Can we switch personal injury lawyers during settlements?

Let say you’ve been in an accident and you obtained injuries from it. To file a case, you definitely need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you in representing yourself in the court. Now that you were able to hire a personal injury lawyer, you had your initial consultation and he provided you an overview of what the case is all about and how the process will go. However, after quite sometime, you are not satisfied with what the current service of your lawyer. You may have also some misunderstanding and it started to feel that everything is not just working between you and your lawyer. Now, you are thinking or switching your lawyer but you are not sure if it is allowed. But worry not because this article will provide you the answer that you need.

Reasons for switching
Before we go to the answer, let us take a look first at some of the reasons why people do switch lawyers.
The lawyer is not a good communicator ( doesn’t return emails or calls)
No progress with your case
You and your lawyer do not have the same direction in leading the case
The strategies of the lawyer do not make sense to you.
You don’t see strategy at all.
Your lawyer is not interested to explain how the legal process works
You do not trust your lawyer
Death of the lawyer

Bad feeling that your lawyer is not getting the job done properly.
To answer the question, yes, you are allowed to switch personal injury lawyer in most cases. Technically, you have the right to choose what attorney you want to represent you. While there are some limitations on this, you can definitely switch your personal injury lawyers as long as you take the due process.