Download Clash Royale Apk For Android, Description And Features.

Clash royale is designed and developed from the hands of the company Super Cell. The game play consists of tower defense, collective card games and online battle arena. This game was released on March 2nd of 2016 and the company has released it to android and IOS platforms. It is found in their respective play stores.


Downloading game from the Play Store is very easy, let us see how to download clash royale apk for android from the play store itself.

  • Open Google Play Store application in your Mobile phone.
  • Search for Clash Royale.
  • Click on Install.
  • It asks for permission that you need to accept to continue the installation process.
  • After successful installation, you are now let go to play the game.
  • Knocking your opponent’s king or queen’s towers and destroying them can make you earn some trophies.


Although there is always a chance to side-load every android application from other websites but considering the harm it occurs to the mobile phone, it is not a preferable way to download.


  • The legacy from the makers of Clash of Clans has created this next level multiplayer strategy game.
  • You’ll have the chance of collecting the cards and upgrading them to defense or attack other player.
  • You can form a clan and then fight with other players after building your own community of battle.
  • This helps you to understand the game-play of the clash royale and will help you to lead to victory.
  • This game is visible in play store and doesn’t need any of your penny. Though you can buy few items in the game for real money but it doesn’t mean the game-play is easy.
  • The most important thing to play this game is a perfect or good internet connection, the reason behind good internet connection is very simple to help in playing multi-player tasks.


  • In the meanwhile, during the game you find some very powerful cards which will help you to upgrade the existing cards. This literally helps the game very interesting.
  • The game you need to concentrate will be to destroy the towers of your opponents which will pay you something called ‘chests’.
  • By earning chests you will now have a key to unlock the rewards.
  • Collecting the cards and upgrading them with the clash royale family.


  • You can collect dozens and dozens of defenses, spells and clash troops.
  • With the help of your cards collection, you need to build your own battle area to defend and defeat the opponents.
  • You can battle with different arenas and this progress can give you the number one position.
  • You can privately challenge your clan-mates and can have a single battle with them.
  • Watch the TV royale to know the tactics and how to play the game better to find your game path even better than you were.

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