Is There a Stock that Can Offer Sweet Returns?

Is There a Stock that Can Offer Sweet Returns?

With Valentines Day fast approaching, many retail stores have cleared out Christmas decorations and have set aside a minimum of 2-4 aisles solely dedicated to Valentines Day candy.

Aisles chocked full of Hershey Kisses, Lindt Chocolates, Conversation Hearts, and of course, Dark Chocolate.

We have seen the health features in the news boasting the antioxidant benefits of Dark Chocolate. Psychologists have endorsed the mood elevation benefits. Travel resorts selling romance packages have marketed that their dessert menu’s contain many recipes featuring Dark Chocolate to invoke intimacy. Never before has a candy received such rave reviews across the board.

Dark Chocolate has been armed with great public relations and endorsements from the medical community. Does this represent a good sign to add candy makers that feature Dark Chocolate products to your stock portfolio? Absolutely.

One way to select a stock, would be to research the Confectioners and Major-Food Diversified Industry to compare financial reports and returns.

Most confectioner companies like Lindt and Endangered Species Chocolate Company are privately held.

Hershey investors have had a tough fourth quarter, they had a product recall in Canada and sales in general have been falling. Many investors are holding on to their Hershey stock because of their belief in Hershey’s brand equity. Aside from Hershey, there are some new mergers and other companies to investigate.

A merger to watch is Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., the worlds largest chewing gum company, and their purchase of A. Korkunov, a chocolate company in Russia, for $300 million. A. Korkunov is the second largest company in the Russia in the premium boxed chocolate category. The market watch shows that shares of Wrigley are already starting to rise.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc. (RMCF) since it’s inception in November of 1993 has had 5 stock splits and increasing dividends. Rocky Mountain expects to grow it’s bottom- line profit between 17% and 22%. Research shows that Rocky Mountain is managing it’s cash flow and their dividend obligations well. At under $14.00 a share, it would be an ideal stock to research for a newbie investor.

Kapitalanlage is something that should not be taken lightly. You have to be serious and you have to carefully consider a lot of factors. In this way, you will be able to grow your money and achieve your goal which is ultimate return. 

If you wish to try the approach of casting a larger net to invest in, you can think from the perspective of walking down the aisle in a large store like Walmart (WMT) or Target (TGT).Picture yourself watching all of those shoppers loading up their carts with huge bags of Valentines Day Candy like Snickers, Whoppers, Junior Mints and Chocolate Kisses. From an investment standpoint, it would be a good idea to research retail chains that attract massive foot traffic. Since August of 2005, Walmart stock price has continued to rise with steady dividends.

An investor may also want to research other concept stores with recently upgraded stocks also expecting gains from chocolate candy sales. BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc (BJ) known for Costco wholesale outlet, is an amazing company that has spent zero dollars on advertising and has shot it’s way to success by word of mouth and offering top of the line products.

For those who give your children a dollar bill and tell them to go into a store and pick out any candy they desire, will not want to pass a 99 Cent Only store (NDN). This chain offers deep discount retail, closeouts and private labels at prices below wholesale. The discount retailer recently announced that their store locations that have been open a minimum of one year have reported revenue growth of 1.9%.

As you can see, there are many ways to locate a stock that can offer a sweet return. You can narrow your selection to a company that produces a tasty treat or widen your target range to investing in a chain that offers incentive to get their shoppers to buy more. By evaluating free cash flow and history of success there are so many choices that can offer a sweet combination.

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee, when You’re Short on Time

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee, when You’re Short on Time

Have you noticed the coffee makers out on the market that claim to make the perfect cup of coffee everytime using super automatic espresso machine? This is a great idea but have you seen the price tag on these machines? In this article I will tell you step by step instructions on how you can do this at home with the drip coffee maker you already have. After reading this article you should be able to make just one indiviual cup of coffee. Made quick and easy.

First you will need your tools. Most standard drip coffee makers consist of a decanter, a filter, and you will add the coffee and water, right? The decanter usually has numbers listed like 2,4,6,8,10,12. These are your water fill lines to help you make the amount of coffee servings you would like. If you have not already noticed there is no number listed for just (1) One cup of coffee. So you will need your coffee mug to measure the amount of water for just one cup.

Pour the water into your clean coffee mug. It needs to be clean because you are going to pour this water into your coffee maker. This will also help keep the basin of your coffee maker clean and free of debris. I use bottled water but you may use tap water as well. Pour the water into the mug to the desired lever of coffee, I usually go over just a bit to make up for any that might spill. If you find that pouring the water into your basin is too messy and you are losing lots of water you may want to measure out the amount with your mug and them pour into your decanter. The decanter is specifically made to pour water into the coffer maker reservoir. A simple measuring cup with a handle will work nicely. This should take about 30seconds.

Next, place a filter into the drip area. Measure out the amout of coffee for one cup. Most brands of coffee call for one or two tablespoons for one cup of coffee. We all have our own tastes so you may want to test out what works best for you since this is going to be YOUR perfect cup of coffee. Add ,more for stronger coffee and less, for a more smooth cup of coffee. This should take about 30 seconds.

Finally turn on the drip coffee maker. This should take about 3 seconds.

The remainder of your time will consist of wating on your machine to heat up the water and drip into the decanter. The time will depend on your drip coffee maker. It should not take more than 5 mins.

So there you go, an individual cup of coffee made quick and easy, perfected taste by you. In under 5 mins. If your coffee maker has the auto brewing capabilities you can have that perfect cup of coffee ready for you when you want it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

A Guide to Short Term Car Insurance

A Guide to Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance is a type of auto insurance that covers drivers who do not need a long term regular policy. The term of coverage may be for one day up to as much as six months. Most short term car insurance policies only provide coverage for up to twenty-eight days. Since driving without insurance is illegal in any of the fifty United States, even temporary drivers must get insurance coverage.

Just like a regular auto policy, short term car insurance is paid via a monthly premium. Or, the total cost can be paid in advance. How much a person pays for the policy depends on coverage purchased; when that person pays it, whether it is monthly or all upfront usually depends on the person’s credit. To cancel the policy, simply submit a written request to the company from whom the policy was purchased. Check with the auto insurance company you select to find out what that company’s specific cancellation policy is before you purchase. A short guide should be provided to the person about comprehensive insurance policies. An insurance quote will deliver effective results and purchase should be made according to specifications. The obtaining of insurance policy should be under the terms of the insurance companies. No cancellation of the car policy should be there for the benefits. 

To get short term auto insurance, contact any insurance company that offers auto policies. Visit a local insurance office, call the office, or even better, apply online for coverage. Since most insurance companies are on the internet, it is a time efficient way to get the most quotes and obtain the cheapest prices. However, make sure the company is reputable and is not new to these types of policies. The saying “you get what you pay for” is always true.

The type of coverage the policy covers will be about the same as the coverage of a long term car policy. The policy should include liability insurance for bodily damage and property damage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and physical damage. It may also include roadside assistance and medical coverage for passengers. The basics purchased will meet the laws of the state you live in, but many extras can always be added.

So who needs short term car insurance? If an out-of-town guest comes to visit and wants to use the car, it would be great for the guest to be covered under this type of insurance. Although one’s long term car insurance policy usually covers rental cars as well, it never hurts to have a short term auto policy through the rental car company to make sure all bases are covered. Extra insurance never hurt anyone. If a person borrows a car for less than six months, short term car insurance would also be appropriate. This type of coverage also protects a stored car in the even that it sustains any type of seasonal damage, such as from a flood or hurricane.

The Real Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

The Real Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up? The republican vide presidential candidate had been imitated to a tee by SNL veteran Tina Fey the past several weeks. So during last night’s edition of SNL, Palin interrupted the Fey skit in a planned moment that went off without a hitch. The Sarah Palin Saturday Night Live video will probably be googled and yahoo’d more than any other sketch in the history of Saturday Night Live and maybe comedy in general.

Fey was all ready and prepared to do her imitation at the podium as she was introduced to the media. She was wearing a red dress with the Sarah Palin lookalike glasses. Her accent was brilliant and her gestures were so close it was almost hard to tell if Palin was doing the imitating herself. With knowledge that she was scheduled to be on the show, fans had to wonder which was which until moments later when Palin was talking to creator Lorne Michaels in what appeared to be an off camera moment.

Palin was then passed in the hall by Mark Wahlberg, who said he was on his way to beat up the actor who had imitated him. Then Alec Baldwin stopped by to do the same thing. He mentioned in passing that he was glad Palin wasn’t actually there and that it would be a horrible mistake for America to elect Palin. The skit went on to have Michaels inform Baldwin that it was indeed Palin he was standing next to. Baldwin then flirted with Palin and told her she was much sexier in person. The enjoyment at Saturday night is live under the guidelines of standards. LiveTV should be purchased from reputed site and companies to get the delivered results within a budget. The appearance of the actor and actress should be sexy and impressive for the audience. No mistakes are conducted for the purchase of the electronic devices. 

Palin then went on to the mock press conference and traded places after giving Fey a smirk on her way to the podium before the skit ended. SNL probably could have spent a little more time with the meeting. But overall, it was pretty funny and good to know that Palin isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. She was positioned herself to be a very popular figure in the political world regardless of the 2008 election with her public appearances. For someone who nobody had seemed to hear about before her appointment as the VP candidate, Palin sure has enjoyed and reaped the benefits from perhaps even her over exposure. Almost so much on the scale as an Al Gore.

AP predicted that 17 million people watched the first half hour of the real Sarah Palin on SNL. Palin also took part in a rap on SNL. The Saturday Night Live rap skit with Palin produced not much but a little raising the hands in the air and some head nodding. But it was still funny.

Soccer Will Never Succeed in the United States

Soccer Will Never Succeed in the United States

I have a different take on why Major League Soccer will never be popular in the United States and it has nothing to do with coaching, star power, or the fact that you cannot use your hands.

Soccer, as wonderful of a sport as it is, just is not designed for American television audiences. Soccer does not support the :30 second commercial format which has long dominated American television advertising. Soccer supports the sponsorship idea where companies sponsor an entire half of play or chunks of the half or a billboard some place within the soccer stadium.

The sponsor way of advertising is perfect for Europe where their television stations display long blocks of commercials and then long blocks of programming. European television audiences are used to watching commercials that last longer than :30 seconds or are shorter than :30 seconds.

In the United States, all of our commercial television programming is based around the :30 second commercial. This is particularly true for most of our sporting events. Both the National Football League and the National Basketball Association have incorporated the “commercial time-out” into the usual play of almost all of their games. This commercial time-out allows companies to place advertising between key moments of play when they suspect that a large audience is watching.

All of the money that the major television networks make comes from advertising. Therefore, it is in their best interest to encourage commercial time-outs during the play of any sporting event. Without real television coverage, coverage on one of the major networks, during a viable time-slot, most sporting events will fly under the radar. For gathering information about soccer in different countries, a check should be made at site. There can be arranging of the events and major networks for the playing of the game. Free games can be enjoyed with registration at the right place for the benefit.

The major networks will fight over broadcasting Major League Soccer, the same way they continually fight over broadcasting the National Football League, once Major League Soccer shows them that advertisers can make money by placing commercials between key moments during the game.

The chances of that becoming a reality are quite slim. One of the great things about soccer is that there are very few time-outs. The beauty of the game is predicated upon strategy. This makes soccer quite different from the two most popular American sports, basketball and football, where every single play can determine who wins or loses.

In soccer, movement is the key, from space to space, from goal to goal, from side to side. Soccer is truly a ballet and for anyone to mess that up by making the game friendlier for advertisers will diminish what makes soccer different and special.

That means, of course, that Major League Soccer will eventually disappear, like all of the soccer leagues before it. Sorry, soccer fans, that’s just the way it is here in the States.

Marketing Items: Using Coffee Mugs As a Promotional Tool

Marketing Items: Using Coffee Mugs As a Promotional Tool

Coffee mugs have endless possibilities for use in a person’s life. They can be of More Help, of course, for coffee, but they can also be sued for hot cocoa, tea, pencil holders, or warm milk. The possibilities are endless. It makes perfect sense to use coffee mugs to promote your company or even a specific product or service that you provide. Using coffee mugs in this manner will allow you to have a wide presence. Not only will the user be seeing the printed information, but also everyone they come in contact with. Brand recall is very important. It will basically allow an imprint of the logo you put on a mug to be almost burned into the customer’s mind. When it comes time for them, or someone they know, to purchase something within your market areas, your logo will be the first thing that pops up.

In comparison to other promotional items, a mug is possibly the safest choice that you can make. Pens and pencils get lots of used up and thrown away. Hats lose their popularity over time. Bags are usually designed for specific purposes, like a grocery bag or book bag. Coffee mugs do not get quickly thrown away, at least not unless they are broken. Also, if a professional is the only person that has that particular mug within their office, they are less likely to get rid of it because it will become known as theirs.

The mug that you choose should be graphic enough to draw attention, but subtle enough to be less of a bright distraction. The neutral background color is always the best choice. Your design or logo is what should draw the most attention, in order to produce the results that you are looking to get. Your overall design should match your business.

Your message on the mug should be catchy. It doesn’t need to be too lengthy but it should stick to someone’s brain. Think of it as the same idea as a TV commercial jingle. Humorous or slight rhyming or even a combination of the two is highly effective. If you have a well-known brand, this is not necessarily something you need to do. A simple logo will provide a reminder of your brand.

There are many additional uses for using promotional mugs, within your company. You can provide them with new employees. You can hand them out at job fairs. You can also use them when you are launching a new product or a redesigned product. The possibilities are nearly endless. So basically, use any opportunity that you can to give away these mugs and you are sure to make your point!

Early Self-Help Skills

Early Self-Help Skills

I always wondered at the term ‘self-help skills’ when people were talking about my daughters who have Autism. I guess I wondered what that is. Do we need it? How do we start? It took me awhile to decide self-help skills were really just the same things I was teaching all of my children.

Not to make small of the differences. I have over the years learned that these skills have to be taught in a much more thoughtful way. Parents as a whole though are teaching these skills every day. For instance at 6 years old my child was learning to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush hair, brush teeth, get lunch and back pack, walk to bus, and go to school in a somewhat flexible order.

These were things all my children had to learn to do. Some of them were better at some parts. Some of them needed more help with some parts. Some of them needed a written list of the steps. A couple of them needed a visual list of the steps. The visual list was in pictures.

I was excited to realize at some point that the visual list was what people were talking about when they said my child needed a visual schedule. I and I hope you are pleased and a little amused to learn you are teaching self-help skills and using visual schedules, too. For generating self help, andy frisella is an expert that meets with the customer loyalty and creativeness. The hope of the people will meet with the mental expectations for the treatment. A schedule can be created to meet with the specifications and needs. 

Chores are also another self-help skill. At 6 years old the chores maybe to put your lunch bag, book sack, and shoes in a particular place. It might be to put your plate on the counter and put your toys back. In the beginning I had to repeatedly tell my daughters that these were their things and they had to take care of them. The best part for our family was not having to look for shoes all the time.

At some point we added things like taking out the trash. We also used a reward system at times. Some of the skills we are talking about I started working with my children with Autism at this age and was still working on parts in their teen years. On the other hand I am still telling my typical teenager to turn out the light and do something with his hair.

Self-help skills for a child with Autism will come naturally. You will be surprised once you think it through how much easier it is than when you first hear of the concept. You can and will make accommodations when needed. It can and will become part of the natural flow of your day and life raising a child with Autism.

How to Use Facebook as a Dating Tool

How to Use Facebook as a Dating Tool

Facebook is a huge online community with more than 200 million active users out of whom 100 million logs on at least once each day. No surprise then, why Facebook can be a great meeting point for potential dating.

The truth of the matter is that Facebook is phenomenal in bringing people closer. When it was first launched, maybe it wasn’t meant to incorporate so many dating applications, but in the process, there hasn’t been so much difference between browsing for finding new friends and meeting new people. Facebook, maybe more than other social networking websites, has introduced new ways of chatting with people online, joining groups of singles, and meeting hot, sexy individuals, ready to devote some of their valuable time to online dating or even to real dating. There are cases that people who meet online take their chances and meet in real as well. Some even engage in long-distance relationships making the power of online communication and its impact on modern society really unimaginable. Similarly, is there to help you with Instagram. 

What puts Facebook ahead of the game is that, unlike any typical online dating website, it allows you to maintain your anonymity. When you join any of the groups or built-in applications for dating, you don’t have to disclose your personal information, upload your picture, or share your email. This allows you to keep your privacy settings really private from your contacts and date without the fear of being recognized by your friends. Besides, you have the option to check your compatibility with another user by looking at your mutual interests, while you don’t have to add this person as a friend. Also, you can instantly see if a person you are interested in is in a relationship, single, straight or bisexual, gay or lesbian, married, and so on so that you decide on your chances.

Joining a Facebook network is a good way to meet new people. Whether it is based on location, school attended, employment, or social group, if you join a network you get full access to any user’s profile that is on the same network. This allows you to search on the personal bio, see the photos uploaded, read the comments of friends, see the apps installed, and get the full feel of what type of person is the Facebook user you are interested in.

Zoosk is probably the most commonly used online dating application on Facebook with more than 20 million members using it. The Zoosk can meet new people from their area, but also from other social networks including MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, and others.

Other popular Facebook apps for dating are Are YOU Interested?, Most Eligible Single, Meet New People and VerbDate. Especially VerbDate is integrated with Skype, Flickr, and Google Maps, which gives you greater exposure, and probably greater chances to find your significant other.

The bottom line is if you are using Facebook for quite some time and still, you haven’t had a date, even a virtual one, you probably haven’t discovered the viral power of Facebook as a dating tool. Facebook can bring sexy back and can offer you anything from normal to extravagant provided you do your search and you define your criteria. Anything else is a matter of time and of a profile picture, so make sure you choose a really attractive one. Who can resist to an intriguing and promising profile picture?

Online Networking Dos and Don’ts

Online Networking Dos and Don’ts

When joining any social networking sites, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do. These range from online safety tips, to general social networking etiquette.

First and foremost is online safety. There are a lot of crazy people out there and those people are looking at your Myspace page. You should never put personal information like your address, or even your phone number. It only takes one incident of your phone being inundated with text messages from a Myspace user for you to learn that lesson.

That should be a good indication that talking to strangers online might not be such a good ideas. Some of these sites are worse than others but there are plenty of fake profiles and spammers who send messages and friend requests to any profile they stumble upon. These are people that shouldn’t even be humored. They might range from harmless compulsive friend requesters to actual predators.

It should go without saying that you should never arrange a meeting with a person you met online. You never know who is actually behind that computer screen or what their intentions are. You should never add people you don’t know. There are people spreading viruses or promoting things from fake profiles all over social networking sites. The best way to see Instagram stories anonymously will over the dos and don’ts at the account. The spread of the virus will be less at the account on the availability of the private option. The intentions of the person should be good for the creation of the account. The meeting of the people with new person will be possible. 

Additionally, if you want to prevent these people from contacting you in the first place, you should make your profile private. Strangers are less likely to contact you if your profile is private and that way only your friends see your information.

But if you don’t want it private, you should be conscious of the things you are posting on there. Pictures or comments can give off the wrong impression about you. Sometimes employers look at profiles when making hiring decisions.

But of course, there are guidelines you should follow when using these sites. It’s good to leave friends comments and keep in touch with coworkers and old school friends but when you are constantly interacting with people you’re friends with but haven’t really spoken to in years, it gets annoying for everyone else. This applies to Myspace bulletins, which sometimes people use to talk to people or might post too frequently.

If you want to communicate with your friends but not your entire network, then you should write blogs, which you can also do. Another annoying habit that you should avoid is more Facebook-specific. With the new applications, a lot of people think that they should share it with all their friends. It’s no fun to get requests about something you aren’t interested in from someone you haven’t spoken to since 11th grade math.

Instead use your time on social networking sites more constructively by sending birthday greetings to your friends or making event invitations for your next pool party to send out. Often these sites have other useful features like Marketplace where you can buy and sell books, DVDs and even furniture.

There are many pros and cons to these types of sites and following these simple guidelines to avoid the creeps and so you don’t annoy your acquaintances.

Are vehicle tracking and telematics the same thing?

Are vehicle tracking and telematics the same thing?

Vehicle tracking and telematics are often used interchangeably yet they aren’t essentially one and the same. Put simply, telematics is a broad umbrella while vehicle tracking is part of it. 

Understanding telematics

The term “telematics” is a combination of 2 major words- “tele” (remote communications) and “informatics” (the discipline that deals with information processing). In simple words, telematics refers to the procedure of transmitting data over remote or lengthy distances. The system of telematics brings in a wide range of fields into one, including telecommunications, road safety, road transportation, vehicular technologies, wireless communication as well as computer science. 

Interestingly, vehicle tracking or monitoring is not the only place where telematics is used. Rather the technology is used in many different non-commercial and commercial purposes, including site excavation, construction etc. In regards to vehicle tracking, telematics systems work to gather different kinds of data – vehicle location, engine diagnostics, driver behaviour etc.- and then display the information on software portals for easy management of vehicles.

Understanding vehicle tracking

As the name says, vehicle tracking refers to the technology that helps to keep tab on the location of a vehicle. The vehicle tracking technology is mostly used by fleet management companies; however, it’s also used during vehicle towing. If your vehicle, say a Chevy, is on tow by a towing service, you will certainly wish to keep track of the location of the car at regular intervals till it reaches your garage. It’s as important as finding the right shock for your steam. You can check out for the topmost shocks for your Chevy.

Telematics devices perform vehicle tracking through the following components-

  • GPS Receiver- it sources location details of the vehicle from GPS satellite
  • SIM card- it broadcasts the GPS information to main server through mobile network
  • Engine interface- it works to transform as well as route messages right from GPS
  • Accelerometer- it sense as well as records data on driving style as well as crash impact
  • Sensor for battery voltage- it detects signs of unit tampering.