Why Facebook Relationship Status is so Important to Girls

Hopefully its not too late for you. Hopefully you haven’t already committed Relationship Foul #1 and forgotten/neglected to change your facebook status once you’ve finally snagged the one girl on earth that will put up with you.

If you haven’t been in this fight yourself, you’ve probably got a buddy that has been through it. It is never, ever pretty. To you, it may seem like the silliest, pettiest thing you have ever heard of. However, the female species disagrees. To men, its a simple mistake that you may or may not believe holds any true importance in life. To us, you can consider yourself the Bill Buckner of relationships. You’ve dropped the ball. Except unlike poor Bill, you can still make things right. First you’ll need to know why exactly girls get upset, and then you can attack the problem in the most sincere and understanding way possible – because we deserve it.

  1. We Care About Our Relationship Status

Yes, its true. Silly and true. Girls care tremendously about what our Facebook status says. Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, Married. That’s the logical progress we are hoping for. However, we’ll settle right now for it to say In a Relationship. After all, we put up with you rolling in drunk at all hours. We are patient with your nagging mother and your annoying sister. We understand that you’re going to look (but you better not touch) every cute co-ed that walks past you. Doesn’t this warrant an official title on an official website? Yeah, I thought so.

Also, whether we should be or not – we are PROUD to have a new man in our lives. We want the world to know. Your Facebook picture is super cute, and we want to show you off.

  1. We Care About Your Relationship Status

There are so many aspects of this one. I want your girl (space) friends to know that you are now taken. I want your guy friends to know you bagged a hottie. I want to see that little heart pop up in my newsfeed saying we are now “together.” Seeing the word Single disappear off your page brings a smile to our face. It makes the whole thing very real and exciting.

The part that many guys can’t wrap their heads around is that I want to know you aren’t embarrassed of me. Are you afraid your friends will make fun of you? A guy that is afraid of claiming his relationship status on Facebook is one that won’t do it in public. That kind of guy is one I have very little faith in to be out at the bar with his friends with 10 shots of Jagermeister in his system. I don’t trust many guys in that situation, but especially one that won’t claim me on Facebook. So you don’t want to appear unavailable – and why is that? Something to hide? The quickest way to turn a sweet girl into a paranoid stalker is to tell her you want to be her boyfriend, but you don’t want to make it Facebook official. Prepare to have her flip through your cell phone and follow you to work.

  1. We Care About Everyone Else Knowing

There is nothing that would make me happier than knowing my ex will log in to Facebook to find out that I’m now dating a much hotter, stronger guy with a better job and many more friends. Take that, ex-boyfriend! The only thing that could possibly trump that is knowing that your skanky ex-girlfriend will now know that her late night drunk texts are a lost cause. Also, my best friends have listened to me rave and rave about you for the last few weeks. Trust me, they’ll be convincing me to stay grounded and not take it too seriously for as long as you hold onto your Single status. And in this case, my friends can be your very worst enemies.

Plus, a new relationship is a big deal in the Newsfeed – the almost real-time list of the latest and greatest things to happen in your network. Popping up in the newsfeed of all of our friends as being boyfriend and girlfriend means lots of fun wall posts, messages and notes of “Congratulations” and “Aww, you guys are adorable!” Lots of compliments, lots of attention and lots of joy shared amongst friends. What can be better than that? Being in a relationship without enjoying this part of it is a little like having a wedding but skipping the reception. (And not registering for presents.) How boring would that be? This should be a fun thing to share with your friends and family! Take advantage! Or if you don’t care, do it for her sake. She’ll thank you for it.

Trust me, I truly understand how ridiculous this is to men. It is after all, a website. What matters most is that you treat her right and that you are both happy in your new relationship. However, if you can spare yourself this fight, please do. Not all men come out of it alive. Sometimes when you hurt our feelings, we will hurt you literally. Make the right decision or be prepared to pay the price.

To maintain a relationship, there has to be compromises from both sides as it is not at all easy to adjust to certain demands and requirements that both boy and girl will have, especially in today’s times and if you take the above points seriously, then you can be assured that everything will come out right in the end and you won’t ever have to look at any okcupid dating app ever again as things will have changed forever as far as relationship goals are concerned, which means that there will be no need of any application to turn to for help.