Most Common Physiotherapy Methods

Recovering from an injury, regardless of the cause, can take a significant amount of time depending on how severe the injury is. Some cases require surgical procedures, other are addressed by prescribed medications. But whatever the prescribed treatment is, recovery can be accelerated with the help of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy, usually done by a licensed professional, is a set of comprehensive exercises aimed at speeding up the healing process from an injury. A physiotherapist will usually assess the severity of the injury and determine the appropriate physiotherapy exercise for it. You can visit if you want to learn more about this.

Here are some of the most common physiotherapy methods being used:

Use of therapeutic ultrasound

Initially used mainly as a diagnostic tool, recent studies have shown that utilizing ultrasonic waves help in the treatment of various physical injuries in the body. The waves act as a miniature massage that stimulate ligaments, tendons, and fascia resulting to a faster recovery of damaged tissues. This method is beneficial to older patients suffering from osteoarthritis and tendonitis.

Range of motion (ROM) sets of exercise

Usually recommended after sustaining an injury, this type of exercises aim to speed up restoration of function of affected part of the body by encouraging movement and facilitating better circulation and mobility. This is the most common physiotherapy methods being used as a supplemental treatment to various injuries.

Therapeutic massage (Soft Tissue Mobilization)

This physiotherapy method promotes relaxation of soft tissues such as muscles on the injured area which leads to reduced swelling. More commonly used after athletic injuries, this also helps promote better blood circulation and reduces inflammation in affected joints.

Heat and Cryotherapy

This method is the application of heat of cold to affected areas experiencing stiffness. Heat and cryotherapy are more commonly used in professional athletes and individuals who stay immobile for prolonged periods of time. It usually involves the use of paraffin wax or hot packs to apply heat and ice packs or ice massage to apply coldness to sore areas.