Can You Call Fortnite A Pay-To-Win Game?

Pay-to-Win games are those video games that help you to win when you pay a certain amount. Fortnite can be dubbed as a pay-to-win game to a certain extent. It has its own store bustling with skins and emotes that can buy to level up in the game. Now, Fortnite paid skins and emotes don’t directly help you to win the game. But, they make stronger and more intimidating which may scare the opponents and lead you to wins.

Here are few tips which you can utilize to make the most of Fortnite pay-to-win facility.

Intimidate opponents with skins

A player with skins is always more powerful than a player with no skin. So, if you buy skins like Omega or John Wick or Black Night you can easily scare off a no-skin wearing opponent. And, a scared opponent can never put up a brave fight. So, you already have an advantage here thanks to your paid skin. Now, all you would have to do is put up your best fight and clear off your enemies one by one. You can also encourage your buddies to buy skins to add more power to your squad.

Go for green skins

The “win” factor also depends on which skin you are buying. When you are spending money to get stronger and win, buy something that’s your money’s worth. As per the experts, it’s smarter to bet on the green skins. Given their green tinge, these skins can blend well with bushes and offer a fantastic camouflage for you.

Dark skins

Famous dark skins like Raven, Omega or Black Night also give you a solid advantage in the game. These skins blend well with darker areas and help you to hide yourself from enemies.

Count on Emotes

Emotes help you to shock your enemies and leave them off guard during the fight.