Olivia Miller’s The Yoga Deck Reviewed

Olivia Miller’s The Yoga Deck Reviewed

Let’s face it, one of the most difficult things about yoga, for both beginners and experts alike, is finding time for meaningful daily practice that is where Yoga Burn comes to the rescue. Yoga Burn is a yoga-based system that spans 12-weeks that you can follow easily. Besides that, Olivia Miller’s, “The Yoga Deck”, is one of my favorite tools for accomplishing this. It’s small, and portable, and sits variously, at my work desk, in my bag, or next to the bed. Like many things, it’s outside is smaller than its insides, 4 inches by just shy of 6 inches, it’s contents can pack a serious punch into the concept of, “not having time”, for yoga.

The Cards

The deck includes several types of cards, an eight-page guide on how to use them, and manages to include a variety of practices. Nicole Kaufman has beautifully, and simply, illustrated the front of each card. The back of each card includes instructions, an affirmation, and a list of benefits.


There is one, “Om ” card in the deck to start and end your practice with. Chanting instructions and several meanings are found on the back. For the different postures, benefits will be derived from jewels healing garden store. The information available at the store will be advantageous for the person to get the effective results. The practicing of the person will be great from the stores.


There are six breath or prana cards in the deck. Including “Anulom viloma”, or “Alternate Nostril Breathing”. I found them to be an excellent assortment. For the techniques having Sanskrit names, the Sanskrit names were provided under the English names. Unfortunately, while the explanations are easy to follow and the benefits listed, I saw no warnings about the side or negative effects.


There are six of these cards, to help bring the benefits of meditation into your practice. Each card focuses on a different spiritual idea. The affirmations are, for the most part, easy to memorize and follow.

Warm-ups –

The five warm-up cards seem well thought out, and should warm you up well before beginning your asana’s or postures. They seem well rounded, easy to follow, and complete.

Posture cards –

The cards for 50 postures make up most of the deck. They are easy to read and follow and the simple, elegant pictures make them a joy to work with. While many of the cards are easy beginner’s poses, the inclusion of postures such as the “Full Shoulder Stand”, make it a good idea to go through the deck with an instructor. The hare and the half and full shoulder stand cards are the only cards I noticed warnings or contra-indications on. While I was glad to see those warnings, I do wish they were included on other cards as well.


There are a lot of good things about this deck. It’s portable, it’s fun, it’s easy to use, and carrying it back and forth from my bedside to my office desk, reminds me to use it. My own copy is well-loved and well used.


As with life, nothing is perfect. The yoga deck will not replace a good teacher. The cards fail to give many of the necessary pre-cautions or contra-indications for those with any medical or physical issues.


At 14.95, “The Yoga Deck,” is an excellent value for anyone who is or has, taken yoga with a teacher. The deck should not be used alone by those completely new to yoga in an attempt to learn it.

Few Minutes Exercise on How to Get Great Abs

Few Minutes Exercise on How to Get Great Abs

There are people who want immediate result in anything that they do. The busy life we have is one reason why we set aside important matters and prioritize easy to do activities. The search for a quick way on How to Get Great Abs makes us wonder if the three minutes exercise we see on videos is true or just hype. The popularity it gets from viewers indicate that there might be a percentage of success from this program. Curiosity might lead many to try it whether it works or not. The only way for us to know the degree of success in using the program is to take the chance and try the exercise. There can be some truth to these programs, in which a lot of them include doing leg exercise. Regular leg raise exercises can help firm muscles. This can be done by raising your feet straight into the air with your back resting on the floor. A variation of lifting your feet up and down one foot higher with your back still on the floor around 20 times or more will improve your abs if done regularly. There is no need for a person to buy expensive equipment or join any program in a gym to get the desirable abs. Consistent exercise and the will power to continue are important in order to see any improvement on your body. Doing crunch exercises, and static contraction workouts will flatten and tone your stomach.

As you continue the procedure instead of static contraction workout, you can proceed with more difficult versions of crunches to get faster results. It is the process of removing the unwanted fats that makes it easier for you to further do the regimen until you are able to develop the six packs. A variety of abs exercise can be tried as long as you make sure that you eat the right amount and types of foods to supplement regular exercise.

Healthy food will contribute to the overall aspect of your body. It can help you achieve well-toned body and great looking abs. Avoid eating processed foods and dining out at fast food chains. You can’t rely on exercise alone to get those abs that so many would want to achieve. You need to be conscious of your food intake so that the effort you exerted won’t be put to waste. Eating the right food that provides the needed nutrients to facilitate better body build is the only way to enjoy immediate result. It includes protein foods such as chicken, fish, yogurt, soy and other poultry foods. Moderate amount of food rich in carbohydrates and healthy fats are also essential for the body. As you exercise you need a lot of energy to continue the exercises regularly and these healthy foods can support your need. These steps can produce wonderful results provided that you stick with a program and follow it accordingly.

Its not at all difficult to get the chiseled, well-built physique that you aspire for except regular exercise, a balanced and healthy diet, and a routine check up with the doctor so as to not let things go out of hand. Also, the purchase of some of the best legal steroids online won’t go waste either provided its not fake and adulterated, which can lead to health complications and side effects of the worst kind like impotency and weak bones.

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle With Protein

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle With Protein

Eating more protein or Testogen can help you gain weight even though it is considered a lean and low-fat food source. These testogen reviews bodybuilding will tell you all about the effectiveness of these proteins in your diet plan. Protein helps you build muscle when lifting weights. Since muscle weighs more than fat, as you start to replace the fat on your body with the muscle you will gain weight in the process.

Using protein to gain muscle mass is effective because protein contains amino acids that help your body build big strong muscles. Protein is also low in fat so eating a lot of it won’t put unwanted fat on your body. There are many protein sources to choose from so read the following tips to find out which sources are best for you.

Increase the amount of protein you eat with protein-rich foods. Eating foods like eggs, poultry, dairy, fish and lean meat will supply your body with the amino acids it needs to help repair muscle fibers after a workout and build them up. Get this extra protein by consuming fish two to three times a week and eating other sources of protein each day.

Drink protein shakes every day. Protein shakes are made from small packets of protein powder mixed into water or milk. The shakes are an easy way to get extra protein because you can bring the packets wherever you go so you always have a supply of protein with you.

Lift weights at least three days a week. Every time you lift heavy weights you rip the tiny fibers in your muscle. After a workout, your body heals itself by repairing the tiny fibers and building them up bigger and stronger than before. This is what adds bulk and mass to the muscle.

Take a day off in between workouts. Your body can only repair and rebuild muscle when it is resting, not when you are working out. That is why it is important to take at least one day off in between workout sessions so your muscles can repair themselves. If you fail to give your body the time or the protein it needs to rebuild and repair your muscles will never heal and will never get bigger.

Consume more calories. As your muscle builds and your body grows, so does your daily calorie requirements. If you don’t supply your body with the number of calories it needs it will burn off fat and muscle to find it. This will undo all of the hard work you have done so remember to eat more calories so your body has the fuel it needs to get stronger.

Plan out your meals so that you are always eating a steady supply of protein throughout the day, such as morning, noon, and at night before going to sleep. You can only consume a certain amount of protein at one time so eating a lot of protein in the morning and then none at night will just be a waste of protein and won’t give you the constant supply that your body needs to build muscle over the course of the day.

The Risks Of Inhaling CBD Through Vapes

The Risks Of Inhaling CBD Through Vapes

Vape is indeed very popular these days because it is expected to bring lesser damages to a human’s health compared to cigarettes. Yet, despite the positive claims regarding vapes, there are still a number of issues with this gadget.

One of these is the issue regarding some of its vape juices wherein people had already died due to intaking a certain substance called Cannabidiol or most commonly known as hempzilla CBD.

CBDs are well known as an aid in curing and relieving pains and illnesses such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and inflammations. Because of this, it is infused to products like edibles, capsules, creams and of course, vape juices.

Many related cases that are reported are still mysterious and unclear in determining what specifically were the causes of deaths.

In recent reports, of all the cases filed, there are only up to 17% vape cases that involves the CBD. However, even though it is only 17%, everyone must still be extra cautious and careful in choosing the right vape juices that they would be using in vaping. Most especially during these days wherein the studies the studies about vapes (and everything about it) including the vape juices are very limited.

Everyone must keep in mind that because the research studies regarding vapes are limited, the protocols, regulations and even laws are still limited with this. Hence, many businesses are able to sneak their products without any approval from the government. If ever an accident happens, a distinct law that would help punish the people liable is still not firm. With this, people need to really be more responsible in trying out things that are currently available in the market, most especially if the product can potentially put something so important at risk. Life is a very good example of this.

5 Steps for Women on a Weight-Loss Journey

5 Steps for Women on a Weight-Loss Journey

There is tremendous pressure on today’s woman to be thin, and the pressure to be thin is evidenced by the media and the popularity of various diets. This pressure makes women feel inferior if they have weight to lose. As a result, they seek to just become invisible. They hide behind dark baggy clothes, isolate themselves, and put aside the most basic beauty regimens, thinking “What’s the use?” They often think “When I lose weight, I’ll get my nails done,” or “When I lose weight, I’ll wear pretty clothes, get a new haircut, go for that dream job.”

In other words, they put their entire lives on hold until they lose weight.

The good news is the fact that a woman does not have to lose weight first in order to be beautiful or to live her life. She can be all that she wants to be as she continues on her journey of reaching her weight loss goal. Not only will this make her feel better, it will raise her self esteem. Both of these benefits will actually assist her on her weight loss journey.

Following are a list of 5 things you can do to raise your self esteem while on your weight loss journey…no matter what size you are:

1. Get your nails done. This will make any woman feel special and every time you look at your pretty hands, you will be reminded that you are special. It is fine to do a self-manicure, but there is just something about that feeling of being pampered that makes a trip to the nail salon a great boost to one’s self-esteem.

2. Get some color in your life! Don’t fall for that old wive’s tale that says baggy black clothing will make you look slimmer if you are overweight. Nothing is farther from the truth. Color makes you look alive! Go shopping and look for your favorite colors. This will automatically make you feel happier, and there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful smile.

Aside from color, buy some clothing that will show off your curves. There is nothing attractive or slimming about big baggy clothes. However, wearing something that shows off your form is attractive as well as slimming. Look at some of the magazines geared toward plus size ladies and you will see how beautiful the models look in their colorful, form fitting clothing.

3. Update your hairstyle. Get a new cut. Color it, gloss it, highlight it. Nothing will make you feel better about yourself than a fresh new hairstyle.

4. Join a gym. To an overweight woman, nothing is scarier than the thought of walking into a gym filled with hard bodies. But where is a more logical place to go to if you are on a weight loss journey? Exercise is so important! Not only does it aid in weight loss, it will give you a stronger heart…and one of the added bonuses is the effect it will have on your mental and emotional health. You will automatically feel energized, motivated, and proud of what you have accomplished.

Remember…everyone starts somewhere on their journey into health. The hard bodies in the gym were not hard when they joined either. The trainers want to help people get fit…and that includes you! You will be surprised to find that it is much easier than you thought it would be. For every person who might think negatively of your size, there will be 2 more who admire you for taking the positive steps to get healthy. Crossing that initial hurdle is the worst part, but you will leave feeling so proud of yourself. And each time you go back it will get easier and easier.

Even if you are not quite ready to join a gym, make sure and incorporate exercise into your day, even it is just taking a walk around your neighborhood. It really does make you feel better in every aspect of your life.

5. Take a class. What are you interested in? Nurture that child inside and do something just because you love it. Whether it is writing, pottery, dancing, or art, taking a class will serve 2 purposes. It will get you out of isolation mode, and you will meet new people. It will also make you feel happier, because you are taking care of you.

Feeling good about yourself is about so much more than just losing weight. So take the steps that you can now to feel better about yourself. This will aid you in your weight loss journey and make you feel better along the way. You will realize that you are beautiful and special, and for those reasons you deserve to be the healthiest that you can be.

Also, testogen is a good remedy to boost testosterone levels which is for weight related matters and just consult a good trainer on how testogen works to get a better understanding.

Fat extinguisher system – An Incredible Weight Loss Program!

Till date, countless weight loss programs have been launched but most of them were not able to meet the desired outcomes. Most of these fat burning programs will favor the consumption of supplements will lead to plenty of health issues. The situation of losing weight is a bit more complicated when you belong to age 40 or above. You are required to make some special efforts and look for options like fat extinguisher system.  Fat extinguisher system is designed by Troy Adashun who is a fitness expert. The man has already helped out countless individuals in gaining perfect and effective burning solutions. With this fat extinguisher system, you have nothing to worry in terms of starvation and carrying out a tough exercise routine.


Troy will guide you out in the right direction and will make it possible to lose weight even if you are dealing with aging issues. Fat reduction is definitely not an easy task as it seems to be. You need to be very strict and make some certain but important changes in your lifestyle. Eating high-calorie food will surely hurt your chances of losing weight. Just apart from following a controlled diet for a long time you need to focus on a routine exercise schedule.002_hqdefault

Fat extinguisher system is only one weight loss program which covers all important aspects of losing weight. There is nothing like achieving quick weight loss outcomes which will only last for few days. The system is completely free from all types of supplements which will further result in zero risk factor. When as a user, you execute the system with complete dedication, you are bound to achieve desired weight loss outcomes. Still, there is plenty more to gain from the system. Ideally, you need to follow the official fat extinguisher system website and gather all possible details. Checking out reviews will further assist in learning from other people experience. The system will definite act as the perfect gift for all the individuals who are well above 40 and looking to shed weight in a safe manner. There might be some negative reviews but they are mainly due to lack of information. Fat extinguisher system is definitely best in the business when it comes to losing weight for both men and women. Selecting any other weight loss program is mere wastage of time and money so use fat extinguisher system right now.

Getting Into The Fitness Lifestyle: 21 Day Fix

Have you ever had that moment wherein you pictured yourself having that dream body? For some it would seem that achieving such body is an impossible daunting task. It would require discipline, commitment and focus once you decide to have a go at it. Days of having to regularly attend gym work-outs, making sure you’re eating the right amount of meals and so much more. 21 Day Fix Extreme actually offers a convenient solution for those whoneed a bit of help in getting into the swing of having a healthy lifestyle. The moment you decide to start is the first step into getting that dream body of yours. 06-040026-how_to_track_your_fitness_progress

21 Day Fix Extreme combines both physical activity and a dietary plan. Both of which will help you shred that extra pounds to get to your desired goal. It makes use of color coded containers that makes for a fun way to portion meals.The containers also help you track your meals so you know you didn’t go over the caloric count. In the guide that comes with 21 Day Fix Extreme, you’ll be able to identify a list of food you can eat which makes it easy to develop your own personalized meal plan.

Of course, going on a healthy diet isn’t enough in getting rid of that extra weight on you. You’ll need to workout as well if you want to achieve results. If you’re too shy to start a gym membership you can try using the workout DVD and calendar that’s part of the 21 Day Fix package. Working out in the comforts of your own home and without having to spend a single cent in gym membership is definitely a good bargain.screen-shot-2015-07-22-at-114442-am

A lot of people have tried the 21 Day Fix Extreme and have seen their lives transformed. After 21 days they were able to see results, become stronger, confident and feeling great. Like any other fitness plans out there this requires dedication and seriousness. You won’t be able to achieve that dream body without investing yourself in it. Hype yourself up for 21 Day Fix and have a positive attitude in doing so. This way it will seem less like a chore. Instead of focusing on how difficult it is to eat smaller portions or how tiring it is to workout, think about the end goal. That way you’ll be motivated to keep going and achieve the desired results.

Everything you get in 21 Day Fix Extreme aims to help you develop the habit of having a healthy diet and daily workout routines. This way you’ll be able to see results in after 3 weeks. Not only that but you will be able to maintain that lifestyle as it forms part of your daily life. Yes, at the start it’ll take some getting used to. But then once you see the results you’ll understand that it was all worth it.In the end, you’ll feel likeachieving that dream body wasn’t too difficult after all.

Types Of Hcg Complex Diet Drops Programs And Hcg Complex Drops Reviews By Costumers In Online

Types Of Hcg Complex Diet Drops Programs And Hcg Complex Drops Reviews By Costumers In Online

HCG complex is the weight reduce product produced by the United States based nutraceutical. HCG complex is the top based weight loss product based on the customer reviews online. Many customers who use the product have experienced the good results in their weight loss quest.

Diet plans of HCG complex drops:

The diet are of two types. There are 3 weeks program and 6 weeks program and each program consists of 4 phases.


6 weeks diet plan program: It consists of 4 phases. The first phase involves the taking of the complex drops on day 1 and day 2. The second phase involves beginning of the low calorie diet for day 3 to day 42 and the third phase involves in stabilization in between the days 43 and 64. And the fourth phase involves maintaining the acquired new weight on day 65.

3 weeks diet plan program: This program also consists of 4 phases. The first phase involves in taking the complex drops for day 1 and day 2. The second phase involves the beginning of the low calorie diet between the day 3 and day 21. The third phase involves stabilization of the diet between the 22 and 43 and fourth state involves in maintaining the new weight from day 43.


One of the customer named Priscilla in this HCG complex drops reviews said that he started working on the product and she noticed that she lost the weight quickly on the day she started the diet. She also stated that she has no side effects on using this product.

Another costumer named Steve stated that he lost 27 pounds in this complex diet. He said he almost lost 3{c88b1e51d2ffa0c72101b1758a2af08ca7a67d5ca9d783cad00ed0f96ed536e1} of his body weight. His friends were so nervous with his result and they have also started using this product.

Gymnastic Is One Of The Best Athletic Sports

Gymnastic Is One Of The Best Athletic Sports

Gymnastic is a sport which is very difficult to learn and to perform. Gymnastic needs more physical strength, flexibility of the body, more power and basically you need coordination, balance and control to perform gymnastic.  Its base root lies from the ancient Greece, Germany. The word gymnastics is a Greek word gymnos which means naked. Gymnastic is done by holding bars and rings. It is a very tough sport and athletic. Most of the gymnastic includes exercises, aerobics, balancing, still rings and high bars. It is an old sport in the world. Today gymnastic has become one of the athletic sports in the world.

Gymnastic competitions are also held in many countries. Every four years, gymnastic takes part in Olympics competitions. Thousands of people will come to visit the gymnastics. They do exercises by holding bars. They balance their body by standing on top of the gymnastics bars. Gymnastic bar should be strong and should be straight wood. Woods like oak; maple and ash are the best wood for gymnastic bar. Gymnastics can be practiced at home too. There are gymnastic bars which can be used at home for the practice purpose. Gymnastic bars help a child to do exercises and balancing stunts. Gymnastic bar helps in strengthening the muscles and the whole body. Gymnast uses whole body to do gymnastics. Gymnastics can be practiced by all ages.


To do gymnastics, you need more hard work and coordination. Actually, gymnastics is a team work. You need more strength and flexibility in the body. Gymnastic bars which are parallel bars will sharpen the focus of a child and also builds the self-esteem. You need more courage to stand on gymnastic bars and to do the stunts and exercises. Gymnast has to bend, stretch the body and by bending and stretching the body becomes more flexible. Such gymnastic bars stunts will keep the body fit and fine and will never allow the child to put on more weight as child keeps practicing on a daily routine.

Gymnastics is more on running, jumping, and tumbling. This sport offers a child to become stronger physically, mentally and also gives social benefits to the children. Above all, a child should like the gymnastics and stick to the sport. Only then, the benefits will be benefitted to the child. It all depends on a child whether he/she likes and gets along with the team. Gymnastics is fun. Children should learn how to tumble, swing and flip over gymnastic bars. Gymnastics enhances the brain development in children. Gymnast needs more focus and concentration in order to perform well in gymnastics. To perform well on gymnastic bars, you need more confidence and concentration. There are gymnastics schools where they train children handling the gymnastics bars.


Finally, gymnastic bars should be strong to perform the stunts and exercises. Gymnasts should be passionate for gymnastics. Only then, they learn better and perform well. They can excel in the field of gymnastics. Learning gymnastics is not so easy because gymnast has to bend, stretch the body and also should be strong enough to jump from one bar to another bar. Hence, gymnast has to be strong to perform better.

Get In-Depth Details With Phenq Reviews Online

Get In-Depth Details With Phenq Reviews Online

There are many people who are experiencing excessive weight issues, owing to their bad eating habits and lifestyles. The junk food that is consumed on regular basis causes the weight to increase abnormally. You must take the abnormal weight gain issues seriously as it may lead to some other serious health issues like heart diseases, kidney issues and snoring issues. If you are amongst those people who are worried about abnormal weight gain, then you may give a try to the revolutionary weight loss pills called PhenQ. According to the the reviews online, it has helped many people to lose the unwanted weight naturally and without causing any side effects.

Benefits of PhenQ

Reviews state that this weight loss pills have several added advantages that people can enjoy while using it.


  • PhenQ weight loss pills offer you effective and long lasting results compared to other weight loss products.
  • It is very effective in burning and shredding away the stored fat from body.
  • It suppresses your appetite level to makes you feel full and prevent you from over eating.
  • It prevents you from consuming more calories.
  • It prevents the formation of fat cells in body and converts the stored fats into energy.
  • It increases your energy level and enables you to perform your daily activities with ease.
  • It is clinically approved formula for weight loss and comprises of 100{c88b1e51d2ffa0c72101b1758a2af08ca7a67d5ca9d783cad00ed0f96ed536e1} safe and natural ingredients that never cause any side effects to human body.
  • It comes with 100{c88b1e51d2ffa0c72101b1758a2af08ca7a67d5ca9d783cad00ed0f96ed536e1} money back guarantee.

Before using these weight loss pills, you must check for the online PhenQ Reviews on the official website to know more about this product and the way it can help you to reduce the unwanted fat from your body without causing side effects.


How to use PhenQ?

Using this weight loss product as directed is utmost crucial, especially to achieve your weight loss goals safely. However, the online Phenq reviews state that the exact dose of this product is clearly mentioned on the label of the product. But, you must always consult your healthcare provider before using these weight loss pills. Your doctor will inform you about the correct dose of PhenQ by considering your health condition. They will also ask you to follow certain instructions while using these weight loss pills for weight loss. So to get the best results, follow the rules as mentioned.