Dos and Don’ts for Choosing Video Games for Your Kids

How you can protect your children from inappropriate video game content.

Parents have always had to deal with the age-old struggle of protecting their children from age-inappropriate content. They install website blockers on their kids’ computers and mobile devices and even limit TV and internet time.

Video games are especially problematic for parents because children usually spend hours upon hours playing them. Kids into  togel hongkong are even harder to protect. Given all this, parents would have to be extra cautious with choosing video games for their kids.

If this sounds like something you’re struggling with, too, don’t worry! Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

  • DO check the label. DON’T assume a game’s age appropriateness from its title or cover.

The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” also applies for video games. You shouldn’t assume that a game is age-appropriate for your child just because it has a cute title and cover. A lot of titles and covers can be deceiving!

Thankfully, games are rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). It’s crucial that you check the ESRB rating of every game you buy your kid.

  • DO DON’T rely on only one source.

You can find tons of game reviews on the internet so you shouldn’t rely on only one review. Read as many as you can! You’re going to have to be diligent as you go through these reviews to make sure all the bases are covered as far as age-appropriateness goes.

If you want to take your research up a notch, you can try the game out for yourself before letting your kid play it. This way, you’ll get to experience it and judge it for yourself.

  • DO get a game based on your child’s interests. DON’T focus solely on age-appropriateness.

Age-appropriateness is great and all but this shouldn’t be your sole focus on choosing video games for your kid. You still have to make sure that your he’s actually interested in the game. Otherwise, he would end up looking for other games.

Although this guide definitely helps, you, of course, have to accept the fact that you can’t protect your child from everything, especially in the realm of online gaming. Just know that exposure to inappropriate content isn’t the end of the world–what’s important is that you have open communication with your child to ensure that nothing bad will come out of this exposure.