Belly Button Ring: Totally Worth It and provides impressive look

I recently got a bellybutton ring and am extremely happy with my decision to get one. I was really scared it was going to hurt, as I’m sure if you’re thinking about getting one are too, but it really wasn’t bad as I thought it was going to be. I did a lot of research prior to getting it done and my main search was for the pain factor, since I’m pretty sensitive. I found that lobe piercings are usually more painful than a bellybutton piercing, and since I have some lobe piercings I figured a naval one would be a piece of cake. This was definitely the situation!

I searched for a good, reputable piercing shop locally that I thought would do a good job and be professional. Being responsible about my health, I was leary of sketchy-seeming shops or places I hadn’t heard of before or that seemed dirty. Even if a shop is cheaper, please don’t just make money the deal breaker for you. Your health should be your number one priority, especially when it comes to a piercing or tattoo. Look for a reputable, clean facility where you’ll be taken care of well. The rates of the different rings at rear tone are under the budget of the person. There will be no need of spending extra money over them.

In different states there are different age limits for naval piercings as well as some other restrictions (parent needs to be present, etc.), so ask around about those laws. One thing you don’t want is to go to a tattoo shop to get your new naval piercing and be told you can’t because you’re too young! Some places may be pretty expensive for their piercing and jewelry, and so you’ll have to decide how much you’re willing to pay on your piercing and jewelry. I believe mine was about $40 for both the piercing and jewelry, which I think is relatively inexpensive.

When I arrived at the tattoo shop that did my piercing, I was definitely nervous. I figured it wouldn’t hurt too much for very long, though, and tried to psych myself out by telling myself that by the time I realized the pain, it would be over (very good stratey, by the way). I picked out the color bead I wanted on my naval ring then sat down in the chair, and the guy marked my stomach as well as cleaned it with alcohol. As he prepared my piercing, I got even more nervous, but when I saw that all the needles and instruments were individually packaged and sanitary I felt a little bit better. Please, if you’re going to get a piercing done, make sure all the instruments are sanitary. You don’t want to catch any blood-borne illness from anyone else who was pierced before you. Where I went, they clamped my bellybutton and some skin around it in order to line up the dots the piercer had marked previously – the most painful part, in my opinion. I hear the clamp makes it easier to line up the pierce, but some piercers simply eyeball it, and it’s all up to the piercer’s preference. Therefore, you may not be clamped if you get your piercing done. After this, he inserted the needle, which took about two seconds, and threaded the ring through (the ring connected to the needle for smooth threading). Another note, the needle used, since the ring attached to it, had a hollow end – this is a better type of needle for piercings because it puts less blunt force on the skin. It’s not necessary, but it does put less force on the skin. After that my piercing was done! He just had to screw the jewel on which also secured and closed the ring – and I was done! Barely painful, and I had a new bellybutton ring!

For a few hours after my piercing it was rather sore and tender. There was some inflamation and redness around it and it was rather painful when I hit or touched it, but other than that it wasn’t painful at all. That lasted a few days for me, and then it was all gone, although for my sister it lasted about a week. It all matters on your skin’s sensitivity level and how your body reacts to the foreign object. Since then I’ve been relatively healthy with my piercing; cleaning it everyday has definitely helped. Every once in a while I’ll notice it hurting more and there will be some redness around it, and so I have been worrying about infection, but then I simply clean it and the inflamation goes away. I’ve had mine for about two months now, and I hear they can take anywhere from 2-6 months to heal completely. I’m not sure when I’ll change the ring, but I’m thinking as soon as the pain and redness goes away completely for longer than a week straight, and until then I’m living with the ring I was given originally.

Cleaning: To clean my bellybutton ring (which is very important), I clean it with Softsoap antibacterial soap in the morning and again at night. At night though, I also apply Bactine, an antibacterial analgesic which will get rid of any pain you may have, as well as keep it clean and sanitary. I think that Bactine’s very important because I know of a girl who got a naval piercing and only used the antibacterial soap who ended up with a really bad infection in her piercing.

If you’re planning on getting a bellybutton ring, I hope you enjoy it and use these tips to help you make smart decisions regarding your new pierce!