Are vehicle tracking and telematics the same thing?

Vehicle tracking and telematics are often used interchangeably yet they aren’t essentially one and the same. Put simply, telematics is a broad umbrella while vehicle tracking is part of it. 

Understanding telematics

The term “telematics” is a combination of 2 major words- “tele” (remote communications) and “informatics” (the discipline that deals with information processing). In simple words, telematics refers to the procedure of transmitting data over remote or lengthy distances. The system of telematics brings in a wide range of fields into one, including telecommunications, road safety, road transportation, vehicular technologies, wireless communication as well as computer science. 

Interestingly, vehicle tracking or monitoring is not the only place where telematics is used. Rather the technology is used in many different non-commercial and commercial purposes, including site excavation, construction etc. In regards to vehicle tracking, telematics systems work to gather different kinds of data – vehicle location, engine diagnostics, driver behaviour etc.- and then display the information on software portals for easy management of vehicles.

Understanding vehicle tracking

As the name says, vehicle tracking refers to the technology that helps to keep tab on the location of a vehicle. The vehicle tracking technology is mostly used by fleet management companies; however, it’s also used during vehicle towing. If your vehicle, say a Chevy, is on tow by a towing service, you will certainly wish to keep track of the location of the car at regular intervals till it reaches your garage. It’s as important as finding the right shock for your steam. You can check out for the topmost shocks for your Chevy.

Telematics devices perform vehicle tracking through the following components-

  • GPS Receiver- it sources location details of the vehicle from GPS satellite
  • SIM card- it broadcasts the GPS information to main server through mobile network
  • Engine interface- it works to transform as well as route messages right from GPS
  • Accelerometer- it sense as well as records data on driving style as well as crash impact
  • Sensor for battery voltage- it detects signs of unit tampering.