Essential things on How to Select the Proper Patio Furniture

Frame Construction

Aluminum, steel, wrought iron, redwood, and plastic are some of the choices. Aluminum tubing is probably the most widely used framing for outdoor furniture and is available in qualities ranging from the one-season “disposable” kind to the very durable. It is generally lightweight, which could be a consideration if you plan to move your furniture around often. There are several structural points to look for when buying aluminum-framed patio furniture. Examine the tubing for sharp creases where the tubing bends; such creases could cause weakness in the frame. Make sure no steel parts are set directly against aluminum parts. A chemical reaction occurs, causing the hard metal to make furrows in the soft metal. This reaction weakens the moving pieces, and they will wear out faster. Better quality aluminum furniture will have plastic-to-metal contact or the same metal in these areas.

Steel frames are heavier than aluminum and offer greater durability and strength. They should be coated with paint or a plastic coating that will resist rust and chipping and remain cool to the touch on hot days. Both aluminum and steel frames should have mitered and welded joints for strength and a polished appearance. Genuine wrought iron once was high in silicone content, which protected it from the elements. Today “wrought iron” styled furniture is solid metal, usually of aluminum, steel or a combination of both. It must be coated or painted for protection. Examine the joints for finished welds. The ends of decorative pieces that join another piece should be hammered thin or tapered. Remember that wrought iron is heavy and difficult to maneuver.

Wood Construction

If you are interested in redwood, be sure that you are looking at the real thing. Other woods can be made to look like redwood but will not have its durability. Quality redwood furniture is made of wide boards that have been kiln-dried, leaving 15 percent or less water content. The boards should be knot-free. Edges should be sanded smooth and the wood protected by a penetrating sealer stain. A sealer stain will add to the durability, provide depth of color and allow the wood grain to show. Don’t forget to examine the overall construction. Mortise and tendon joints provide a solid structure that won’t wiggle or pull apart. Hardware should be at a minimum, but any that exists should be rust resistant. In the wood construction for house, a wicker daybed can be prepared with canopy. The sitting at the outdoor daybed will relax the mind of the person.

Safety And Maintenance

Examine furniture for sharp corners or rough edges that could rip clothing or scratch. Inquire if the seating (canvas, sling, slats, cushions) can be easily replaced. It should be made of materials that will last more than one season and be reasonably maintenance-free. Seat coverings should be protected against mildew and fading and be easy to clean. The pieces should have protective guards to prevent marring of the deck or patio and scratching or nicking of the piece itself. When you sit on the edge of a chair or chaise longue, it should be stable – not tip over. Check whether it will stack or fold for convenient storage. Finally, because you will expect service or replacement capability over the life of the furniture, it’s best to buy from a reputable dealer.