Awesome Facts Related To Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp is the best app which provides us a lot of features collectively. We are very well known to this app. We all are using it regularly in our daily life to get interacted with others.  A developer of Spanish makes a new version of Whatsapp by making some changes in the original Whatsapp. Both are same but the Whatsapp Plus is one who provides us more awesome features than the original one. This app is very popular among the people who like to customize their apps by themselves. It helps the people to choose the best themes which they like from a great collection of themes. WhatsApp-on-iPad-Press-and-Hold-Reload-Button

Let’s talk about some great features of it

The best feature which I had seen in the Whatsapp plus that it has a collection of more than 2K themes. Users can download it and apply it to the app to make it more attractive. Other one feature of this app is that it allows us to hide the online status. As well as, it also has an option from which people can show out to the sender that their message is not delivered. It is an option of single tick which shows like the message is undelivered, even when the message is received. So it is also an awesome feature of it.Install-button-WhatsApp

Some vital information

Whatsapp plus gives you more functions as it also allows to send big files, unlimited pictures, files of greater size without losing the quality of images. This is also helpful for the students of the university as they can send their notes to each other without any issues.  If you want the version of Whatsapp plus then you don’t have to root your device. We also experience the new features of it with every new Whatsapp update.