Digital Frame – What Is It All About?

Digital photo frames are the perfect present for practically any occasion. It’s the same size and shape as a normal picture frame. A digital picture frame primarily has an LCD screen which lets the user view several photographs in the form of a slideshow and can be connected to the net using an ordinary phone line. Thus, if this frame has net access, it can download new pictures and other kinds of information to be displayed on the screen. It’s an even greater gift for someone who doesn’t have a computer or a printer and needs to share photos.


There are many companies which make these frames like the well known Kodak, Polaroid, Giinii etc. Usually they are more or less same when it comes to their structure and construction but they have many different features to offer. Some photo frames can send photographs to a printer like the Sony S-Frame F800. It allows pictures to be uploaded to its memory, either wirelessly or through a USB connection and might provide specific support for loading images over internet.

There are even some frames which let pictures be shared from one frame to another while few have an additional feature of playing videos along with the usual digital photos. They come in various sizes, ranging from really tiny – as small as a keychain, to large ones covering several feet. Some have speakers built into them to be able to play audio with the pictures.


These frames are pretty affordable in general. One of the best things about it is that one doesn’t have to bother to find a particular place to put it in. It can simply be hauled out and taken anywhere. Some digital frames need to be plugged into an AC outlet only whereas some have a rechargeable, built in battery too. Undoubtedly, digital photo frames make a lovely gift, which can be given fully loaded to someone who doesn’t want to deal with technical stuff much – all they’ll have to do is turn it on and they are good to go!

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