Anonymity Through Kik Usernames

Kik is an instant messaging app that works free of charge on Android Lollipop, iOS and windows platform. It was released in October 2010 from the Canadian company Kik interactive. This app uses mobile data to receive and send messages, photos, videos etc. This app has some amazing features which make it popular amongst the teenagers. Some of these features are preserving anonymity, or the user can even register without a telephone number.

The most interesting and unique feature of Kik is its feature that it allows the users to use a username of their own choice. This allows you to be whoever you want to be – your own self or anyone else. You can pick any of those fancy – kik usernames available on the internet. And then, you are free to send emojis, texts, and selfies to whoever you want to. However, this combination of anonymity and youth also has potential cyber threats. Though it has proved to be valuable and helpful for Kik but it has also proved to be dangerous for others. Some researchers also mention that it is a rough environment for young people. Considering the potential threats of anonymity that the application provides, parents should be concerned about their children who use Kik.


Since the real names of the users are not displayed through Kik because it allows you to pick any username of your own choice, it has been quite controversial. It has attracted children and teenagers to send offensive content and indulge in offensive activities with strangers. Also, child exploitation and harassment has been an issue of great concern. This has also caused several authorities and social media platforms to express their concern over the issue. However, to overcome this problem of child exploitation, the company has adopted a strategy which automatically detects deletes and also reports the content related to it.

A study about the usernames of the application states that the feature that it does not require a telephone number and does not verify the entered birth date attracts teenagers the most. Parents cannot view the communications and content that the children use. One of the famous controversies related to the feature of anonymity if the application is Nicole Lovell case. She went missing and later it was found that she has been kidnapped and murdered by someone who used to communicate to her through Kik. This incident raised serious questions about the safety and security of the users of the messenger application.


One of the managers of the application state that the feature of anonymity of usernames is its allure. So, in order to overcome the dangers and threats of this feature, one has to be careful and parents must also ensure to communicate with their children who may be under some pressure or harassment through it. We all know that the app has weak parental control features so parents have to be alert on their own part to avoid any mishaps and unwanted accidents. After all, it is better to be sure that your near and dear ones remain “in the know” and hence safe and protected.

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