorite stories from their favorite American Girls!

For Younger Girls-

Ask each girl to say something special about their doll or stuffed animal. Make sure everyone gets a turn!

Craft/Party Favor:

Start collecting shoeboxes a few weeks before the party. Ask friends and neighbors to save any shoeboxes they may have for you. Make sure you have one shoebox for each guest before the party and maybe one or two extras for any mishaps that may occur. Before the party, stand the box up in front of you and measure the width. Cut a thin dowel rod to fit the measurement. Glue each rod inside the box, about 1 inch from the top. Let dry before the party.

Give each girl a box on the day of the party, telling them that they are going to make a wardrobe for their doll’s clothes and accessories. Help them cover the outside of the boxes with colored paper, and let them decorate the boxes with markers, stickers and glitter. Help the girls write their doll’s name across the covered box top, to act as the wardrobe door. The dowel rod will allow the doll clothes to be hung up, and shoes and accessories can be stored in the bottom. The girls will have fun with these once they get home, and will always remember the fun they had making it at the American Girl party!