Funeral Services In Singapore

A funeral is perhaps the most frightening and dreadful word that one encounters. The mere thought of losing our loved and dear ones is the most irking one but surely it is a reality of life. After the death come the funeral and other important rituals which are to be followed to ensure a smooth journey in the other world. It is a ceremony which is held shortly after death and includes the person’s cremation.

However, keeping aside the emotional and mental turmoil that one goes through after a death, one important thing is to plan a funeral, which obviously is not an easy task. However, nowadays, there are several funeral alliances in each part of the world which ensure a pocket friendly, final, meaningful and memorable goodbye for the family members. There are several things to think about such as how much it will cost or to arrange a direct funeral or natural, or lots of similar stuff like this. To help you out with arrangements of the same in Singapore, we have come up with a little help. Go through the article and know more about funeral services available in Singapore.


In Singapore, there are several services which even provide the opportunity that you can plan your funeral yourself. And the services cater to every religion. So, you can prevent emotional overspending and relieve your family members of the burden. In Chinese religion, death is something which disrupts the cosmological balance. The rituals are performed to restore harmony and peace. Singapore also follows the same traditions of funeral and cremation as the Chinese. The funeral procession is led by a band of musicians which is followed up in a particular order by the family members. Also, in Singapore, due to less space, the dead are often cremated. The near and dear ones then pay their respect to the dead by performing rituals and offering food by standing at the ancestral altars.

The National Environment Agency looks after all the matters related to the funeral services Singapore. The Singapore Funeral Services is one of the most trusted and committed funeral service providers in Singapore. Another is Casket Fair price. They provide transparent policies and you can choose the package according to your needs.


Serenity Casket is another similar company and they provide with the highest level of understanding. Their service is available 24*7 and serves with dignity. Central Funeral Service offers both traditional and modern ways when organizing the final send off. This company particularly specialises in post funeral matters and death memorials.

Various funeral services in Singapore offer packages to help you and your family during the difficult times. These services do everything – from funeral planning to will writing and even counselling of the grief stricken members. They even arrange for food and also look after matters such as insurance and property. There are about more than 60 funeral service providers in Singapore. It is even predicted that this industry will grow at a faster pace in the near future.

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