Easy Golf Tips for New Golfers

Are you a novice golfer in quest of best tips to better your game? Although golf seems to be relatively easy compared to other outdoor games -yet it also involves good physical agility and string know-how of strategies. It’s common for new golfers to get tensed as you see people getting stressed out during judi togel. But, if you can get hold of the right tips, everything will fall in line.

Practice before each session

Don’t just start your rounds the moment you hit the course. Every session should be preceded by a thorough practice round. A 45-60 minutes of practice is mandatory especially for new golfers. Try to create a smooth tempo to set the tone. Never putt at cup – rather target at tees/coins or simply some spot on green. Stress on maintaining a steady tempo and good speed control. You should invest some time in chipping to tee.

Stretching is important

Don’t forget a good stretching session as well before you begin your actual round. Once you are in the groove, you can march forward to hit the balls.

Tips for more distance

When it comes to achieving more distance with your shots, you would have to utilize various parts of the body – and not just the arms. Here are some tips-

  • Attain grip in fingers, not your palm
  • The player’s stance must be wide and the feet should be shoulder-width apart
  • Plane of swing should be around player’s body and club should come from inside for better impact

Get rid of slices

The unwanted slices are the result of over-the-top swing. To avoid that, you should-

  • Keep alignment closed
  • Place the golf ball right back in stance
  • Maintain firm grip
  • Swing from inside-out. The perfect approach is to go for inside-to-outside swing.