Top 8 Most Fattening Foods You’ll Face This Fall

Top 8 Most Fattening Foods You’ll Face This Fall

Fall doesn’t just bring with it cooler temperatures, yellowing tree leaves, and the beginning of the busy busiest spending season of the year. It also brings on the beginning of dropped diets and weight gain due to all the comfort food and constant holidays. Between the warm meals inspired by the cold and the delicious foods inspired by the holidays, Americans are stuck in a limbo that has them going back to the gym every New Year’s.

It starts around Halloween, with most families buying a few bags and eating the leftovers the trick-or-treaters don’t get. Then at Thanksgiving, they just have to have that extra helping of turkey stuffing and a big piece of mom’s pumpkin pie. Then Christmas provides the last opportunity to pig out on candy canes, eggnog, the food at holiday parties, and another feast at mom’s house on Christmas Day. And worst of all, since you know you’re going to be eating a lot of food, you don’t bother keeping yourself in check and you just keep on eating. It is really important that you take care of your health as well, while food intolerance is a chemical reaction it is a really common phenomenon that can result in severe health problems if not takes seriously. This is why before you head out and eat to your heart’s content make sure that you have no allergies or intolerance for that kind of food. 

To prevent (or at least cut down on) the weight gain starting this fall, you don’t have to deny yourself every treat that someone shoves in your face. Just keep in mind what you’re eating, especially when you’re faced with the following fattening fall foods:

  1. Pumpkin Pie… or pumpkin bread/rolls: you’ll be taking in 26 grams of fat per serving.
  2. Pot roast: this has a whopping 67 grams of fat, mostly due to it baking in its own fat for hours (unless you get the lean kind).
  3. Turkey stuffing: this food is essentially bread mixed with butter, and it carries 10 grams of fat with it so eat it in moderation.
  4. Sweet potato casserole: sweet potatoes themselves are high in nutrients. But those nutrients get buried under all that sugar, whole milk, and margarine, making this top out at 32 grams of fat.
  5. Mashed potatoes w/gravy: a favorite no matter what time of the year it is, but your body wouldn’t appreciate its 43 fat grams.
  6. Pancakes w/maple syrup: the pancakes themselves are fine, but add maple syrup and you’re packing on the fat and the calories. And you still haven’t added butter/margarine.
  7. Banana nut bread: the aroma while this is baking in the oven may be sweet, but having the 17 grams of fat from this showing up on your body will put you in a sour mood.
  8. Halloween candy: this is special food because while many candies have no grams of fat, they can have a lot of calories. Just 2 fun-size Baby Ruth bars contain 260 calories!

Don’t think you’re off the hook with hot drinks either. If you’re getting a drink from a large chain like Starbucks, most of them will provide nutritional information. But try to stick to drinks that don’t have tons of sugar. And be mindful of the role that restaurants and cafes play too. They like to change their menus and add new, fattening items in the fall to get into the spirit of the season as well. Drinking one of their drinks could be like eating a meal (due to all the calories and fat grams), without getting the nutritional value.

Different Vaping Pens For Your Taste

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There are many ways you can enjoy a good puff other than the traditional use of tobaccos. Technology has developed and you can now use a better way of vaping such as e-cigarettes and pens. Other than e-liquids there are also other types of ingredients that can be used such as dry herbs and oil which are said to be the dry form of e juice

  • Halo Triton: This brand of e-juice is very cheap and comes at a rate of $25 which also includes the tank, a 30 ml e-juice and single battery kit. This brand of US made e-juice is also very popular for its different range of colours of which iridescent colour is the one that is bought widely. You can also choose between 600 mAh and 400 mAh batteries depending on your need.
  • V2 Pro: With magnetic connections for tank and charger, this pen is very unique in its own way with the capability to be used with oil, dry herbs and liquids. This pen is said to be quite the match if you are looking for a quality, high-tech device for your e-liquid that can be used for vaping similar dry products, then V2 Pro is your best bet.
  • Vaporfi Platinum Pro: One of the coolest pens in the market that is perfect for your e-juice is the Vaporfi platinum pro. This pen comes with a battery that is 650 mAh and their clearomizer is no joke from their brand. If you are on the lookout for a brand that is simple, elegant and has excellent quality, then Vaporfi Platinum Pro is the pen for you.
  • Innokin iTastte VV4: This pen is said to be one of the most popular e-juice pens from the Innokin iTaste VV4. This device is completely packed, showing battery life, wattage, volts and ohms which is displayed on the screen. A color coded light indicates the amount of battery that is left. For a device which is as simple looking as a pen, it is completely loaded with the essentials.
  • NJOY Custom Vaping Kits: These kits come at an excellent price with everything that you need and the best part is that you can also get a good discount when using coupons. From tons of juice, vaping kits and pens, you can enjoy a range of choices that come at a pretty decent e juiceWhen it comes to choosing the perfect vaping pen, it is not easy and there are many things that need to be considered. From cheap e juice to the type of e-liquid to use, you have a large variety of choices. Moreover, vaping is said be a good way of getting rid of the habit of smoking. The best part about using these e-cigs is that you can also choose the nicotine level that you want to smoke. If you quit smoking but still like to take a go at it once in a while, you can choose one that has zero nicotine level.

Sous Vide Wizard-A Practical Use Of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Wizard-A Practical Use Of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking was developed in 1970 by two French chefs, Georges Praulus & Bruno Goussault.

It is a method of cooking in which food sealed in airtight plastic bag & then placed in water bath or in temperature controlled steam environment comparatively longer than normal cooking time. In this, the moisture is retained by ensuring that inside is properly cooked without overcooking from outside.

Sous vide cooking is used by chefs around the world to prepare food & also retaining its nutrients. For home use Anova Precision Cooker can be used for sous vide cooking.


Sous Vide Wizard is an online resource center looking to make Sous Vide cooking mainstream which helps ordinary people to create delicious & tender meals using this method. Its goal is to introduce readers to sous vide cooking including its basics, history & devices used.

Benefits of sous vide cooking

  • With little effort perfectly cooked food can be prepared
  • No overcooking of fish, chicken or chewy steak
  • Valuable nutrients are retained due to gentle & oxygen free cooking environment
  • More shelf stable food
  • At lower temperature proteins like chicken & pork can be served
  • Set it & forget it method of cooking
  • Water bath never gets above desired temperature


French chef Praulus came up with sous vide cooking with Pierre Troisgros to develop new method for cooking foie gras.  Praulus tightly wrapped the liver in plastic to the structure & moisture before cooking it in water bath & the technique became successful. Culinary innovation, a school where he started teaching sous vide cooking.

Also around same time, on an industrial scale Goussalt was working on sous vide cooking. Cooking vacuum sealed beef in low temperature controlled water bath extends its shelf life. He helped cooks in sous vide cooking in early 2000s.

In 2009, a counter top sous vide water bath was released by Sous Vide Supreme for home use.


Food safety is function of time & temperature. Pregnant women expose themselves & unborn child to risk eating food cooked sous vide & thus avoid unpasteurized recipes. Sous vide cooking must be performed under controlled conditions to avoid botulism poisoning as bacteria Clostridium botulinum can grow in food in absence of oxygen & produce botulinum toxin. Pasteurization kills botulism bacteria.


Sous vide cooking devices

  • Immersion circulators (Anova):

It brings the temperature of water to specific temperature by clipping onto side of pot or vessel of water. It circulates water to prevent hot & cool spots from forming in water. Anova is the best for home cooks as they are easy to use, affordable & take little space i the kitchen. Cooking dinner becomes easier as Anova works in conjunction with Anova recipes app. Other immersion circulators are Nomiku, Sansaire & PolyScience.

  • PID controlled water baths:

It includes combined heating element & vessel. Its size is of bread machine or a small microwave. It does not need to circulate water to maintain consistent temperature as it operates through thermal convection.

  • Combi ovens:

It combines convection & steam ovens into one device.

  • Cooler, rice cooker:

These are useful for short cooking times & require careful attention & accurate thermometer.

All We Need Is Healthy Food

All We Need Is Healthy Food

I was born healthy with heavy bones. As I grew up, I came in shape. Though, I was not an obese but a chubby girl.

Till I reached my 9th grade, I began to opt taste than going for healthy stuff. I became addicted to taste. Pizza, cup cakes, soft drinks etc were my life. I noticed that when i was in my 12th grade when I weighed 86kg. That was a shock. Sooner did I become conscious of my state, my body became conscious too. I began developing health issues. At the age of 20,

I had hypertension, mood swings, hypothyroidism. My periods were irregular which induced anaemia. I started seeing two doctors. One was a physician, other one was a Gynaecologist.  Both told me to lose weight but how? They didn’t tell clearly. But they share about their weight loss experience.

I got an appointment with a dietician and she told me various facts about my body. She told me to do two things only-


  • Physical exercise
  • Proper diet (not starving)
  • Regularity

“Do physical activity”, she said, “which pleases you”. I did join gym many times but that was not enjoyed by me. So I opted swimming. I became more active and mood swings were controlled. Swimming brought peace to my life.

‘The diet thing’ was as follows-

  • Avoid skipping meals- 

    It is the most important rule in her rule book if one is determined to work on the plan of losing weight.

  • keep yourself hydrated- 

    Drink plenty of water, atleast 8 glasses per day.

  • Go for fruits and veggies- 

    They are low in calories and fats, but high in fibre. They contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.

  • use of small plates and bowls- 

    It is psychological thing. If we eat in small dishes, it lets us eat in smaller proportions with no hunger left in the end.Aloo-Methi-Hot-Salad

  • Cut down on alcohol- 

    Vine has equal calories as chocolates have. Alcohol intake in high quatity, disturbs the hormones as well.

  • Kill the craving for junk foods- 

    This step is the most challenging step in the process. Addiction to these foods is same as the addiction of drugs and alcohol. To win the war with the fat, the addiction should be killed first. Here are some

  • Tips which can help-
  1. Be determined like a soldier. No does not mean a little, some more or just a spoon. No means no. Say no to junk food. Get them out of your sight.
  2. Distract your mind when you feel the craving. Indulge in some activities that distracts you from the craving.
  3. If you can’t control the craving, eat some healthy stuff instead of high calorific stuff.
  4. Remember you are not denying your wishes but only postponing them.
  5. Regularity is the key. Regular exercise and proper diet kills the fat faster. So be determined with the concrete mindset for being regular.

Healthy Food is Delicious

Health is wealth, healthy mind resides in healthy body and all these types of statements are very true. I got to know this when I won this war and dethroned the fats. It itself is a big achievement.