An Escape To The Unusual

Daily routine could be stressful and leave you in pain. It’s monotonous. It doesn’t make you sad but it also doesn’t add up to your happiness.You work but nothing works out.Before the ‘it’ drains out the life from you, give it a break.

Hours of painstaking efforts could give you glorious victories which are more or less momentarily but for excellence that lasts long, one needs a proper balance- with oneself as well as others.Workaholics love their work and strive day in, day out to achieve the pinnacles of success, but sometimes to move ahead you need to stop. Maybe, just an escape. The Escape Room, an enthralling gaming bonanza which gives you the much needed escape, breaking the boredom, stimulating your brain cells to crack a way out is a must try.

Easier than it sounds, The Escape Room is a team game of 4-7 members per team. A set of puzzles or clues need to be solved to find the exit. The faster, the better are the chances of winning the game.
From proper designed setups to 5D image simulation this game is a combination of virtual as well as physical special effects building a storyline based on the theme.


With the increasing craze all around the world, it is no surprise that this game has become so popular in Singapore, one of the fastest growing technical hub in South-east Asia. These games are available for all age groups with themes based on murder-mysteries to Marvel’s Avengers to zombies to witches and supernatural giving the imaginative mind a boggling appetite of suspense and adrenaline rush of thrilling twists.

Enjoy with your family, friends, colleagues or even strangers to bond and this game will surely bring out the best of you.With a wide range to select from some of the popular sites that allows booking to a high sensation thrilling gaming experience include,,,,,,, to name just a few. The rates per person can vary between 20-28 Singaporean Dollar which is a reasonable sum.

Assuming games to be only a recreation meant entirely for entertainment is right but only to an extent. The escape room Singapore provides more than just a good fun time. An effective team building activity, it sharpens thinking and cooperating with others as the team race against time.

A competitive world demands time. To ensure progress, compromising with productivity is intolerable. A high productivity is ensured by an efficient workforce, their commitment acting quintessentially towards the same goal.Employees being the foundation of companies, to escalate new heights it is inevitable that the foundation must remain strong and they act together in sync with one another. Motivational talks pose a preferred option but slacks in creating an everlasting impact that reflects in one’s personality. A much better option are drills aimed towards teamwork. One such drill being- The Escape Room. Companies often organize such drill exercises to give a boost to team spirits.


Play it for fun or as an exercise The Escape Room has what it needs to lure enthusiastic gamers all around the globe. Its popularity is self-explanatory as to how much people love this game.

Even Investors see this as a prospective business venture with the finances being as low as $7000 for an upfront. Exciting themes, luring offers, low cost and a 100 times more fun. Physical games which were conceived to belong to the past with Xbox and computer games taking the world by storm are slowly crawling back there way in as people are turning out to be more ‘health-conscious’.

Escape Room is not exactly an outdoor physical sport that makes you fit but it does make you run to win. With the add-ons of thrilling special effects and ticking clock it surely develops your skills. Some may find the game intimidating if they lose at the end often causing damage to equipment but not every race is meant to win. Winning is not everything and losing doesn’t mean the end.  Another cause why one should frequently take out time to indulge in out-of-work activity just to harmonize ones lost balance. So next time if you need an escape, try The Escape Room.

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