Best 5 Multimeter Reviews

Before getting to the point of finding the best multimeter, the first assessment should be –by whom the multimeter would be used. A professional who often work with electronics need a more functional multimeter, whereas an apprentice or student should just be fine with a basic level multimeter. Multimeters go by the name Digital Multi Meter or DMM. By checking multimeter reviews online, there’s a way to figure out the best multimeters to by in 2017. We have sorted out 5 DMMs for you here. difference-in-digital-multimeter-sizes

  • Fluke 87-V DMM

The Fluke 87-V DMM is a multimeter worth for its price and designed for the professionals. Up to 30 amperes could be measure for up to 30 seconds, which is more than sufficient. Quite a number of buttons and a dial could be used to set a voltage and resistance range for accurate result output. Alarm sensors are provided to warn against wrong connections. Price – $

  • Fluke H116 HVAC

HVAC professionals don’t only need VA values, the temperature value is needed as much. Thus, the Fluke H116 HVAC model comes equipped with both. Resistance, frequency, capacitance etc. could also be measured. The display is backlit via LEDs, thus low light areas won’t cause a trouble. Price: $148.

  • Fluke 117 True RMS

Electricians require to measure the true-RMS value on non-linear outputs. Thus, the Fluke 117 True RMS model just does the thing. Might not be a good idea to teach newbies with this, but this model is designed for professionals. Price: $174.

  • Innova 3340 Automotive DMM

Most electrical measurements in an automobile is done in 12V or 24V instead of regular 110V/220V mains outputs. Thus, a different product would be helpful for automotive professionals. The Innova 3340 is just the thing, priced at $74.85.

  • Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician’s Multimeter

A product for the professionals. Comes with automatic voltage ranging. 1000V and 10A are the highest tolerable values. The LED is backlit to provide maximum convenience for professionals. Price: $68.95.


Check out online multimeter reviews for these specific products if you really need one. For a shortlist, we’d pick these 5.

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