Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War Review (PS3)


The Hundred Years’ War is a Beat em’ up video game released on Playstation 3 and created by Omega Force. There wasn’t much buzz about this game, but was it because of its quality? Let’s find out.


The story is what you make of it in this case. It’s not bad, though you may find yourself skipping a lot of it just to get to the gameplay. It’s long and quite complex but there is a great conclusion to the story. There are many side missions as well that don’t have much to do with the plot. So you may find yourself doing these.


The graphics aren’t bad. They aren’t really great either. For the type of graphics that are available now, they are pretty much standard. There are some slight graphical errors, some objects disappear randomly. Other than this, the graphics are detailed but compared to the other stuff out now you might say these are sub-par at best. Not necessarily bad, but not great either.


The music in this game is quite good. There’s great compositions, great arrangements, and they fit the game appropriately at all times. The sound effects likewise are good though there could be a bigger variety of them. Other than that, the only thing to mention is the voice acting which I feel is actually quite good despite the negativity surrounding it. Overall, this game is a good offering musically.


It’s quite cool to fight historical figures as a mercenary and building your character and the army is a blast. There’s a ton of unlockables but we’ll get to that later. Learning the ropes of the game is fun but can be repetitive, as many times once you figure out the solution to a problem the same exact problem repeats itself. The battles, tactically, are quite fun and engaging. Which is good, since the majority of the game is fighting. There is quite a bit of variety here overall, and you shouldn’t find yourself bored with the gameplay.

The controls feel great and responsive, and there isn’t much here to nitpick. The game isn’t very fast-paced so it doesn’t require a great degree of control, but it still does a very good job.

Re playability:

This game is very long, has tons of unlockables, and many paths for upgrades. In short, this game is extremely replayable and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. I recommend this game if you’re really looking for a lot of value.


7/10. Nice story, decent graphics, very nice sound, and addicting gameplay. The gameplay is always the most important, so despite this game’s score of 7, I must point out that the gameplay is really excellent. If you are already through this game and are looking for more exciting and interactive games then 2048 cupcakes is a really good option for you. You get an engaging storyline and seamless graphics as well.