The Benefits of Selling Handmade Jewelry in an Online Gallery

Do you market your handcrafted jewelry online? Many jewelry designers enter the world of online commerce by creating a website for their handcrafted jewelry. Complete with shopping cart and all the necessary accouterments, they prepare for an onslaught of orders. Unfortunately, the orders don’t arrive, at least not as many as expected. Unfortunately, selling handmade jewelry online isn’t as simple as “build it and they will come”. It takes time and perseverance to drive traffic to a new website. If you’re serious about selling your handmade jewelry online, is there a better way?

If you’re to be successful selling handmade jewelry online, a web page is important, but it’s not always enough. You need a means of driving traffic to your jewelry designs to show people what you have to offer. Although some jewelry designers have used eBay to generate a regular list of customers they can refer to their website, selling on eBay often necessitates accepting a less than satisfactory price for your designs due to the bargain mentality many eBay shoppers exhibit. If you’ve worked long and hard on jewelry design, you don’t want to give it away. You need to attract the attention of motivated, knowledgeable buyers who understand the value of a handcrafted piece of jewelry. This way you will have healthy growth along with rapid growth in your sales forecast as you constantly put efforts in scaling your handmade jewelry business online. 

A better option for selling handmade jewelry may be to display your designs in an online gallery. An online gallery can provide you with instant traffic for your jewelry designs without the necessity of keyword optimizing your site and waiting for it to be indexed by the search engines if it ever happens. Online galleries draw a large universe of motivated shoppers who are visiting the gallery to buy jewelry and other crafts. They understand that handmade items cost more and are less likely to have a bargain mindset.

An online craft gallery also makes it easy to sell handmade jewelry. The majority of these sites handle the payment processing for you and give you easy to use templates to use for your online presence. You can concentrate more on designing jewelry and less on marketing a website. Longer-term, as you build up more customers, a website will become more important as customers will want to come directly to your website to see your full selection. A website also offers you the flexibility of offering promotions such as contests and newsletters. Plus, you can offer custom jewelry designs through your website.

Used together as part of a well thought out marketing plan for selling handmade jewelry, a website, and an online gallery can complement one another and help you develop a market for your jewelry designs more quickly and efficiently. You may want to consider whether an online gallery is the best choice for you and your jewelry business.