How To Calculate Compensation For Personal Injury?

Have you unfortunately met with an accident due to someone else’s negligence or rash behavior? Well, in that case, you should certainly ask for adequate compensation for the losses or pain incurred. But how, to calculate the compensation here? Well, your PI attorney will definitely help with that but you should also get an independent calculation yourself.

First of all, there are two main kinds of damages in a PI lawsuit

Special damages

these include the monetary loss faced by the victim as well the possible economic loss he will be facing as a result of the injury- say lost wages. You can calculate these losses based on the medical bills you paid, the repair bills (if your car was involved), sum deducted from your salary given long absenteeism due to poor health and so on.

General damages

Now, these damages are really difficult to calculate. The term “general damages” here refer to intangible or non-economic losses. For example, the pain, suffering or the adverse psychological conditions the victim incurs (both short-term and long-term) as a result of the injury/accident. If the effects are long-term, you should ask for a higher compensation compared to the sum asked for a short-term damage.

To calculate the compensation, you must first count the total amount of special damages experienced. After you get the total, multiply it by 1 or 2 to receive a standard value (estimate) of your suffering and pain.

Accidents are unforeseen and anybody could be a victim of someone’s negligence anytime. Thus, it’s wiser to sign up with a personal injury insurance policy that will help you in such dire crisis. But, make sure to compare multiple quotes here just like you compare insurance quotes for your van. Your chosen insurer should be a reliable name in industry, renowned for fast personal injury claim settlements.