3 Ways to Blog Without a Website

3 Ways to Blog Without a Website

Setting up a website to blog can seem like a daunting task – especially if you aren’t interested in doing it long term or you’re not sure how dedicated you will be. If you have some thoughts to share but you don’t want to have to go through all that, here are some alternatives so you can start blogging immediately.

Mainly used for:

professional opinions, productivity and career tips

If you’re one of the thousands who upload your resume on LinkedIn and then run off to one of the more ‘fun’ social networks, then it may shock you to know how much of a thriving ecosystem LinkedIn has become for business professionals. Up until a few months ago, use of the blogging platform on LinkedIn was limited to ‘influencers’ – the elite few who had proved their worth outside of LinkedIn (think of it along the lines of a verified account on Twitter). Now, LinkedIn has opened up this platform to all members.

This could potentially lead to disaster once it grows and people start to flood the system with meaningless drivel, but for now I’m happy to say I’ve found several entertaining/enlightening posts in the last few weeks that I probably wouldn’t have seen outside of LinkedIn.

How to access:

Once you have a LinkedIn account, just log in and click on the pencil icon in the update bar. You will be guided through some ‘Getting Started’ tips from there.

Mainly used for:

thought-provoking articles and stories about life and work

Medium states their mission perfectly on their About page:

Medium looks fantastic on just about any device and it’s great for reaching an audience outside of your current social network.

How to access:

You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up for Medium and start posting in minutes.

Mainly used for:

fun stuff your friends will want to read

When we were younger and Facebook was our primary social network, we all used Notes to share poetry, stories and fun, silly games like “Your Life As Britney Spears Song Titles” (seriously, I still have that one). Nowadays, Notes have evolved. They are a lot sexier than they used to be and provide prime real estate for persons and business who want to share stories and articles with friends and fans.

Facebook Notes requires a lot less formality than the other two options mentioned above, they can be as short or long as you like (the limit is 65, 535 characters), and you already have a built in network to share them with. Facebook has been known to give proprietary applications higher ranking in the News Feed than those from external sources, e.g. Facebook Video vs YouTube, so you’ll probably get more traction that way.

You may also use Instagram as your platform in writing blog. Yes, that is possible. All you have to do is to unleash your creativity and think of a way on how you can make it even more engaging. But if you have limited followers, you can grow it easily when you buy Instagram likes.

How To Choose The Best Website Builder For Your Business

How To Choose The Best Website Builder For Your Business

Choosing a website builder is an essential step in starting an online business. Your website builder is the CMS platform that you will be using all throughout your online career. In that case, it is important that you do not go wrong with this. So, we are here to help you choose the right website builder for you. Read this if you are interested.

Look At Your Needs And Priorities

list down the things that you need your CMS platform to perform. In order for you to find the right platform, determining what functionalities you need is essential. To help you determine what you need, you can start by answering the following questions:

  • What level of expertise do you have with web design and management?
  • Do you need an online store?
  • How particular are you with the features you want to add to your site?
  • What kind of media forms do you want to add to your site?

Determine Your Budget

As soon as you have got the specifics with what you need in a website builder you can work towards a budget. If this is your first business, it would be a good idea to only to work with an amount that you can afford. As far as online businesses are concerned, your website is only the first asset that you need to invest on. More objects of investment will soon come as you move forward with your venture.

Look Through Various Website Builder Candidates

Now that you have a budget and a list of features and capabilities that you want in your platform, you can sort through different website builders. Each platform has its own services page where you can see the different plans that they have for you. Look for the plan that can cater what you need. Compare your notes with various platforms. Choose the one that works best with your priorities and current budget. 

Get Lots of Traffic by Publishing Your RSS Feeds!

Get Lots of Traffic by Publishing Your RSS Feeds!

Apart from online news organizations such as CNN and Reuters, lots of webmasters and web bloggers nowadays use RSS feeds to deliver updates and the latest article services to their subscribers. They issue RSS feeds to draw in additional traffic to their sites. Individuals who are interested in some sites can subscribe to RSS feeds to get regular updates without being forced to go to individual sites. With the leaps of modern technology, no wonder a lot of blogs and websites are publishing RSS feeds not only to satisfy their objectives, but also to stay in the competition. As a webmaster and Internet marketer, you must ensure that you have updated content so that people come back to your site over and over again. Otherwise, they won’t even trouble themselves to subscribe to feeds.

To assure that you’re on the right track while you issue RSS feeds, there are numerous things you need to do. If you’re in blogging, apart from posting entirely on your site, you may prefer to search the possibility of posting to the more popular blogging sites that are affiliated with your niche. This way you acquire better exposure in the short run and become a favorite name long term. After you have created a name for yourself in your niche, it won’t be very difficult for you to get people to visit your site, or to subscribe to your feeds.

While you publish RSS, make certain that you encourage people to subscribe. There must be an exceptional area on your website to invite people. This may not be a great matter for you, thinking that this will not bring in significant changes to your business, but I beg to differ with such thoughts, if everything you’ve in you at present, as I myself can prove the benefits of my online businesses which I enjoy by publishing RSS feeds.

Remember that traffic is money. The additional visits you get, the better the likelihood they will convert into sales. In general you must keep in mind that content is very important. Disregarding how hard you promote and advertise your online business and how you spend most of your time but to get a high volume of traffic, the content of your site has to be relevant and good. All your efforts and hard work will be for naught if you don’t deliver good service to your audience. While you publish RSS, you must acknowledge that people want to have the best information that’s why they subscribed to your feed in the first place.

There’s a need for well-researched and interesting topics to attract an audience. Otherwise, your subscriber list will decrease. Be consistent with the article or blog that you compose. It has to be relevant to your readers what specific niche you specify in the selection of the topics you write about. If you’re all over the place while writing blogs and articles, it can create confusion amongst your subscribers. Therefore, to receive the major benefits of RSS, delivering quality, consistent content and promoting it properly is the key to success. In order to know the key to success, proper research should be done here at the websites. The quality and reviews will be according to the needs of the writers that are posted.