Tips for Throwing a Successful Toddler Birthday Party

Tips for Throwing a Successful Toddler Birthday Party

When my son’s 3rd birthday was approaching, he started asking his party. I had hoped to avoid the whole toddler party scene but he had been to a couple of parties for his daycare buddies and thought it was a necessity. So, my husband and I figured it was worth a try. How hard could it be? Although we had attended quite a lot many Casino Party By, we knew this one had to be different than that. 

We were lucky and had taken cues from the other parties we had been to and our son’s party was a success. Here are some helpful hints to make your toddler’s party a winner for everyone:

1) Pick an appropriate time of day. Many toddlers still nap, so take this into consideration when planning the time of the party. We picked 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The kids could play, eat lunch, and still go home at a reasonable time without being too grouchy.

2) Plan an activity. Toddlers need some structure to keep the party moving so plan something that they can all do together. We rented a bounce house and the kids loved it! For around $150, you can rent a bounce house, moon walk, or ball pit that will entertain a herd of toddlers for quite a while. Check the company’s cancellation policy though for bad weather. Also, make sure you confirm the reservation the day before. Finally, ask the company about their cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment.

3) Other activities could be something like having the kids paint suncatchers. These are fun, relatively mess-free if done with supervision and it is something the kids can take home with them.

4) Another planned activity could be having the kids play with a piñata that has been stuffed with candy and small prizes like bouncy balls and yo-yos. They love the game of hitting the piñata and most piñatas these days are made with hassle-free ribbons that can be pulled instead of whacking at it with a bat.

5) Provide kid-friendly food, but something for the parents to eat as well. We grilled hot dogs and had chicken nuggets for the kids, but for the parents I had prepared meatballs in my crockpot and buffalo chicken bites that could be microwaved. The buffalo chicken bites were a huge success with the moms and dads.

6) Presents can be a tricky situation. If you do write “Please no gifts” on the invitation because your child already has more toys than FAO Schwarz, keep in mind that a lot of people will ignore that request and bring something anyway. To avoid making the parents feel bad who actually honored your request, consider holding off on opening any presents until the guests have gone.

7) If you can designate someone to help take pictures of the joyous events, it will take some of the pressure off of you. It is a sad parent who realizes that they spent so much time with games, food, and entertaining that at the end of the party they realize that they forgot to take pictures.

8) Overall, remember to have fun. It is a party! With toddlers, someone will probably cry, just make sure it isn’t you!

True Grit, the Coen Brothers Take on the Western Movie Genre

True Grit, the Coen Brothers Take on the Western Movie Genre

With “True Grit”, the Coen’s have again dominated the movie screen. Breaking into the western genre, one that is avoided by all but the boldest movie makers, the Coen brothers have demonstrated their brilliance in their technique and their ability to dominate any motion picture genre. The Western movie genre has all but died a lonely death for my generation. I have paid for two western movies in my life; the first being the “Apple Dumpling Gang”, and honestly, my mother paid the admission that day. And second, Kevin Costner’s epic “Dance with Wolves”, a movie that still enthralls me to this day. With “True Grit”, I can now add a third to that list, and hold my head high.

I cannot converse about the Charles Portis book “True Grit” written in 1968, having never read it, nor can I speak of the John Wayne’s version of “True Grit” released in 1969, having never watched more than five minutes of it. Honestly, I never found myself a fan of the Duke, although, strangely, I can remember the day that he died, where I was, and what I was doing that unholy day the newscast was made. What I can speak for is the Coen’s remake of “True Grit” and their unique spin of an old tale. In order to enjoy this classic for free, you can get catmouse apk where you can download this app as you stream this movie in HD quality.

Crafted with Coens unique take on character development, the viewers are introduced to the three primary characters: Matty, the crafty, headstrong girl looking to avenge her father’s death. Determined to keep the posse together for the sole purpose of bringing her father’s murderer to trial, Matty finds herself a little girl in a very tough man’s world, post Civil War. Rooster Cogburn, played by Jeff Bridges, in perhaps his finest spin on a character, just might possibly receive an Oscar nomination for the drunken, morally challenged, gun-slinging U.S. Marshall who prefers to shoot first and then shoot again. And, Texas Ranger Lebouf, played by Matt Damon, in a non-angry role who excels in this character piece who deviates from Texas Ranger honor to overt sexual innuendos to the 14-year-old Matty.

The Coens seem to favor these trio orientated character movies. Think, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?”, and “No Country for Old Men”. Movies with three primary characters, as opposed to the ever universal two-character movies favored by other director’s, each and every character displaying a unique point of study while vying for the attentions of the audience through specific character development.

The Coens spend inordinate time developing the characters to the viewers through extensive dialogue and banter between the trio, often humorous, although the dialogue is difficult to understand through Bridge’s character’s guttural speak. The three characters are engaged in a classic power struggle, each representing one of the specific human emotions of revenge, greed, or honor. The three emotions and their opposing individuality create a unique hopelessness within the story that is explored and expanded through the use of the sub-characters.

The “True Grit” sub-characters are most distinctive, again, following a Coen practice of a truly character immersive movie experience. The sub-character’s development within a Coen movie creates a unique and most remarkable movie experience that has evolved as one of their exceptional trademarks. Why spend the time to do this? Only the Coen’s can answer this question, although each character offers little to the movie tale, their unique development and introduction adds a distinctive flavor to the movie as a spice would to a recipe.

For the Coen fans, you will not be disappointed in “True Grit”. The brothers have succeeded in delivering another exceptional tale, delivered with sufficient humor, action, and twist to make the most ardent movie Coen devotees a fan of this movie. For those who are not familiar with the Coens, you will not be disappointed, and instead may find yourself Netflixing other Coen movies to add to your movie repertoire.


How to Make Luggage Tags from Recycled Folders


My daughter tends to lose things. Since she only goes to her “homeschool-school” two days a week, and since it is out of the way, I don’t want to have to schlep over there to pick up items she left behind. Putting luggage tags on her bags and other other items has helped her things to find their way back to her by the end of the day. I was able to make enough luggage tags to also put them on her luggage for travel.


I almost went online and purchased a dozen luggage tags for her various needs. There’s the book bag, the dance bag, sometimes the garment bag for choir clothes, and the lunch bag too. I got very close to laying out $30 or so on luggage tags when I realized that I could make them with the items that I had within arm’s reach of my desk. Here is how I recycled a folder to make luggage tags for my daughters items.

Materials needed:

Character or colorful folder    Scissors or paper cutter    Half page or full page printer stickers    Printer    Box tape or lamination machine    Hole punch    Rubber bands or cord

The idea of a folder just popped in my head. Knowing I had purchased several dozen folders at various back to school sales, I knew I had everything I needed for this project. Before I grabbed a new folder though, I decided to look through some old school work of my daughter’s to see if there were any old folders I could recycle.

As luck would have it, I quickly came upon a Hello Kitty folder that had trashed binder holes and that had been scribbled on on the inside. This left it unusable for another semester, but very useful for my project. I examined the outside of the folder and decided that I could salvage a half-dozen card sized rectangles from this otherwise trashed folder. I did just that. I used an old playing card to trace a rectangle and cut the first one. Then I cut as many as I could that would be flawless.

Next, I pulled out my printable label sheets. I ended up with a ton of these from years ago when I ran an eBay business. Each label is a half sheet size. One each label, I printed my child’s name in large letters, plus my phone number and address in tiny letters.

Then I applied the stickers to the white side of the cards I had cut out and trimmed away the extra label material.

As I was worried about the ink running, I grabbed some wide box tape and used two strips per card to cover the printed side, thereby laminating it cheaply.

Finally, I used a hole punch to make hole in each card, and utilized rubber bands to attach the cards to her bags.


She loves it. Did I mention it was an old Hello Kitty folder, which she is a complete nut for? This project can be done for any child or teen using their favorite character folder. Even if you need to use a brand new folder, it will only cost you $2.00 for the folder. Most computer savvy people will have the other items laying around the house.

In conclusion, recycling is one of the best ways to use waste material and luggage is no exception in this regard. In fact, the chances are quite high that you can get a good price even for odavad kohvrid if the brand and quality is intact, if not the same but atleast to a certain extent as the other person would be impressed with the way you have maintained it after a long time.

Foot Tattoos- Makes You Look Fashionable

Foot Tattoos- Makes You Look Fashionable


There have can be and have been numerous discussions about the latest fashion statements that have been followed. Also, the influence of western culture on the youngsters of today has become a matter of serious concern.

Gone are the days when people used to follow the routine culture of going to temples and churches everyday and following the helpful advice and instructions of their parents.

The ‘youth brigade’, as they would like to be addressed, have basically become ‘wise guys’ in dealing with problems and consider themselves to be more knowledgeable than their older counterparts were in their times.

They are rebellious in nature and take pride in opposing their parents, teachers and elders and disallow the venerable seniors the intimidation that they seek from them.

While they are not entirely wrong, it still creates a false sense of pride in them and a super inflated ego that can prove dangerous to them in the near future.

When we talk about adapting to western culture, one of the important things that has been borrowed from them, apart from clothes, is the art of tattooing your body. Yes, tattoos are the latest fashion statements with the choicest stock and variety available for different individuals.

The foot tattoos have become an accepted norm in the society where it seems that they will render shoes and slippers obsolete in the future. Even the tattoo designs are of different types along with the instructions on how to use them without damaging the skin.

Things about foot tattoo designs that you need to be aware of are as follows:

  • Work out ideas that makes the tattoo look good in place of anklets and footrings.
  • The correct location should be where you should feel comfortable at the back area and also the thighs.
  • There’s no denying that wherever you apply the tattoo it will prove to be painful and the foot is most vulnerable as it has more bones than muscles so keep your tolerance level in mind before doing anything.
  • The healing process is the most difficult so leave the place uncovered for a few weeks. In this the glitter tattoo Singapore will prove to be the best option.

Promotional Items That Can Provide The Deepest Impact

Promotional Items That Can Provide The Deepest Impact

Promotional items have become a popular marketing strategy for most business. It has been proven to be an effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility to potential customers. It also is significantly less costly compared to hiring advertising and marketing agencies. These reasons are what makes more and more companies opt to use promotional items as one of their marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and visibility.

Though it may appear that promotional items only benefit the businesses, certain types of promotional gifts can also have a tremendous impact towards the receiver, thereby increasing its marketing effect ten-fold. Here are some of the most common promotional items that can have a lasting impact towards the recipient:

Customized Drinkwares

Having something to hold your beverage, be it coffee or just plain water, has now become a necessity in an office and professional workplace. It can promote a healthier lifestyle and can help professionals get through the day either staying well-hydrated or having enough caffeine to power them up. This is why giving out promotional water bottles or coffee mugs, cliché as it may seem, can have a lasting impact to the potential customer. Not only is it useful in the office setting, it also ensures prolonged usage and thereby prolongs visibility and exposure to potential market.

Desk Items

It may seem insignificant at first, but giving out small desk items as promotional products on a regular basis to targeted audience can have lasting impact not just to the business but also to the customer as well. Promotional desk items, however small it may be, can have a lasting impact towards any working individual.


Teaming up with popular brands to provide customers with high-quality promotional apparels can take your brand far in terms of marketing and promotional impact. Items such as caps, shirts, or polos, made with a manufacturer known for high-quality products are hot commodities to any person. Throw a small print of your business’ logo in any apparel and most people will not mind so long as it’s stylish, trendy, and durable.



Top-Notch Tips To Keep Your Relationship Healthy!

Top-Notch Tips To Keep Your Relationship Healthy!

Modern relationships are full of issues and problems, maybe because people don’t understand each other and listen patiently. Getting into a relationship has become more comfortable with the help of the best hookup sites, but these sites can’t make you understand each other.

It depends on you how you build your relationship but still it would be ideal to check out Hookup Site Reviews in order to select the best one. You need to talk with your partner, express yourself, and build a strong understanding as a relationship has to various problems, and this understanding will help you in that situation.

Best ways to lead a healthy and strong relationship

Stay prepared for a bumpy ride

No relationship is perfect, every relationship has to go through some ups and downs, but if you can survive those hindrances, then your relationship will surely last long. You cannot expect your relationship to be perfect all the time as there will be times when you will fight, argue, but the thing that matters is how you handle all those situations. If you want your relationship to last long, then you will have pass through all the hassles and live a healthy love life.

Focus on WE

When a person enters a relationship, you and I get replaced with the US, and you have to take all the decisions considering your partner too. If you take your partner with you, it will make him feel loved, cared for, and will increase your bonding. It helps to build a great understanding and a complete relationship.

Stay real

A relationship allows a person to learn about a new person, be part of his life, and spend his life with them. But one of the drawbacks of being with someone for a long time is that the novelty gets faded, which leads to a lack of love. To avoid this, you must do new things and keep the curiosity and excitement alive in your relationship.

The Rise of Lyric Videos on YouTube

The Rise of Lyric Videos on YouTube

If you are a regular visitor to the Google owned Video site, better known as YouTube then you are definitely aware of the enormous number of Lyric Videos that the site has. These are videos with songs playing in the background and the words of the song, or the lyrics, flashing on thee screen. You probably have wondered why are these videos so popular and why are there so many of them suddenly?

The top viewed videos on the platform are music videos. The huge collection of music makes the platform a giant like Spotify. The first version of any song that is released is the lyric video as on can create lyric videos for a low cost and as people want to hear the song over and over, they keep playing the video and the lyric video gains lots of views from every user.

Another reason why these videos are popular is that the users feel the music better when they watch the lyric video. Instead of people dancing or whatever the video is supposed to carry, people like the words of the song on their screen. This is understandable as this way complete meaning of the song is understood by the people and they are not distracted by the dance or bright flashing images.

Another reason why these videos are popular is the fact that anyone can make them. Making these videos doesn’t require a lot of editing skills or professional tools. In fact, no special resources are required to create these videos.

The cheap and easy production paired by huger viewer ship is what has made the lyric videos very popular on the platform. There is no doubt that there will be much more lyric videos on the platform in future and this is not at all a bad thing.

Top 5 Football Games For All Soccer Fans

Top 5 Football Games For All Soccer Fans

Are you an ardent soccer lover? Then you might as well enjoy playing soccer video games. You can play these anytime unlike real football leagues and matches for which you need to wait. If you’ve exhausted yourself from playing Continued situs judi online, it’s time to switch your interests over to some soccer video gaming.

Below is a list of 5 football games that are perfect for all soccer fans.

  1. Rocket League

This fantastic and super-engrossing soccer game can be played on Xbox One, PC, Switch and Playstation 4. Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game where powerful machines deliver physics-defying goals and lead the player to an ultimate win. It’s hard to resist a game of this caliber by a soccer lover.

  1. FIFA 18

Ideal for playing on Xbox One and PS4, this 2017 release further enhances the winning strategy. There are quicker breaks and lightning fast counter attacks, making this legendary game super interesting for the players.

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

This soccer video game was released in 2016 and compatible with PS4 and Xbox One. This release of PES saw less emphasis on beating players, but more on pace and patient play build-up. It is considered to be an amazingly satisfactory and pleasant soccer video game by players.

  1. Football Manager 2019

This one is a football management game with its most recent version having fantastic detailed football data analysis and sports scientists. It is meant for football fans who consider themselves experts in the game strategy. FM 2019 is compatible on macOS, Switch and Windows, and also on Android and iOS.

  1. Top Eleven Football Manager

This is another interesting online football manager simulation devoid of the complexities of FM 2019. This can be played for free either on your PC or on your Android and iOS devices.

Why Online Streaming Is Booming

Why Online Streaming Is Booming

Online movie streaming is an online activity that is fast-booming these days. While the reasons can be obvious, it’s nice to see how they are different to other conventional means of watching movies. If you are still not convinced on why you should make the switch to online streaming, and then watch movies online for free this article is going to guide you and allow you to weigh the benefits, the pros and the cons associated with watching movies online. What exactly makes this great? Let’s all find out below!

It can be Free

Getting movies can be made easy on various sites. This is because all that you have to do is visit their links and just wait for your internet connection to download the whole film, or you can even watch as it downloads. Indeed, online streaming is fast and easy. You just really need the eye for sites that allow you to do it for free. This is because not all sites are willing to do it free. Some sites actually require you payment.

It’s convenient

The convenience brought about by playing in front of your laptop is unparalleled. Unlike other ways to watch movies, you would have to get up, drive your car, or head to the nearest movie theatre and pay. With online streaming, however, all that you have to do is to open your laptop or whatever device it is that you want to access your movies with.

Quality Guaranteed

Movies are great with online streaming as you can choose the quality that you want. For slower internet connections, you can download the movie in the quality that’s still best for it, without compromising the quality of your viewing experience. If you want great quality, you can also get it, depending on your internet connectivity.

4 Factors Making Sure You Choose The Right Driving School

4 Factors Making Sure You Choose The Right Driving School

The driving school will help you to get trained in driving and be an expert. You must know how to choose the right driving school as the right school will teach you many skills and teachings. The right instructors will help you to be comfortable in every skill. For the best driving classes, you can contact toronto driving school as they not only teach driving skills but also provide guidance to your parents on how to practice such skills.

Let us know what qualities and factors are necessary for choosing the right driving school are as follows:-

  1. Certificates and licenses

The right driving school must have proper certificates for appropriate business and must have valid insurance for cars or vehicles that they give training on. Also, the driving instructors must be certified and professional and must provide expert training to trainees.

  1. Good reputation

The best and professional driving school must have a good reputation, and everyone must be aware of the professional school. A good reputation class will always attract new trainees.

  1. Insurance benefits

The right driving school must provide you the facility of insurance benefits. The right driving school must provide you discounts and also the insurance facility for the trainees that have completed their pieces of training and must provide them insurance facilities.

  1. Proper curriculum

It is necessary to have a proper curriculum for driving school, and you just need a proper copy of the curriculum for further formalities of license. Also, the curriculum will depend on students, and also you can choose many other styles of learning the driving sessions.

Moving further, the right driving school will help you to learn the skills, and you must check the factors as mentioned above that are necessary for choosing the right driving school.