5 Features of the Best Online Games

5 Features of the Best Online Games

As the world is today, it can’t be denied that online games are one of the greatest and biggest industries that hold the top of the market today. Because of the feedback and great response of the gamers and programmers, they achieved great feats and made online games as it is today.

Online games, by definition, are games that are a series of images produced by a computer program to create moving pictures (videos) and are connected in the internet to allow connectivity from people to other people.

One of the rising games in the industry are games that allow you to earn money by just playing. These are called pkv games. Pkv games is a gambling game server that lets you invest money for you to be able to play on their different gambling games. They work like a casino, however, intangible and online.  Do not fret as they are legit and don’t rip your money off.

  • Role Playing Opportunities

Usually, people who want to play are people who want to take in a role that differs from their own real life. Games that are flexible and allow adjusting and developing a character are the ones who are mostly getting the attention. Research states that these types of games can help someone work better and perform in real life. 

  • A wide variety to choose from

When you try to google “best sites with online games”, you will be bombarded with a lot of websites that claim that they are the best. Well, you can’t blame them as this is a part of their marketing strategy. However, when you know the basics in what features to look at on what sites are great, then it would be easy to differentiate them from others 

Great sites are the ones that offer a huge variety of games to play with. You should choose a site where it offers games that follow specific themes, games that are mind wrecking, games that lets you connect with other people, competitive games, and many, many more.  

  • Cognitive Response

Choose those games that trigger cognitive development. Games that are challenging and let you think, are games that are superb. These kinds of games tweak your brain that would help you to get your creativity and strategic mentality in solving problems up and running.

  • Positive Emotional Reactions

People usually play online games in order for them to have fun. There are games that are really easy and would brighten your confidence in you. Try to choose games that are challenging enough to finish, and games that would help you boost your overall emotional health.

  • Accessibility 

Due to innovation, everything becomes really fast, portable, easy, and can be done in one click. Just like online games, one of the features that you should look into online games are the ones that are easy to access. Games that don’t need a lot of requirements in order for them to be played.

5 Fortnite Tips For Newbies

5 Fortnite Tips For Newbies

Since Fortnite is a really popular game and as you start your Fortnite account you might find it a little difficult to compete with other players that are already familiar with the game. This is where you need to learn these 5 tips quickly and implement them effectively in your game as well.

  1. Since there are various options you get within the game, which is why it is really important that you find squad members as you play the game. Depending on your preference you might need 1 or 3 squad members as you play duo or squad matches. Either way, you should try to avoid playing with random players in your learning phase.
  2. In order to move forward in the game effectively, you should customize the control in the game accordingly. Since you get the basic control at the beginning of the game it is really important that you do experimentation with different control setups before you choose one. This customization is going to help you improve your game more effectively as you will be able to move more swiftly in the game with personalized controls.
  3. As the game is not all about attacking other players, you have to strategize to save yourself from their attacks as well. In order to do so, you need to increase the speed at which you create buildings in the game. These buildings are an excellent way to improve your defense while attacking and defending. As you get to the end of the game you might find other players creating buildings in order to get an upper hand in the battle.
  4. There are different weapons in this game, represented with different colors indicating their power and rarity. There are green, grey, blue, purple, and orange with different power levels. It is recommended that you switch weapons as soon as you find a better one.
  5. Lastly, it is really important that you play the game patiently. As you start the game there is no need to rush and attack other players. You can focus on loot and gathering materials in the beginning and as soon as you are done with that you can start that battle.

RuneScape: Constitution and Life Points System Guide


On March 3rd, 2010, Jagex Ltd. made an update to the popular MMORPG RuneScape, involving the hitpoints system, and making many important changes. This article is a guide to the new system, called Constitution and Life Points.

The Changes

To start off, the Hitpoints skill has been renamed to a new skill called “Constitution.” The way the skill is trained, however, has not been changed. One major difference is that you now have an amount of hitpoints equal to 10 times your Constitution level, rather than having an amount equal to your level. In addition, “hitpoints” has been renamed to “life points.” The changes can be done through the 먹튀사이 websites. The skills of the person will be improved through the site.


However, this does not mean it will be much harder to kill an opponent. All damage done will be 10 times what you would have done on the old system, and the amount each type of food heals is now 10 times what they used to heal. In addition, under the new system, life point restore rates have increased by ten times, as they have a smaller value than what they used to. Prayers such as smite have also been changed to accommodate the change. Finally, experience rates have also been decreased based on the update; you now only get 0.4 experience per damage rather than 4 experience per damage.

You may ask, if everything has been increased by a factor of 10, what’s the point of this update? We’ll get to that in the next section.

The Advantages

Under the new system, damage done would be more accurate than prior to the update. For example, under the old system, if a hit was calculated as a 14.8, the decimals would be truncated and the damage done would be rounded down to only dealing 14 damage. However, the new system accommodates what used to be decimals so you will hit fractionally higher than what you used to hit. For instance, you would be hitting a 148 under the new life points system in contrast to a scaled 140 in the old system.

By redoing the old Hitpoints skill, Jagex has opened a door to new development for the Constitution skill. Now, life points are not connected to the Constitution skill and are separate. For example, if you are damaged health, your current Constitution level is not changed. As such, the Constitution skill could be boosted or drained to change the value of your maximum life points, opening a door to new value in training the Constitution skill and possibly introducing new features.

Finally, the new update may be more “friendly” to new players. They would experience hitting 0s less often, and be less endangered. New players under the old system only started with 10 life points, which meant that they could easily be killed as the minimum damage was 1, which is equivalent to 10 under the new system. However, under the new system, damage amounts from 1-9 are possible.

The Disadvantages

The new update would leave many players confused. With another digit added to the life points amount, it would be harder to calculate when to eat food, etc, when fighting. In addition, the hit splats that are dealt take up much more space than before, lowering one’s ability to see how much damage is dealt and other information such as armor one’s opponent is wearing. For example, the dragon claws’ special attack deals 4 hits in the space of 1, which may be difficult to read under the new system.


Free Online Cooking Games For Everyone

Free Online Cooking Games For Everyone

Cooking games are not necessarily just for girls, but this is also for boys. These specific games that firstly teach to girls on the best way to cook, along with now boys are taking in an involvement on them as well. Who can blame them? They are fun along with educative. Apart from that, no one is judging. These games will most likely facilitate little ones to get ready for the actual world. They can easily even help them pass for a better rank in their educational classes like in ninth grade or even college.

Take note that not all of us do like cookies games since this kind games is especially made for girls only but boys usually do like shooting games or fighting games.

There are numerous of chief cooks around the world who get performed these cooking games through these games they get just prepared them a better chefs. Some would likely point out this is not necessarily practical, yet rely on it because it is true. Any of these games are absolutely advanced for teaching the player precisely how to cook. These games can easily show the gamer the processes that are essential to be done when cooking specific foods. Children love to have fun when taking in. They gain a bound satisfaction from learning that you can surely not necessarily discover everywhere else. When you merge fun with that definite satisfaction from learning, you gain success. Moreover, if you are interested in trying other games about cooking, you can visit https://ninjaqq.net for more games to play. This websites offers wide variety of game categories.

These games are dearly educational and can easily even get ready children for a best future. By learning on how to cook by means of entertaining games, they are putting on themselves the opportunity of being able to figure out through the future than they would naturally. This primarily applies to little ones who are attending cooking classes in university. Either in high school or a college education, these games are making sure to get your course easier; along with it will most likely be easier for you to gain a excellent grade in that class. Do not ever forget precisely how easy it is to learn on how to cook when you are playing online games that are enjoyable and addicting.

Games like these can specially formulate them for serving food to their visitor. Think about a thanksgiving dinner within your condo and you have no tip how to stew a turkey. There is a game for all things. There is even a game for coaching the player on specifically how to cook a turkey right in your very oven. You not necessarily wasting hundreds of bucks on Thanksgiving dinner; you will most likely be cooking your very own turkey right in your own pad. When your visitor are amused with what they are eating, you will probably be very happy to appreciate that you made it all on your own with the support from some online free games.

One Is Silver And The Other Is Gold

One Is Silver And The Other Is Gold

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are the long awaited Nintendo DS remakes of the old Gameboy Gold, Silver and Crystal games. You can expect better graphics, better menus and added content to game play with these 2 new games. Heart Gold and Soul Silver allow you to explore 2 regions, Johto and Kanto where you can earn up to 16 badges by defeating 16 different gym leaders. You also have the ability to collect all 493 Pokemon, which includes 4th Generation Pokemon.

The game starts like most other Pokemon games with a visit from your friendly neighborhood professor. In Johto, it’s Professor Elm, who resides in your home town of New Bark Town. He gives you the option learning about Pokemon; good for people who are just learning the game. Or you can just jump to the character creation; which is the choice of most veterans. You can visit random team to learn about all the pokemons that are there in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. You can get random team llayout of pokemons as well, they will be paired according to their stats  and you can share these layouts with your friends as well.

Once you create your character, your character is shrunken to game size and you start it in your room. Upon going down stairs you see your mom, who stops you and gives you a bag, a trainer card, the save game and options menus which all appear on the touch screen below. This in my opinion is one of the best added features to the game. You no longer need to hit the X button to cycle through menu choices to select what you need to do. You just have to tap the touch screen and you get the menu you need. For those of you who are creatures of habit, the X button and arrow keys still allow you to access these menus.

After Mom gives you your menus and you walk outside, you will be awed by the improved 3D graphics of New Bark Town. You will see wind blowing through the wind turbines, flowers dancing and impressive building architecture. Head over to Professor Elm’s lab where you choose your Johto starter Pokemon. You get to choose Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile. After choosing you will notice a second great feature. Your lead Pokemon no longer stays in his or her poke ball, it will follow you around. In previous games only certain Pokemon would follow you around in a Pal Park. Or in the very early games, only Pikachu would follow you around. Now any Pokemon can follow you and if it is shiny, it will keep it shiny traits as it follows you. So the Red Gyrados you get in this game will be red when you walk with it. Each Pokemon has its unique animation when walking. You will see Pidgeot’s wings flap and levitating Pokemon like Mew won’t walk, they float through the air. Another neat feature of this tailgating Pokemon is you can talk to it and find out how it is feeling.

Before heading out on your new adventure in the Johto region head back to Mom and she will give you a Pokegear which allows you to call and receive calls from people you meet during the game including your mom and the Professor. The new improved Pokegear will allow you to change its skin to one of 6 designs. It will be upgraded with a map and of the region and radio later on in the game. Now you are ready to explore the world of Pokemon and more game features.

Game Features:

Each game comes with a PokeWalker that allows you to transfer your Pokemon into a real-life step counter. With your real life steps, your Pokemon will be able to collect items like berries and even level up. This could be great if you need to do other real life activities like school or soccer practice and won’t be able to bring you DS. Just slip your PokeWalker into your Pocket and let your Pokemon do the work.

When you get your running shoes, you no longer need to hold down the B button to run. There will be a button on the Menu that lets you press or depress your running ability. No more sore thumbs from holding the b button down.

Battling is the same as in previous games but with some graphical improvements. Depending on where you are and what time of day it is will impact the background your Pokemon fight in. For example if you fight in grass, the battle ground will be grass and if it is night time, the sky will be dark.

Berries can be grown but in a new way. You now have the ability to carry around a portable terrarium that allows you to grow 4 plants. This is good because you no longer have to fly to multiple locations to get your berries. It also can be a disadvantage because only 4 plants can be grown at any particular time.

Apricorns are back. Harvested from trees, these neat little nuts can be made into different Pokeballs depending what color they are. The different Pokeballs are used for a greater chance of collecting different types of Pokemon.

New type of contests for Pokemon. Pokemon will be able to compete in a Pokeathlon which has 10 different activities. These activates can be won based on the speed, jump, power, skill and stamina ratings of the Pokemon entered in the contest. If you win 3 contests in a row you receive points that can be redeemed for prizes. Depending on which day of the week you go to exchange these points, the prizes will be different.

Mom’s Savings Bank is back. When you complete a battle, you can opt to send some of your Pokedollars back to mom. This feature can be handy when you are up against tough opponents like Team Rocket or the Elite 4 and don’t want to fork over the cash when you faint but what to keep the experience points.

Those with Wi-Fi abilities now can download event only Pokemon and PokeWalker courses from the Nintendo WFC. They can also go downstairs in the new improved Pokemon Centers and go into a carnival like room to join trainers from all over the world in real time and participate in mini games.

Both Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver have many new features and secrets to uncover. Fans of the older games will not be disappointed and new players will be impressed with immense abilities of different activities within the game. The game will never end. Even after you beat the Elite 4 and the credits roll, there is still much to do and accomplish. This game is a must have for any DS owner, young or old or whether you like Pokemon or not. “GottaCatch’em all!”