Everything You Needed To Know About Vert Shock

Vert Shock is one of the most popular training programs these days and everyone is interested to learn more about it. If you’re wondering what this training program is all about, here’s all you need to know. Wert Shock is a compilation of training manuals that help you add about 9 to 5 inches to your vertical jump. You can master the art of increasing your vertical jump in just 8 weeks. A vertical jump is the distance you can achieve with a standing jump. The highest point you can achieve is counted as the distance you can cover. You can’t take any steps before you jump and you need to do it while standing upright. If you’re into the sport and you’re looking to enhance your maximum vertical jump then Vert Shock can be very beneficial to you.

Who Is It For?

Although basketball players have shown a great response to the vert shock training, it is not specialized for basketball players. The athletes that can benefit from the vert shock training include high jumpers, baseball players, martial arts exponents, volleyball players, sprinters and football players. While many people would consider a vertical jump of over 50 inches to be impossible, vert shock training would put athletes in the range of a good jump.

Vert Shock Training Program

Importance Of Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Fast twitch muscle fibers are extremely important for vertical jumps. A vert shock training program will show athletes how this can be done and why it is important. The fibers can be beneficial in generating tremendous energy from anaerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism. This creates a multiple combination of two types of muscle fibers. This will enable athletes to produce quick and powerful bursts of speed. The high contraction rate of the muscle fibers is extremely beneficial to athletes to help improve vert shock and become better athletes.


Vert Shock Secrets

This is a very handy training program that helps you identify your strong points and put them to use in order to enhance the distance of your jump. A number of people attempt vertical jumping, but they do not succeed at it mainly because they can’t master the technique. While it is simple, it is essential that you do it the right way and this training program reveals all the secrets that you need to know to increase your jump. It is a well written manual that is easy to understand and will help you get the best out of your vertical jump in no time.

Muscle Fibers

One of the best things about Vert Shock is that it helps you get the best results out of your muscles. You do not need to depend on any external forces to help you take the plunge. You need to use your muscles the right way and this is what most people fail to do. With the right guidance and steps you will manage to put your muscles to good use without damaging or hurting them. Learning the art is essential and once you manage to do that right, you will learn to take high jumps in no time.

Central Nervous System

Everyone knows that the spinal cord and the brain make up the central nervous system. This nervous system influences and coordinates various activities of each part of the body. The vert shock training program teaches athletes to produce explosive power through this nervous system. They will be taught to increase their force output and increasing the distance over which the force can be applied. This will help keep force and time constant. The central nervous system helps these two aspects and vert shock training reveals the secrets.



One of the most essential parts of vertical jumping is exercise. However, not all exercises are beneficial for you to increase your jump. This training program focuses on the right kind of exercises that help you develop the strength required for you to take a high jump. Vert Shock is very popular for a number of reasons and the exercise manual is one of the most essential parts of this manual. It comes with detailed instructions on how you can strengthen your muscles and make them stronger for you to take those leaps.

Better Outputs

Vert Shock helps you to get the best of your vertical jump no matter what sport you are involved in. It helps you strengthen the right muscles. With the right use of this training manual, it not only helps you to enhance your jump, but also to master the technique is the best possible manner. You learn how to put your body to use in the most effective way in order for you to perfect every technique correctly.

Warm Up

There are various warm up techniques available for excellent vertical jumping. The effectiveness of each warm up technique is different. The effectiveness of stretching warm up, jump warm up, or weighted warm up is explained with the vert shock training program. With the vert shock training program, all questions related to warm up techniques and their effectiveness is answered.


What You Get

The Vert Shock training manual is highly beneficial for any person who wants to learn how to take a high vertical jump without damaging or hurting any of their muscles. There are a number of benefits that buyers get when they invest in this manual.


It comes with a Jumpers diet checklist that not only enables you to enhance your performance, but also helps you understand what are the best foods that you can eat in order for you to better your health and enhance your jump.

It also comes with a dirty hack eBook which enables you to learn the best tips and tricks that will help you to enhance your jump in no time. The vert shock training program also comes with some essential tips that will help you learn how to avoid injuries and master the tricks.

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