The French Press: Handcrafted Coffee For Adventurers

A hand-crafted cup of gourmet coffee, every day? Even when traveling to remote locations? It’s not as difficult as you might think and you don’t have to be a gourmet cook to pull off a ridiculously fantastic cup of coffee every morning. EnterΓǪ.the French Press.

You might have heard about the French Press before. Coffee lovers who discover it seldom return to anything else. If you are unfamiliar with the design, a French Press is usually made of glass and has a plunger or press that is inserted at the top. The same ingredients are needed: freshly ground coffee and hot water. Freshly ground coffee is measured into the glass pitcher. Boil water separately, and then pour the water into the pitcher, allowing the grounds to mix freely with the water. I sometimes give it a little swirl or stir. Then wait a few minutes. Now, place the plunger or press into the pitcher and slowly press downward. You push the grounds down and the coffee rises up to the top. When you have pressed all the way down, pour the coffee into a cup of your choosing and enjoy. The coffee mingles with the hot water longer, resulting in a full, bold flavor and richness you never thought your coffee possessed.

I learned about the French Press 12 years ago. I was getting into the sport of cycling, and started hanging out with a cyclist who introduced me to her French Press. She took only 2 things in her life very seriously-cycling and coffee. During the cold New England winter, the off-season would call for travel to warmer climates to ride. She was young and underemployed-so camping out in tents for little to no money was a sacrifice she’d easily make to get some miles in her legs. Along with the sleeping bag and and mess kit also came the the French Press. She’s rather sleep on the ground than give up the pleasure of a bold cup of coffee from the French Press or from one of the best single serve coffee makers that operate without pods.

I started using a French Press on my own camping trips. I often combine mountain biking adventures with camping trips, and like most people, I need a good cup of coffee every morning. Far removed from any cafe, I employed the French press with amazing results. Since then, I use the French Press in my own kitchen, while traveling, and outdoors. It’s simple and gives a better flavor than any drip coffee maker I’ve ever used.

After your first sip you’ll know you’re on to something. Experiment with the amount of coffee used, the length of time you allow the coffee and water to mingle, and the temperature of the water. It’s usually best to let the water be just a shade below boiling. The whole process takes a bit longer, but the enjoyment far outweighs the time commitment.