Defending Against Abuse Of Power Of Attorney

Law gives everyone a fair chance of representation. However, if someone is not able to represent himself due to physical limitations, law gives a proper set up of power of attorney. Power of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on someone’s behalf. The power of attorney can be used in personal, legal, and official matters. The types of power of attorney includes durable, health care, and springing power of attornies. It is very important to choose the correct agent as choosing someone wrong may result in abuse of power of attorney.

Abuse of power of attorney

Giving your power of attorney in the wrong hands may result in misuse of your power of attorney. The abuse of power of attorney may include transferring assets, stealing of the principal, and any other adverse action against the principal. The agent may use the assets for his own benefits. It also includes the wrong representation of the grantor by the the agent in any official document. Defending against the abuse of power of attorney is very important.

Defending the abuse of power of attorney

Discovering the misuse of power of attorney could be very hard. Therefore prevention against misuse of power of attorney becomes of paramount importance. There are many steps one can take certain to prevent abuse of power of attorney. The grantor could make the agent answerable to any trustworthy third party. The grantor could also notify other family members, friends or financial institutions that he/she is giving away his/her power of attorney. So that they could watch out all transactions of the grantor’s bank account. The grantor could also assign co-agents. It means that the grantor can distribute his power of attorney among more than one person. The grantor can also limit the powers being given to the agent.

Prevention of power of attorney is vital to secure your assets against any abuse. There are many lawyers in harrisberg pa dealing with power of attorney cases.