Four Ways To Make Money Online Without Trying

Four Ways To Make Money Online Without Trying

If you were still looking for a get-rich-quick article or make hundreds of dollars per day, then think again as this article is not for you. But, if you currently go to a school or have a full-time job, you can dedicate a few hours per day to make $10-20 as a side income. Maybe, this does not seem a lot for you, but if you make $15/day, this amount translates into about $450/month, which in a given year equals to $5,400. That’s more than $5,000 that you would not have if you used those times to waste time on social media.

The following four tips from Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 require no capital – that is, no investment, no experience, and no persistent dedications such as maintaining websites or blogs. They can begin and stop at any time you desire.

  1. Use Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-known website that received numerous media coverage, including from the Wall Street Journal (see the coverage here). As the name suggests, you list your “gig” for five bucks – and if someone decides that it is worth five bucks, they pay Fiverr, and you will receive four bucks (one buck taken by Fiverr) through PayPal from Fiverr. Granted, the actual amount you earn is less than four bucks since PayPal takes its fee as well, but it’s still a fairly good deal. The types of gigs that people provide are enormous, so it’s worthwhile to check this out.

  1. Write for Textbroker

There are a lot of great websites that you can earn money writing, but the reason I list Textbroker in this article is that its short assignments that usually cost about two to four dollars make it very reasonable to build $10-20 every day. This is especially a great job if you have a passion for writing but often stumble on writer’s blocks. Clients who use Textbroker have very specific requirements, such as keyword density, style of writing, and point of view (first-person, third-person, etc..), so if you can follow the guidelines, writing for Textbroker is not bad at all.

  1. Sell Photos

Do you travel frequently? Or, do you currently have large photos on your computer? Selling photos, as discussed in this coverage by ABC, is not an as easy way to make money online through the first two methods, but still a great way to turn your passive hobby to an additional source of income. Websites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock allow you to sell your photography to people on the internet, and while selling photos to make money seems far-fetched idea, a lot of website owners do need photos to make their websites stand out and do use these websites. Many websites want photos of people to give a “personal” feel to their customers, so if you can do that, you will certainly generate small profits.

  1. Utilize Apps

This last option is really for people in metropolitan areas, but if you own a smartphone, you can download apps like EasyShift and Gigwalk to make around $10 per day doing easy yet random assignments. As described in the Wall Street Journal’s article, a lot of tasks through these apps are simple, such as going to the grocery store to take photos of energy drinks. These tasks allow large companies like Monster and Red Bull to ensure that their products are delivered and listed as they hoped. Of four ways, this is probably the hardest way to make money due to the location limitations, but it’s also fun and easy to do if you were out driving in the first place.

Immerse in the depth of an alternate reality with 3D animation


3D animation has changed the way we interpret computer graphics today. We are now living in a world where it can be really difficult to distinguish between computer-generated graphics and real-life footage. Incorporating 3D animated characters and effects over live footage is no longer a new concept and has been adopted by many major motion film studios. They use it either to improve what’s already in the film or to create an entirely new, spectacular world.


It is a diverse field

As the demand for these 3D animated graphics increments, it is no shock that the number of animated studios have also grown dramatically over the last few decades. However, most studios have their areas of expertise such as gaming, interior designing, or television commercials, so the option of choosing is not as daunting as it seems. Though not every studio will offer its services to clients, some just focus on their projects.

Different studios, same methodologies

However, when an animation studio does open up for commercial purposes, their first step should be to build their client base, delivering reports about their capability to their target audience. On the other hand, if a corporation does plan to open up for itself and wishes to create its projects, it must first locate partners to contribute money towards the project, until they are generating enough profits to cover the funding of new projects. But, no matter whether a studio is operating for the public or themselves the 3D process of production for everyone remains the same.

Promotions and expansions throughout the globe

Over the last few decades, there has been an immense increase in the number of regions around the world that have launched various incentives to promote these arts. For instance, the number of animation studios in Singapore has increased a lot over the years. This is done in order to make them more visible on a global scale, which will boost tourism in the region, increasing the general revenue as well. The advent of 3D animation has completely changed the understanding of the industry from a juvenile medium of entertainment to a complex and technical field of unlimited prospects.